Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Of All Time


Most expensive Car lovers are always fascinated by amazing features of the vehicles and they will surely find Most expensive Car this list quite interesting because it shows those cars that are sold in millions and are so far the most expensive of all. You see many cars in exhibitions, motor shows, TV documentaries, newspaper and magazines. Some of them are impressive and others are just average. Buying a car is a simple process, you just go to the seller, choose the best one, give it a test drive and make payment. Then, you become the owner. This is true for ordinary cars, but if you are out to buy a luxury car, you may need to do lots of research in order to make the best purchase because luxury cars are different than normal cars. These are ideal for daily use, business use and long drives. If you belong to an elite class, you can even gift one to your beloved or a dear relative. A brief account of the most expensive cars in the world will give you necessary information about their performance. It also sheds some light on their features, engine capacity, top speed limit, exterior and interior details and of course the price. You can compare them with one another and then make final decision. Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Of All Time are:

10. Mc.Laren P1

This most expensive Car worth $1.1 million is from the manufacturer of F1 but its more popular. There is 3.8 liter twin turbo V8 with the electric motor having 903 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque. This vehicle is like Formula 1 car having Kinetic Energy Recovery System. While on battery, you can travel only up to 9 miles. So, it’s a kind of hybrid car. The top speed limit is 217 mph and surprisingly it can go to 60mph within three seconds and can go up from 0-182 in sixteen seconds which is two times faster than Ferrari 458 Italia. Its strong grip and brake system is also commendable. McLaren has passed all the tests and there is no doubt about quality control. The water proof car was drenched in about 4,000 gallons of water and it proved well. There are only 375 produced. If you want to buy it, you must act now.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Of All Time

9. Hennessey Venom GT

The most expensive Car comes at number nine in the list. Its price is $1.1 million. This is a made with tough material and comes with several features that ordinary makers consider to be impossible. This is the fastest car made by the company with speed limit of 271 mph. It’s a saying that everything is bigger in Texas. Lone Star State based tuning house has proven it quite well. The car has enough horsepower to move around the Lone Star State with 1,500 horsepower and 7.0 liter twin turbo V8 engine. It goes from 0 to 60 in two seconds. The top speed is claimed to be 287 mph. Its faster speed can make it viable for NASA to use for their space missions. The features outweigh the price and its not that most expensive Car with so many amazing functions.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Of All Time

8. Zenvo sT1

You can buy it for $1.2 million. Its made in Denmark which is known for its high butter consumption. The most expensive Car has turbo supercharged 7.0 liter V8 which is really powerful. It can go uo to 233 mph and travel at 0 to 60 in three seconds only. Its initial exhibitions did not do well. It set Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear on fire and never got too fast again. It does not perform too well but comes in the top ten most expensive Car list. It’s hard to drive and not in the control of ordinary drivers.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Of All Time

Top 7 Most Expensive Cars Of All Time

7. Ferrari La Ferrari

This popular and most expensive Car is worth $1.3 million and often seen in most expensive Car race games and movies. Its perfectly a luxury car famous worldwide. The Italian vehicle is really spectacular in every sense. It has V12 and 789 horsepower. When you hit defibrillator and electrocute the sucker, it can go up to 950 horsepower with the help of Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS). It weighs less than Ford Focus. You can drive to 120 mph in almost seven seconds which is faster than most cars that can go to 60 mph only. In Dubai Craiglist, there is only one used Ferrari on sale.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Of All Time

6. Pagani Huayra

Buy this most expensive Car for $1.3 million and you will be fascinated by its features. Its really a dream-come-true. Named after ‘ God of Winds’ the Huayra pronounced as Why-rah performs superb that everyone will be envious of you if you own it. It is powered by an AMG 6.0 liter V12 with to turbo chargers and can go to 230 mph and it has more torque at 740 lb-ft. Its body is really stylish to mesmerize the onlookers. It has gullwing doors that are unique. There are patented Pagani side mirrors or antenna. Seats are made with the best leather work of all times. Its fine and luscious in appearance. If you compare its features with the price, its not too much. May be you want to buy two because its unforgettable .

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Of All Time

Top 5 Most Expensive Cars Of All Time

5. Lamborghini Reventon

This most expensive Car is worth $1.61 million and is powerful, just perfect for those who travel a lot. The name of Lambo comes from Spanish fighting bull that killed a legendary fighter. It has 650 horsepower and can drive you crazy while you are riding it. With the logo you know its Lambo, otherwise you would think you are traveling in an F-22 Raptor. So far, it’s the second most expensive Car Lamborghini after Veneno. You will love is functions and would fined it’s an aggressive road fighter.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Of All Time

4. Koenigsegg One: 1

The price of this most expensive Car is $ 2.0 million. In the community of cars, this one is considered crazy uncle staying one corner busy with his own work. This business most expensive Car is awesome and comes with impressive automotive including a one to one power to weight ratio. The vehicle weight only 1340 kg and has 1340 horsepower. The weight includes fluids and driver. This makes it the fastest accelarting car. Its just like a plane you can buy in this amount. You can go from 0 to 250 mph in less than twenty seconds. Its top speed limit is 273 mph or higher. Its different than other luxury cars.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Of All Time

Top 3 Most Expensive Cars Of All Time

3. Mansory Vivre: Bugatti Veyron

This is highly most expensive Car worth $ 3.4 million. Its robust and masculine appearance will impress men mostly. It is made to commemorate friend of Bugatti founder and two times winner of TArfa Foloriao. Below the Legend is a Grand Sport Vitesse Roadster. It has 1200 horsepower and W 16. The top speed is 254 mph. It may be a bit slower when compared with Veyron Super Sport but is really beautiful than that. The carbon fiber is painted with French Racing Blue and the aluminum is shining in its natural form. Maps of Targa Florio are laser etched in both exterior and interior. It’s more like a work of art. Standing in the exhibitions, it readily catches attention and comes with unique appearance.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Of All Time

2. W Motors Lykan Hypersport

The car is worth $3.4 million and it is made in Lebanon. This vehicle is one of the most impressive ones today. It has 254 mph and can go from 0 to 60 in 2.7 seconds which is an amazing thing. The acceleration comes from turbocharged V6 which is often compared with mammoth V 12 sports most expensive Car. The manufacturer does not focus on performance only but also have high tech vehicle with excess side of hyper cars. It has LED lights that are covered with precious diamonds making it highly luxurious and impressive most expensive Car. The information of the speed limit is displayed on a holographic display that is easily understandable. Its highly beautiful and something every car lover will yearn of.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Of All Time

1. Lamborghini Veneno

You can buy most expensive Car it for a hefty amount of $4 million. It may not be so beautiful but is impressive sat least. Veneno is a Spanish name for ‘poison’. It has V12 and 750 horsepower. The Italian vehicle can go from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds which is fantastic. This is faster than sound leaving body during a scream. There’s big wing on the rear side that is encouraging. It helps keep the car on the track or it shows that it in accordance with FAA regulations. May be it is designed to fly that some silly one can imagine. The car is as fast as one can think of. Its top speed limit is 220 mph that reminds you need to wear goggles while driving it. Probably the three of them are already sold out and nine are for sale now. They may be for an extra half million dollars but for the lovers, it’s not a hefty figure.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Of All Time

Choose a car that best suits your lifestyle because its one time investment and you don’t want to regret later on.