Most Expensive Mattresses In The World


People have just been tirelessly searching for some best and also some most comfortable mattress for many years. Here we will discuss most expensive mattresses in the world. The Tempur-Pedic, the Kingsdown, the Select Comfort, and also the Health smart by the Simmons are known as some of most popular names in the mattresses, and some of best sellers as well.

World's Most Expensive Mattresses

Beds with the brand names are also known for the hypoallergenic components and also the control switches. What is just funny about is most expensive mattresses in the world market is that there are just no conclusive studies about which surface is better for most productive sleep, it just simply has to do with the individual preference. Here comesmost expensive mattresses in the world that will just give you feel of sleeping and also waking up on pile of money.

World's Most Expensive Mattresses

British mattress manufacturer named Savoir Beds launched the limited edition of the Royal Bed for whopping price of around $175, 000 at the Kensington Palace located in London. This mattress is also described as somewhat of an investment due to the ridiculous price.


World's Most Expensive Mattresses

The very important thing that is in your life just happen in the bed says the Alistair Hughes, Savoir Beds managing director. What just makes bed fantastic is that you do not just know it is there. You should also feel like you are just floating somewhat weightlessly. It is also an investment that just pays off each and every morning of the life. The mattress also requires the 700 hours of the labor to be just finished and will also be done by the Royal School of Needlework; it is responsible for Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. Each piece also contains the 70 pounds of the South American horse tail also the mountains of the pure Mongolian cashmere and also 1,600 miles of the silk for embroidered canopy roof. The Ultimate luxury is about the exclusive, very much just for you said the Hughes. Inspired by the 17th and also the 18thcentury British beds, royal piece can also just be customized in terms of the size and also support for comfort of owner. Only around 60 of custom luxury mattress will also be made just to commemorate 60th anniversary of the Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. Of course it is also a massive amount of the money and it will only just appeal to very lucky and also very wealthy.

Hastens Vividus

World's Most Expensive Mattresses

The Vividus just made by the Hastens is most expensive bed in this world. Its name is also Latin for the Full of Life. Sleeping on Swedish designed by the Vividus bed has also been described as sleeping on a cloud. All that also sounds pretty appealing until you just see price tag of around $59,750. That is far crying from the average amount of $700 the queen-sized mattress. If you are just looking to just buy little closer to the home, then just check out the America’s expensive mattress named the E. S. Kluft beyond Luxury Sublime.

E. S. Kluft Beyond Luxury Sublime

World's Most Expensive Mattresses

Each of the Kluft mattresses is also handcrafted by bedding artisan and Beyond Luxury Sublime is also just no exception. Made with blend of the cashmere, the silk, the exotic wools, the high-quality horsehair, the certified organic cotton and the all-natural Talaly latex most expensive mattress is both just truly luxurious and also truly comfortable.