Top 10 Hottest Modern Lingerie Models


The world of the modeling is all over filled with too much exotic beauties all over as for sure no one can doubt that hw pretty and how bold they are so you know now that they are like the combination of the bold and the beautiful all over mixed together. Plus you would also see that in the modeling the models have been divvied into to many different categories that they have a whole new world of their own now in which no one else can fight with them for the definite crown or any pageant. So here we will be talking about the Top 10 Hottest Modern Lingerie Models, surely that’s a fiery topic to choose from as all over this is a fact that the men love to see updates on such things like as that can be anything they are willing for. So have a look and carry on now to see that either your favorite look or model is in that list or not, as such kinds of the lists keep updating from time to time all over. So have a look at our this Top 10 Hottest Modern Lingerie Models, as you can simply see the cool stuff along with the addition of hotness here.

10. Rebecca Romijn

From ugly betty to the series of the x men this girl has got the world on her hands, surely if this list was of two years old she would be on the top, pretty well info is that all over. So this is surely a great thing that you can see about her. Other than that she on screen performance and her long legs are also a part of the fact that they had to put on her. Her clothing is also a great part of the show.


9. Marisa Miller

You may know her from several of her projects from the runways to the modeling she has got the world on her hand, well this is not just enough as you may know her from the studios of picture too. As she has tried her hands in the flexography also.


8. Alessandra Ambrosio

Yum yum, she surely looks like the candy that every kid is demanding to have on the birthday. For the play boy edition she is actually like a crown that no one can deny. Her play book shots along with some steamy scenes puts her on the Top 10 Hottest Modern Lingerie Models all over at the spot of 8th place.


7. Miranda Kerr

Well she is surely in many movies also that she is trly a multi talented artists and for such artist shooting in the bikini is not a very odd thing to do. you can see that from her posture also, as she has got one of the most beautiful figure of all time. Her screen shots area true proof of that in reality all over.


6. Karolina Kurkova

Her hair and her eyes all are a true part of her beauty and no one surely can deny that at any time, you can say that from looking at her also, well this is a great factor that she is featured in too many things, from the magazine photo shots to the brand ambassadors she is a part of almost everything as she is almost considered to be one of the hottest babies ever.


5. Bianca Balti

Dent go on the decent name that she has got as she is on our list of the Top 10 Hottest Modern Lingerie Models ever, well her legs her thighs and her bumps each and everything has a lot about her to say also, and totally there is no way at all that you can say she is not good enough at all.


4. Bar Refaeli

As featured on the top 4 on our Top 10 Hottest Modern Lingerie Models she has earned a good spot for her, he simple looks ad her presence can simple steal way any show all over. Although she does not like to be the part of controversy that much but surely she is a beauty that no one can deny at any time.


3. Irina Shayk

Featured in many high end magazines along with the best parts of the on runway modeling she is on the 3rd spot of our this top 10 list. He long locks and her long legs are truly a treat to look at in reality, although she may have made appearance in other small stuff also but that is not as much bad as it has been made sounding.


2. Adriana Lima

One name and we know it all, the hottest of all the above is here her dusky complexion and her baby face has done that very proudly foe her, be it anything big and you will surely see her there, so there is no time that you can simply reflect that into a total no answer.


1. Kate Upton

Well this fuler body blonde is no doubt on eh top of our big list, you can surely see her here at any time. Her role in the other women may be a little bit of drooling but he figure was a total on high thing her buts and her thighs along with the upper body part she has says that all about her, no matter what she manages to carry that on with a real grace also.


Well this was our the Top 10 Hottest Modern Lingerie Models, surely you would have loved t as there is nothing in our list that you can deny although you may have numbered them very differently in your own mind but this is the fact that you could have it all. All of these Top 10 Hottest Modern Lingerie Models are truly hot smoking as you can see that too, although they are highly educated and well talented that you can say also. So have a look and give a very fancy treat to your eyes also