Top 10 Most Expensive Bracelets In The World


In this article we will talk about top 10 most expensive bracelets in the world, every woman in the world is fond of jewelry. As jewelry is the thing which can enhance the whole look off the person and makes them more attractive. Every woman loves to have a nice collection of jewelry so that it can be paired with the respective clothes when needed. Jewelry includes different items in it which are earrings, necklaces, rings, bangles and also bracelets. Bracelet is considered as important one which enhances the look of arms and is available in large variety in the market. The prices of bracelets differ among which some of them are expensive while some are very cheap as well which are affordable for everyone. The expensive bracelets are made with the precious materials which include emeralds and diamonds which are only affordable for the rich people and are considered as the status symbol in the society.

The most expensive and luxurious bracelets are sold in different auctions which then grab them highest prices as compared to markets. The attractive and luxurious bracelets can provide much luxurious lifestyle to the person who can afford them and also adds much enhanced look to the overall personality of the person wearing it. All these expensive bracelets are completely worth it of their high prices. The following are top 10 most expensive bracelets in the world with their prices:

  1. Diamond 18K white gold bracelet:

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Diamond 18K white gold bracelet is the one which is made from pure 100% precious diamonds. It is given the shape of bangle for the arm and is sold at the high price of $135,811. The diamonds used in it have the total weight of 38.60 carats. The whole frame is made of pure white gold and was sold by the famous Firenze Jewelers. It is also available on for sale but is not affordable for everyone because of its high price.

  1. Diamond Bracelet by Van Cleef and Arpels:

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 This Diamond Bracelet is the luxurious one which was basically designed by the famous Cleef and Arpels. It is made from the precious and rare diamonds of the world and also features the French assay which is considered as gold which has added much luxury to the look of this bracelet. Another amazing thing is that it is signed by Gerard and is almost 19cm in total length. It was sold in auction at the price of $1,467,466 which also has a ring, earrings and a necklace with it.

  1. Natural Pearl and diamond parure by Gerard:

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Natural Pearl and Diamond Parure is discuss in the list of top 10 most expensive bracelets in the world basically a complete set designed by Gerard that includes earrings, ring, necklace and also a bracelet in it. This whole set was sold at the price of $1,467,666. The bracelet of this set is made from rare pearls and has the total weight of 50.56 carats. It has the total length of 18cm long and consists of total 134 rare pearls in it which has amazing cut and luxurious look as a whole.

  1. 18th century rare diamond Golden Fleece bracelet:

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It is very rare and precious bracelet because it was designed and made in 1770 and features the design of badge of the Australian Royal army. It was then sold in auction in 2001 conducted at the Kings street and was sold at the price of $168,858. It features oval shape diamonds on it and is named as an ancient bracelet. It is made from pure silver and gold as a whole and has much higher value because of its rarity.

  1. Pair of diamond bangles by JAR:

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These are basically bangles which are designed by JAR. The estimated price of these bangles was almost $500,000 but they were sold in auction at the price tag of $1,136,000. It features the cushion cut special diamonds in it and was completely made in Paris. JAR is the famous jewelry brand of Paris which produces luxurious jewelry products. It is known for making rare pieces of jewelry for the whole world which are very attractive because of their designs.

  1. Martin Katz Diamond Bracelets:

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Martin Katz diamond bracelet ranked at five in the list of top 10 most expensive bracelets in the world.This rare diamond bracelet is the amazing product of Martin Katz which was basically design for the Oscar red carpet. It is considered as the biggest event to depict different fashion trends to the people. It was displayed for the preview at the 80th annual Academy awards and the estimated price of this bracelet is more than $1 million because it is studded with the rare diamonds of the world.

  1. Diamond Bracelet by Gerard:

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Gerard has designed this amazing bracelet which is enhanced with almost 29.01 carat diamonds which is very attractive and beautiful in look. It also features a big rock size diamond in the center of it which makes it more appealing. It has two rows which are studded with diamonds and is named as the bracelet of royal collection because of its look. It is almost 17.5 cm long and has the estimated price of $1,513,024. It is mainly available in Geneva for selling purpose.

  1. Emerald Bracelet:

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Emerald bracelet is the one includes in top 10 most expensive bracelets in the world which is designed by the brand Bvlgari and is enhanced with not only emeralds but also diamonds. It is very attractive one which was sold at the high price tag of $24,799,000 which is very highly price but also includes earrings, necklace and ring in it with bracelet. It is known for its beautiful design and the luxurious look which attracts more people towards it.

  1. Wallis Simpson Onyx and diamond panther bracelet:

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Wallis Simpson is named as the historical bracelet and comes in the shape of panther. It is said to be the beautiful bracelet which was given by the King Edward VII to his wife at their wedding. It has the estimated value of $12.5 million at which it was sold at the auction conducted there in 2010. It is very rare one and the amazing love story of king has enhanced its value much more which made it sold at such high price.

  1. Gulf Pearl Parure Bracelet:

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Gulf Pearl bracelet is ranked at first in the top 10 most expensive bracelets in the world which also includes earrings, necklace and ring with the bracelet. It is sold at the record price of $31 million. It is enhanced with almost 24 precious diamonds which are brilliantly cut and almost 12 of them are marquise cut diamonds. It is enhanced with the pear and spherical shaped diamonds on the edges. It was sold in auction of 2006.


Bracelet is one of the important parts of the jewelry which is loved by every woman. There is large variety of bracelets in the whole world which differ in their prices but the above explained ones are the most expensive ones. All these bracelets are luxurious ones because of their high class look and are the precious materials used in their making makes them much more precious than the expectations of the people.