The Most Expensive Halloween Costumes


Halloween just gives everyone excuse to dress up as the favorite persona; put on the costumes and have good time, just akin to Cos Play convention or some event. Gone are days of the only vampires unless you are into the Twilight and also the body glitter, the zombies, the witches and also the ghouls; instead just today, you see likes of the Thor and also the Iron Man. With the day of just being anything other than just you now is up onus; we decided to check out the costumes and somewhat stumbled upon the Halloween costumes expensive.

Replica Anakin Skywalker costume

Halloween costumes expensive include Replica Anacin Sky walker costume. Star Wars fans just rejoice, as force might just be with you as is opportunity just to join dark side. You can also dress up as the young Darth Vader with replica Anacin Sky walker costumes. Too bad it just does not come with light-saber or ability to use it just to maim people that you do not somewhat like.

Cost: USD1, 300

The Most Expensive Halloween Costumes

Orange state prison jumpsuit

Halloween costumes expensive include Orange state prison jumpsuit.Just don the costume and also take stroll in the neighborhood to give then neighbors a good scare. Well just if you somewhat lived in the places where also convicts wore the sort of the get-up, at just any rate. These orange state prison jumpsuits has word state prison just written at back of it and is also sure to some turn heads. Although we are just pretty sure that you could find one which looks like as the ex-Pud prison suit which quite cheaply somewhere on internet.

Cost: USD1, 000

The Most Expensive Halloween Costumes

Halo 3 Master Chief supreme edition men’s costume

Halloween costumes expensive include Halo 3 Master Chief supreme edition men’s costume.The Master Chief in the Halo 3 is one of most popular gaming characters. If you just have ever wanted to save Earth then you will also need to look part. The costume just comes with sleek looking armor, the helmet boots and also the gauntlets. This costume is just also very popular in the Cos Play conventions and also the events.

Cost: USD809

The Most Expensive Halloween Costumes

Fish Mascot costume

Not some mermaid but a merman but true-blue fish. Who just would have ever thought of somewhat dressing up as fish for the Halloween? The costume has also built in fans just to keep you somewhat cool and also screened vision paneling order to help you navigate the way as walking fish. But just no we do not think it is somewhat cute unless you are some seafood diner mascot.

Cost: USD1, 370

The Most Expensive Halloween Costumes

The Gaping hole in your gut costume

If you are into gory look, then the gaping hole in the gut costume is one that just might get the attention. Take note that costume will also require you just to assemble this yourself. It requires around two iPad 2’s with the Wi-Fi or even the 3G connection some old sweater or the goodie that you just no longer has use and also some faked blood. It is just pretty awesome but it would better be for amount that it costs.

Cost: USD1060

The Most Expensive Halloween Costumes