Most Amazing Natural Events In The World


In this article I will talk about most amazing natural events in the world that you are missing out on each year by not exploring. This is motivation for you to go out and see what else is out in the entire world! Below is a list of most amazing natural events in the world.


A maelstrom is an influential free vortex, basically a whirlpool, which occurs in the sea. The original maelstrom that drew prominence in Edgar Allan Poe’s classic “A Descent into the Maelstrom” was in fact extremely influential tidal current dubbed Moskstraumen, which is the consequence of conjoint tides and currents.

Most Amazing Natural Events

Lasting from January to March, Serengeti’s southern region, Tanzania plays host to a great animal relocation. It is included in the list of most amazing natural events in the world. The natural phenomenon occurs because owing to grazing patterns of 750,000 zebra, hundreds of thousands of other game, 1.2 million wildebeest that follow the rain ripened grazing plains.

The Great Salmon Run

Most Amazing Natural Events

A yearly staple in British Columbia, the great salmon run is a name given to the occasion where huge amounts of salmon swim toward higher reaches of rivers, where they brood on gravel beds. After spawning, all Pacific salmon die, and therefore the salmon cycle starts again. Aside from the public sight the run generates, the salmon run as well brings out grizzly bears, sport fishermen and bald eagles, all ready to take their share of rosy-colored fish.

The Honduran Rain Of Fish

Most Amazing Natural Events

Although this might voice like something out of a scriptural passage, the Honduran rain of fish is a legitimate yearly event. It is included in the list of most amazing natural events in the world. Every year between July and May, Honduras is subject to a huge thunderstorm that lasts up to 3 hours and precipitates more than just liquid.

The Monarch Butterfly Migration

Most Amazing Natural Events

The yearly migration of monarch butterflies in North America produces a colorful splendor for those privy to the sight. The migration occurs as the orange and black creatures—whose gorgeous colors are meant to serve as cautionary signs to potential predators—escape cold, flying in big groups to warmer areas. It’s a magnificent visual display over air and upon the trees where they come to rest. It is included in the list of most amazing natural events in the world. Amazingly, the monarch butterfly is capable of crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

Aurora Borealis

Most Amazing Natural Events

No natural miracle list would be complete without revealing the auroras, more generally known as the Southern and Northern lights. The phenomenon occurs when sun radiates charged particles at high velocities, forming a cloud called plasma, as well known as solar wind.