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It has been said by Google that there are around 425 million monthly active users of their Gmail service. This shows that the Gmail service of Google has turn out to be the most popular email using by users in the world, after beating the Hotmail. For lots of years, Hotmail of Microsoft has been the leading champion between worldwide Most Popular Email Using By Users services. It was announced by Hotmail in July, 2011 on their 15- year anniversary that there were 360 million active monthly users. In past Yahoo Mail was in No.1 position; however it has seen that the people turned to both Hotmail and Gmail. And in the end Most Popular Email Using By Users a lot younger service of Google beats its older opponents. The growth of Gmail has been unquestionably Fabulous.The Company said In January, on an earnings-call that Gmail had 350 million per month active users, founded on its personal internal facts. At present there are around 425 million monthly actives users of Most Popular Email Using By Users, and it is also based on its personal data without the confirmation of a third-party. Com Score, the Web Analytics Company also expressed to us that Google has way fewer unique users and yet gives the upper hand to Yahoo and Hotmail.

The most recent numbers of ComScore for May, contain Hotmail with 325 million unique visitors at No. 1, Yahoo with 298 million users at No. 2, and Most Popular Email Using By Users with 289 million users at No. 3. We communicated with representatives for Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and ComScore and seek to settle the numbers. By some means the response of each company was unsatisfying. Andrew Lipsman Com Score VP speaks to us that the data of the company was established on worldwide unique visitors from “business and home use,” that overlook significant things like Internet cafe access and smartphone.

According to Lips man that “the re’re Lots of users, which are overlooked,” Both Microsoft and Yahoo focused us on the exceeding data of Com Score as their metric for regular users. We requested Yahoo and Microsoft to get extra definite by means of their specific internal numbers; however both decline and once more jagged us to the most recent data of Com Score. While we questioned a spokesperson of Google why its internal numbers presented a difference of over 100 million users as compare with the data of Com Score, he said that the company does not comment on the numbers of third-party. While using the internal numbers of Gmail to match against Microsoft and Yahoo Com Score data possibly will not be reasonable, however each of the companies stand-in on these numbers.

For that reason, these are the numbers we’ll utilize to announce Gmail as the No.1 e-mail client all over the world. In 2004, there is a great increase in the regular users of Gmail. In 2009 Gmail was progressed from beta status. However on June 2012, it has around 425 million monthly active users globally.Following are the three reasons behind selecting Gmail email service internationally:

1. Storage

In 2004, the main bonus of being a user of Gmail is that it provides storage of 1GB mail. In the past, the normal storage each mail account was around 2 to 4 MB. At present, the free storage associated with an account of Gmail has gone above 10GB.

Most Popular Email Using By Users

2. Threaded Conversation View

Gmail collects conversation of messages by consistent mail contacts. It manages the inbox carefully, and also you can find old mails easily. While utilizing the search function of the mails, the outcomes as well display in compilations, thus histories of mail are easily accessible and revisit.

Most Popular Email Using By Users

3. New Compose Feature

The experience of email user is improved by a latest feature of Gmail concerning new mail composition. This latest feature has been the start from this week. Once you click on the left sidebar on Compose, a little window of New Message will come up on the lower right part of your Gmail screen. This will let the users rapidly send new mails, whereas go through the previous one.If you’re on Google+ had an account of Gmail will let you to appreciate video conferences thru Google Hangouts. If you have a Gmail account definitely has a number of bonuses.

Most Popular Email Using By Users