Most Expensive White Wines In The World


During the last year some very expensive bottle of white wine to be ever sold went for around impressive £75,000 that is $118,000 USD. Here we will discuss most expensive white wine in the world. This wine was 1811 Château d’Yquem from southern part of Bordeaux vineyards in the France. Most of the white wines are not meant to be just aged, but sweet white wine from the Château d’Yquem is very famous for being able to store almost indefinitely withoutspoiling it. Many attribute this wine’s favorability and the complexity to some unique microclimate on hills of chateau’s large estate.

World's Most Expensive White Wines

The 1811 vintage was also renowned for some positive reviews and as one of best years ever in Bordeaux region. Wine Advocate’s named Robert Parker rated this wine as a perfect 100 points in the year 1995. The year 1811 is also known as the Comet Vintage. Flaugergues comet of the year 1811 was also known as the most impressive comet visible from the earth until the Hal-Bop comet of the year1997. Winemakers and the enthusiasts somewhat superstitiously attributed the good characteristics to this wine in years where comets are also visible from the earth.

World's Most Expensive White Wines

The Antique Wine Company sold this rare and somewhat impressive bottle to wine connoisseur and the private collector named Christian Vanneque. Christian Vanneque was known previously as the head of Sommelier at La Tour d’Argent restaurant located in Paris. This bottle will go to the new restaurant SIP Sunset Grill located in BaliIndonesia.

World's Most Expensive White Wines