The Top Ten Most Youngest Female Sports Champions 2015-2016


The top ten most youngest females sports champions here comes the list of all the time amazing youngest females sports champions, the mentioned female athletes are enough brilliant to their opposing persons as well as these female are bold enough to give competitions to male athletes too. As these youngest females sports champions are strong, fast and owner of the few amazing and impressive records in the history of sports. The names of the top ten most youngest female sports champions are:

          10. Angela Ruggiero

Angela Ruggiero, known as hockey defender of American ice was born in 1980 on 3rd January. On different occasion, shewas the one to represent most youngest females sports champions her country in a better wayand gave several wonderful works to her nation. She was tremendously perfect in her game. Her talent and great work was acknowledged by the whole world as well as awarded with several sports titles.

The Top Ten Youngest Female Sports Champions 2014-15

  1. Ellen van Dijk

A specialized Dutch cyclist known as Ellen van Dijk was born in the year 1987 in the month of Feb. She was able to cycles both on tracks along with roads. Her career is full of amazing record and in her very young age she was considered as a world champion. Also, time trail specialist is the other name of Ellen van Dijk. In the year 2008, the first world title was won by her and in the year 2012 as well as 2013, she was considered as the Road world Champion.

The Top Ten Youngest Female Sports Champions 2014-15

  1. Irina Slutskaya

Most Youngest females sports champions Irina Slutskaya was famous because of the athletic capabilities she has, she is as well renowned for her trade-mark spin of double Biellmann with a change of foot, which is also invented by her. She is usually known to be a popular and successful singles skater lady in history of Russia.

The Top Ten Youngest Female Sports Champions 2014-15

  1. Hannah Teter

Most Youngest females sports champions Hannah Teter, famous female snowboarders all over the world. She had a successful career; she also becomes achampion of Olympic in year 2006 winter Olympics.She is only of 26 year and she also wins 6 World-Cup championships.

The Top Ten Youngest Female Sports Champions 2014-15

  1. Yani Tseng

Most Youngest females sports champions Yani Tseng,who is famous as a professional golf player of Taiwan is playing on the LPGA Tour held in U.S. Yani Tseng, is the young player of all time, to gain5 main championships and from 2011 to 2013 she was also present at number 1 position in the Rankings of the overall World Golf of Women for 109 successive weeks.

The Top Ten Youngest Female Sports Champions 2014-15

  1. Sasha Cohen

Sasha Cohen is a United States figure skater and she was born on 26th Oct 1984. She won world championship three times and in 2006 Olympics she won silver medal and in 2003 she as well won Grand prix Final Championship and in 2006 she won US championship. Best season of Sasha Cohen was in 2003 when she won gold medal at Skate America and in 2003 at Skate Canada and registered between the youngest female Sports Champions.

The Top Ten Youngest Female Sports Champions 2014-15

  1. Martina Hingis

In the 20th century, none other than Martina Hingis was known to be the youngest champion of the Grand Slam singles competition. In 1993, the junior title “The French Open” ofGrand Slam was only won by her at her young age. In the year 1995, Grand Slam tournament had taken place and she was the only player to win that match. At the age of 15.5 years, Hingismade a team Helena Sukova for the Wimbledon champion for the double women title and was able to won that competition due to her amazing capabilities. During 20th century, the Grand Slam singles title “the Australian Open” was won by theHingis at her early age of 16 years. At SW19, She was considered as the youngest champion of Wimbledon title.

Records series namely youngest-ever was set by theHingis before she suffered from the injuries of ligament in her both ankles and in 2002, this incident has forced her to withdraw her professional career of tennis. After suffering from the numeroussurgical procedures as well as long healings, in 2006 she returned with a bang to WTA tour. In the year 2013, Martina Hingis was selected due to her amazing records and professional career into the ITHOF(International Tennis Hall of Fame).

The Top Ten Youngest Female Sports Champions 2014-15

  1. Dina Asher-Smith

During year 2013, held in Moscow, Dina Asher-Smith when she was just 17 considered as the 2ndyoungest female athlete in the athletic history to win WAC(World Athletics Championships) medal as well as she assisted Great women of Britain in securing the bronze in the relay of 4x100m.

Dina Asher Smith was born in the year 1995on 4th December famous as a British athlete who denotesthe Bromley and Blackheath A.C. in the RietiIn the year 2013, the European Junior Championships was taken place and in which she was the winner of 2 gold medals. For the Northern Ireland as well as Great Britain Squad,Dina Asher Smith was selected as the youngest athlete for the World Championships held in Moscow in the year 2013.

The Top Ten Youngest Female Sports Champions 2014-15

  1. Amber Hill

Amber hill from Berkshire in the year 2013 when her age was just16 year selected as youngest skeet shooting champion of the World Cup. In the Great Britain,Hill was the one selected as number one senior player as well as she’s at 5th position in the over all record. In her sport career, she was the only youngest player who was the winner of the world cup. She is still in her young age period and is eager to have several championship records. She is capable to get more rewards due to her athletic abilities.

The Top Ten Youngest Female Sports Champions 2014-15

  1. Charley Hull

In the year 1996on 20th March an English qualified golfer named as Charley Hull was born who during her debut season in 2013 accomplished success on the LET (Ladies European Tour).When she was just 10 years old, Charley Hull played in conjunction withthe Morgan Pressel in the championship “Open Pro-Am” of British. In the Great Britain as well as United States,Charley Hull won a number ofevents of amateur and in the Rankingof the World Amateur Golf; she was present at top-10.

The Top Ten Youngest Female Sports Champions 2014-15