Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Gifts In The World


 When a family gets an announcement that a new baby is on his way, the shopping for all sorts of things commences, celebrities often buy expensive gifts when they are expecting. Although celebrity parents use the same diapers and pampers but other baby items are more expensive and luxurious than the ordinary ones.

Usually the gift shower upon babies by parents represents fondness and well wishes apart from their practical needs. There are many designers who have taken the basic objects like cribs, teddy bears and pacifiers and transformed them in to elaborate fantasies. These customized art pieces have certainly become a statement to the world which demonstrate someone’s feelings or creative statement of the artist about practicality and beauty.

Market has certainly come back from a slump and parents want to give best to their children depending on their affordability. Parents who are bit old and can afford to buy the most expensive baby gifts in the world buy them when they had children. Royal families also spend a lot on the gifts for their babies. Now the question is what are the most expensive baby gifts in the world today? Let’s find details of the most expensive baby gifts. Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Gifts In The World  are:

10. Barbies Doll

Each and every parent wants to give best to his child to ensure comfort and desiring joy for the tiniest and daintiest in the family. People who can afford barbies doll high prices have plenty of options from which they can choose the very best gifts for their kids. Baby linens, diamond studded baby rattles and designer feeding bottles are among few of the most expensive gifts available for the new born kids.

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Gifts In The World

9. Couture Crib

Couture crib is definitely regarded as a high fashion gift especially when you talk about the royal bedroom centerpieces. These cribs are designed by getting illustrations from Cinderella fairy tale books and they are handcrafted in most cases. Sometimes fiberglass and wood are also used to design crib and quoted price covers construction interior blings and linens are separate for which parents usually have to wait for sometime after giving order.

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Gifts In The World

8. Baby Mattress

Buying expensive mattress for kids is a wish of almost all parents. Hypnos is an exclusive mattress maker of British family for many years and they make precious mattresses on the soft lumps which the royal family babies enjoy. Hypnos mattresses are regarded as bespoke mattresses for the babies and they are also handcrafted according to the specifications of conscious parents who want excellence depending upon size and shape. These mattresses can also be customized to fit the king or queen size beds.

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Gifts In The World

7. Platinum Pacifier

Platinum pacifier is made which weighs 9 ounces by a jeweler Matt Case of Liverpool’s Russell and it was displayed at UK baby show. This platinum pacifier was created to bring the media attention towards the jeweler’s art and it became successful as it is regarded as one of the most expensive baby products throughout the world created till now.

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Gifts In The World

6. Diamond Pacifier

Diamond pacifier is an expensive baby gift which some royal parents buy for their kids. Nipple is usually made from silicon and handle is movable to make it functional. It really looks appealing and can be a great experience for a kid.

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Gifts In The World

5. Rocking Horse

Japanese Jeweler Ginza Tanaka created the design of golden rocking horse which costs 600,000 $ and it was created to honor the birth of Prince Hisahito as American royalty, Beyonce and Jay-Z also bought this horse for their daughter named Blue Ivy. A young child always likes to play with a rocking horse made up of any material and Blue Ivy’s parents feel that they have given a great thing to their child to play with.

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Gifts In The World

4. Teddy Bear

Teddy bears are loved by children especially if they are made of elegant stuff. German Company named Steiff created a golden colored teddy bear once which costs around 84,000 $ on their 125th anniversary and only 125 pieces were manufactured. Eyes of the bear were made of diamonds and sapphires. Parents want to find unique teddy bears for their kids and they can easily find them as lots of them are available in the market in different price ranges.

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Gifts In The World

3. Silver Spoon

Christofle of Paris created silver spoon with diamonds which is regarded as one of the most attractive baby shower gifts. This silver spoon really depicts a common saying “born with a silver spoon in his/her mouth”. This limited edition spoon can be purchased from collectors and price of this spoon is around 1,350 $. Christofle also offers sterling silver baby items like silver cup which can be purchased according to the wish.

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Gifts In The World

2. Baby Furniture

There are plenty of other gifts that are offered by different manufacturing companies throughout the world. These gifts elaborate the story of the beautiful future which lies ahead for the child and parents buy them according to their affordability. When price tag is not a problem then your baby can really live in the world of diamond dummies, poster costs and cashmere suits. Some people may stun after knowing the prices of the gifts and infant products but they are made according to the demand of people globally. Some parents don’t really mind going for the heavenly costs just to make their babies happy and to bundle them with luxurious wealth.

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Gifts In The World

1. Baby Accessories

Shopping for a baby is not as difficult as it used to be. There are lots of places from where you can buy elegant, attractive and costly gifts for kids. All the accessories are designed by keeping the comfort of the kids in mind. You can buy baby gifts according to the age of your child and gifts must be the ones that suit a child’s needs and likings. You just need to make sure that you visit a couple of places before making a final decision. If you can make sure that you select the right thing for your kid then that will really be a pleasant and a great experience for your kid in the days to come.

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Gifts In The World