In The World, Names Of The Top 10 Most Tallest Buildings?


Although it should not be able to harm those having height phobia, however if it is essential then must be followed with certain caution. If you want to experience that how it feels like when you are up in the air, then just imagine you are sitting in an are plane and roaming around these most tallest buildings as they have thousands of feet as well as few most tallest buildings are having clouds on their top.

Here comes the list of top ten most tallest buildings in the world:

10. The amazing Kingkey 100 present in Shenzhen, city of China

This most tallest building is located in the financial district of Shenzhen; it is named as Kingkey 100 because it has 100 floors, and total height of 1,449 feet high. At the lower area of this building, a mall is situated as well as there is an office space holding around 22 stories, and those remaining floors fit for the last year opened hotel named as St. Regis Hotel.

In The World, Names Of The Top 10 Most Tallest Buildings?

9. Astonishing Willis Tower present in Chicago in Illinois

The Sears Tower was the name of Willis Tower tilling 2009, the Willis Group changed its name. This building is having 108 stories and total height of 1,451 feet. In 1973, after the construction of this most tallest building, it is considered as one of the most tallest building present in the world. Every year, the amount of visitors is more than million people because in Chicago,it is the favorite tourist destinations.This building contains almost 108 stories. In 2009,Willis Tower was the further name of this building because of the Willis Group. Furthermore since August in 2012,this building is considered as the home to the United Airline’s headquarters.

In The World, Names Of The Top 10 Most Tallest Buildings?

8. The remarkable Zifeng Tower present in Nanjing city of China

In 2008, the construction of the most tallest building Kaifeng Tower was done and the height is 1,480 feet.This building contains 89 stories in total. Adrian Smith was the designer of this building making functionalist-step shape as well as which will be able to distinct the office spaces, centers of retail, cafeterias, as well as a hotel plus the public laboratory is also present inside it.The most tallest building’s geometry keeps an eye on the existing road’s pattern. Additionally, at certain building levels, numerous sky gardens are present.

In The World, Names Of The Top 10 Most Tallest Buildings?

7. Petronas Towers present in the Kuala Lumpur city of Malaysia

Petronas Twin Towers is the other name of this most tallest building and present at the seventh position of the list. However, still they are known as the most tallest twin most tallest buildings present all around, having a height of 1,483 feet as well as total 88 floors.

In The World, Names Of The Top 10 Most Tallest Buildings?

6. International Commerce Centre present in Hong Kong, the city of China

The height of the International Commerce Centre is around 1,588 feet high as well as a multistory most tallest building having 118 floors in total. The construction of this building was completed in 2010 and in Hong Kong, known as the most tallest building.

In The World, Names Of The Top 10 Most Tallest Buildings?

5. Shanghai World Financial Center present in Shanghai, the city of China

The construction of this most tallest building was completed in 2007 having height of 1,614feet plus additional office spaces are present with hotels and shopping mall is also present for the visitor son the ground floor. The total 101 floors are present in this building.The design of this building is like cylindrical having one floor present at the top position of another floor having their own atrium percales, gardens as well as shops having a view of the city at 360 degree position.

In The World, Names Of The Top 10 Most Tallest Buildings?

4. Taipei 101 available in Taipei, the area of Taiwan

The Taipei 101is having 5 underground floors and above rest floors are around 101 plus it has the total height of 1,669 feet. This building is also famous as the largest globally sensible multistory building present worldwide. At this building the firework done by Taiwan usually takes place.

In The World, Names Of The Top 10 Most Tallest Buildings?

3. One World Trade Center: New York, NY

This building is known as Freedom Tower as well as One World Trade Center. The total 104 stories are present in this tower. In the whole Western Hemisphere, it is considered as most tallest building. The height is about 1,776 feet high, plus it is referred with the American Independence year i.e., 1776.

In The World, Names Of The Top 10 Most Tallest Buildings?

2. Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel: Mecca, Saudi Arabia

In a way to make the Mecca better developed and modern a building was constructed namely: the Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower considered as the most tallest hotel present all around. This building has the largest clock-face in the overall world. The total height of this building is 1,972 feet and almost 120 floors. The top tower was having big speakers for the proper production of prayer calls for many miles as well as the lamps of 21,000 are also added for the light production.

In The World, Names Of The Top 10 Most Tallest Buildings?

1. BurjKhalifa present in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates area

The Burj Dubai was the previous name of Burj Khalifa and known as the world’s most tallest building, having a height of 2,723 feet and total 163 floors are present. The time period of years was taken by the labors for the construction of this amazing building and complete din 2009 in the main business district of Dubai.The building is the great and creative art work of the labors. The Burj Khalifa an amazing world building present in the Dubai is having 800 meters as well as 900 apartments are also present, shaping it as a multistory Dubai building. The weight of this building is500,000 tons; there are8 escalators present in it having 57 elevators which have the capacity of 12 people. The windows area round 24,000. The Burj Khalifa is considered as the amazing great work example of architecture and science.

In The World, Names Of The Top 10 Most Tallest Buildings?

A ‘Hymenocallis’, desert flower is the inspiration for the Burj Khali fastructure. The total 26,000 glass panels are present in the building having covering of 300. The amount of steel and concrete which is used in the construction of this building is around 110,000 tons.