List of Top five Most Expensive Golf Clubs in 2017


List of Top five Most Expensive Golf Clubs in 2017

Golf club alludes to the club that is utilized to hit the golf ball. It comprises of two sections. One section is known as shaft that is utilized to grasp the golf club. On the finish of the pole, there is a head of golf. Golf head is utilized to hit the golf ball. It is a diversion played by the exclusive class. It is an amusement that demonstrates the status of individuals. Among all diversions of the world, it is the most prestigious amusement. As it is a round of rich individuals. In this way, many sorts of costly golf clubs are utilized by the players. This article has recorded the main ten most costly golf clubs on the planet. Japanese maker Honma is popular for making gold and platinum clubs. The clubs made by this organization are obtained by the wealthiest individuals of the world. These clubs cost a huge number of dollars. Tiger Woods is the most renowned player of the golf. As indicated by him playing golf is an uncommon affair it will acquire you acclaim on the planet among the exclusive class. It comprises of various arrangements of golf made by wood, iron and steel. In any case, to include grown-up toy in golf its players use to purchase their customized golf club made by celebrated organizations. Here is the rundown of main ten most costly golf clubs.

  1. Long Nose Scraped Golf Clubgolf club

This club is acclaimed for its antiquated outline. It is said it was utilized as a part of eighteenth century. It was sold in Sotheby’s sale in 2007. It was named as a since quite a while ago nosed scrubber. It was unloaded for $91000. In spite of its use in eighteenth century, it is still in a decent condition. It is the fifth most costly club. It is only an old fashioned piece golf club.

  1. Golden Putter First Lady Special Editiongolf club

This club is made of German organization Barth and Sons. Its pole is made of 24 carat gold. Every one of the 24 carat gold is set as 5.Micrometer thick covering. Cherry Wood is likewise utilized as a part of it. It is sold at the cost of $150000. As indicated by the vender, all the cost is because of the jewels that are embedded in it. Without precious stones, you can get this Golden Putter First Lady in 50 times lesser sum. It is the fourth most costly golf club. It is extremely excellent in looking. It is marvelous while utilizing. Cherry wood is utilized to keep up its marvelousness.

  1. Square Toe Light Iron Golf Clubgolf club

It is additionally an antique piece from seventeenth century. Its high cost is quite recently because of its antiquated utilize and verifiable significance. It is said in this world just a single dozen seventeenth century clubs are accessible. Because of shortage of these clubs its costs have turned out to be so high. It was additionally sold in 2007 along other antiquated clubs. It was sold in Sotheby’s sale for $151000. Along these lines, it is on number third in our rundown of most costly golf club. It is made of light iron.

  1. Simon Cossar fruitwood Metal Headed Blade Puttergolf club

This metal-headed sharp edge putter is on number 2 in this rundown about most costly clubs. It is made by the organization Cossar Club. It is one of the most seasoned organizations in making clubs. This club was sold in a closeout in 1998 for 165000 dollars to offer tribute to this organization. This club is made of metal headed sharp edge putter. Its pole is made of exceptionally uncommon material fruitwood and hozel that has made it more interesting. The organization has been making clubs since late eighteenth century. This club doesn’t have the checked stamp of Cossar Company that has diminished its cost.

  1. Andrew Dickson Long Nosed Puttergolf club

It has the stamp of its maker Andrew Dickson. Its stamp demonstrates that it was made in 1700’s. This check has made it most established confirmed golf club. It was sold in 2007 in a closeout by Sotheby. It was sold for $181000.

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