TOP 10 Most Busiest Cities In The World In 2015-2016


There are several factors like the actual size, the infrastructure, the effectiveness of the transport system, the population and its demographic mix, and finance etc., that help in determining which most busiest cities are the busiest in the world. The busiest cities can be dubbed as the human future of Earth. They are also a risky social experiment. These cities face unprecedented levels of crime, social problems, unrest and noise. There are hundreds of thousands of people rushing in the same direction. Markets are crowded day in and day out.

Workers go to their places of work, and coming back again in the evening. In the busy cities of Asia, people have to cope with a six-day work week which renders their lives extremely hectic. There are businessmen, engineers, doctors, salesmen and all kinds of workaholics who miss the small instances in life that make it meaningful, in order to achieve some grand objective.

The list of top ten busiest cities in the world in  is as follows:

10. Dubai

Dubai has a population of around 2.16 million. The most busiest cities is one of the most important destinations where people come to find their livelihoods from around the world. Around 7.5 million tourists come to visit Dubai each year.

TOP 10 Most Busiest Cities In The World In 2014-15

9. Frankfurt

The German city has a population of 5.3 million. It is Europe’s biggest financial center. It is also the place where the central bank of Europe is located. Frankfurt is the site of the world’s largest internet exchange point.

TOP 10 Most Busiest Cities In The World In 2014-15

8. Singapore

Singapore has a population of around 5.4 million. Around 15 million tourists come to visit this most busiest cities each year. Singapore boasts the highest percentage of millionaires. The city lies to the southern part of the Malay Peninsula. Transportation is carried out mostly by taxis.

TOP 10 Most Busiest Cities In The World In 2014-15

7. Hong Kong

The hometown of Chinese actor Jackie Chan is situated on the southern Chinese coast. It is home to a few mega real estate agencies.

The people of Hong Kong have just a single agenda: to make as much money as they can. Hong Kong is both capitalist as well as communist. Life in Hong Kong is extremely fast where everyone believes that time is money.

TOP 10 Most Busiest Cities In The World In 2014-15

6. Mumbai

The magnitude of Mumbai’s busy-ness can be seen at the train stations where commuters are going to their office on the morning, and coming back home in the evening. The population of this great Indian most busiest cities is 20.5 million. There are no shortages of water and electricity for the industry in this city. This is one of the main reasons why this mega city continues to thrive. There are great business opportunities in Mumbai which is why people from all over India tend to come here. This is also the reason why the city is so over crowded. Most of the maritime trade and international air travel in India takes place through this city.

TOP 10 Most Busiest Cities In The World In 2014-15

5. Mexico

The population density of Mexico is much bigger than Tokyo, London and New York. The city is visited by 18 million tourists each year. The city is prone to earthquakes, however, it I still consider a ‘happening’ place. The city is densely populated, noisy and polluted. Moreover, there are problems of kidnappings, prostitution, drugs and trafficking. The city is infested with crime for several decades.

TOP 10 Most Busiest Cities In The World In 2014-15

4. Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the most beautiful cities in China. In fact, it can be considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world. The population of the city is around 19 million. It is situated on the Yangtze River Delta. The city has the world’s biggest container terminal.

The city has the best educational system comparable to any Western country. High rises and sky scrappers a common sight.

Shanghai is known as the city of entrepreneurs who sell the latest technology as well as the traditional old craft. There are small entities and shops in Shanghai that sell just a single fruit, or a single tool. Everyone in the city is busy making something or selling it.

TOP 10 Most Busiest Cities In The World In 2014-15

3. London

It is one of the most vibrant cities of the whole United Kingdom. The most busiest cities which is built on the banks of the river Thames has 13 million people.

London is considered the most vigilant city in the whole world. Security cameras are installed just about everywhere. It has one airport that caters to more than 1400 arrivals and departures in a single day. This translates into 63 million passengers per anum.

London is a bustling metropolis that boasts a great underground system for transportation. Around 25 million people use these tunnels for commuting on every day.

TOP 10 Most Busiest Cities In The World In 2014-15

2. New York

New York is a city of 19 million people. It is a bustling mega most busiest cities which is noisy as well as turbulent. At least 50 million visitors come to see this city each year. The city is nothing les than a wonder to a stranger who sets foot here for the first time.

The New York City is situated on Manhattan Island. It is also known as the Big Apple city and the Orange city. It is blending pot that contains people from every part of the world, and belonging to diverse cultures.

New York contains the NYSE, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, The Broadway and the Headquarter of the United Nations.

New York represents the culture and the economy of the entire American nation.

The fast-paced life becomes a source for many people. The energy of the Metropolis is simply too much for some people. The people of New York are more tolerant their counterparts in Tokyo.

TOP 10 Most Busiest Cities In The World In 2014-15

1. Tokyo

Tokyo is a conformist entity. The population of this most busiest cities is 35 million. Tokyo is the city of lights and the people of this city are one of the busiest around the globe. They don’t seem to have any time at all to stop and experience the trivial beauties of life.

It is said that Tokyo never sleeps. The apartments in this city are very small. Most of them have beds that can be rotated to make way for a dining room.

The bulk of the population of Tokyo consists of teenagers who are independent and control their own finances. They are also very intolerant. The tiny capsule like apartments cost around $40 for a single night – and this is considered cheap. A hotel would cost at least ten times that much money.

Tokyo has a great subway system which offers transport facilities to workers and students. If the subway ever becomes late, it issues a late note that an employee can show to the employer.

The most busiest cities has a great number of cell phone users. The most common food staples of Tokyo are Fish and Sushi rolls which are available in abundance. One can get chips, chocolate, cigarette and coffee from, vending machine anywhere in the city.

Tokyo is awash with compact cars giving it an aura of a science fiction city.

TOP 10 Most Busiest Cities In The World In 2014-15