Most Powerful Women In The World Of All Times


Women are considered as weak as compared to men and all over the world, there is worth mentioning power of men, but, many of us are not aware of the fact that there are some legend women as well, who changed the world with their powerful decisions. The followings are the top ten most powerful women in the world of all times:

10- Eleanor of Aquitaine

In the high medieval era, Eleanor was born in 1122. She was considered as the most powerful woman worldwide. At the age of fifteen, the dukedom of Aquitaine came in her heredity, when her father passed away. Most powerful women includes Aquitaine is the name of a province of France. It was the most developed and qualified province in the Western Europe. In 1137, she got the status of a queen as a partner of Louis VII. She was used to go with her partner and also took part in the 2nd Crusade, 1147. In 1154, she married to Henry II, who belonged to England. She died in 1204.

Most Powerful Women In The World Of All Times

9- Hatshepsut

Most powerful women includes Hatsheput was born in 1508 BC. She is taken as the 9th most powerful lady in the world’s history. She acted as a ruling authority in the Egypt for a long time. No other woman in the world has ruled so long as she. Her father was Thutmose. After his death, the rule was shifted to her husband, Thutmose II. When her husband passed away, she ruled all alone till her death. She died in 1458 BC. During her reign, she had autocracy. She worked for the development of Egypt. The trade and construction was at its peak in her reign.

Most Powerful Women In The World Of All Times

8- Maria Theresa of Austria

Most powerful women includes Maria Theresa was born in 1717. She was the daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Charles I. After her father’s death, she became the most powerful women queen of Hapsburg. When her husband left the world, she appointed her son, named Joseph II, as a successor. In 1765, Fredrick II of Brandenburg began a fight for the rule of Austria. She succeeded in making herself as the head of Europe. There was an agreement of Aix-la-Chapelle signed between the parties.

During her reign, many financial, military, educational and political reforms were devised. She initiated the Diplomatic Revolution, 1756. She died in 1780.

Most Powerful Women In The World Of All Times

7- Empress Theodora

Most powerful women includes Empress Theodora was born in 500 AD. She was the 7th most powerful lady in the early medieval ages. Her husband was the king Justinian I. Before her marriage, she was a star. Then, she accepted Monophysite Christianity and left her profession. She was an authority to take great decisions in the country. In 532 AD, there started the Nika Riot. Her hubby was going to run away, but she stopped him and encouraged. She died in 548 AD. At last, she won.

During her reign, Constantinople had become a well-developed city in the world. The Hagia Sophia is the name of a building designed on her order. It is considered as the best building of Byzantine. She left the world in 548 AD. The Eastern Orthodox house of worship called her and her husband as ‘Saints’.

Most Powerful Women In The World Of All Times

6- Empress Wu Zetian

Most powerful women includes Empress Wu Zetian was born in 625 AD. She belonged to China. It was the period of Tang Dynasty. She had a strong power to decide about the state affairs. She became the queen of China in 690 AD. Her reign is known as Zhou Dynasty. No other lady from China has ever ruled over the country. She put her efforts in making the Buddhism as the official religion of China. She died in 705 AD.

Most Powerful Women In The World Of All Times

5- Isabella I of Castile

Most powerful women includes Isabella I of Castile was born in 1451. She is 5th most powerful woman in the world. She belonged to Spain. She supported Christopher Columbus in his navigation. Her husband was Ferdinand of Aragon. They both ruled over Spain for several years. Her religion was Catholic and she was very religious. They started the Spanish Inquisition in 1478. She is famous for her title given by the church as the ‘Servant of God Isabella’. In short, she made the Spain the as strong as one could think at that time. She died in 1504.

Most Powerful Women In The World Of All Times

4- Elizabeth I of England

Elizabeth I of England was born in 1533. She was the 1st queen, who ruled as a monarch over England. She did not marry. She is regarded as the ‘Virgin Queen’. She brought many changes in her reign. She had a victory over the Spanish Armada. Her father was the Emperor Henry VIII. She was from the ‘Tudor Dynasty’. Her period is also named as the “Elizabethan Era”. She had a grip over many languages. She was very kind. She died in 1603.

Most Powerful Women In The World Of All Times

3- Empress Dowager Cixi

Most powerful women includes Empress Dowager Cixi was born in 1835. She is considered an even stronger woman than Wu Zetian. Her husband was Xianfeng. When he passed away, she ruled with her son named, Tongzhi. After her son, she ruled with her nephew named, Guangxu. She was a part of the ethnic Manchu Qing Dynasty. She was not so liberal, but in 1902, her views changed and she became a supporter of Modernizing China. Her reign came to an end with her death in 1908.

Most Powerful Women In The World Of All Times

2- Catherine II of Russia

Catherine II of Russia was born in 1729. She was the 2nd most powerful leader in the history of the world. She played a vital role in the expansion of Russia. She ruled for more than thirty four years. In 1775, she brought forth the concept of the Local Self-Government. She died in 1796.

Most Powerful Women In The World Of All Times

1- Queen Victoria

Most powerful women includes Queen Victoria was born in 1819.She ruled over the UK for sixty three years and got the status of the most powerful woman in the world of all times. The area of her large empire was 14.2 million sq. miles. She controlled several states under her rule, including Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, India, Sudan and Nigeria. She brought many reforms in her reign. She died in 1901.

Most Powerful Women In The World Of All Times