Top 10 Most Expensive Jeans In The World 2015-2016


Top 10 most expensive jeans in the world think of luxury brands and hate couture most expensive jeans in the worlddresses, many dresses and forms of most expensive jeans in the world come to your mind. One of them is Denim jeans. These latest jeans are offered inn various options of custom made which are adorned with various most expensive jeans in the world embellishments. Ever imagined about the most expensive jeans of all times? Here is lists of top 10 most expensive jeans from outclass brands around the world:

Top 10 Most Expensive Jeans In The World

       10. Levi Strauss & Co.

The name of this particular brand most expensive jeans in the world gives us the opinion that the jeans made by them might be very basic, practical and user friendly. Lately, new heights have been given in the department of jeans because now these jeans are sold for a high price tag of as much as five hundred US dollars for a pair of jeans in which no two pair are like ever. Extensive workmanship and handmade features are included in the making of jeans. The stuff is particularly chosen to be top quality denim. Such individual attention obviously demands high price tag.

Top 10 Most Expensive Jeans In The World 2014-15

  1. 7 For All Mankind

This brand has lately become very popular throughout the world for its unique making and top quality fabric material. The jeans are made with unique and out of this world cuts. Talking about the price, the pair of jeans starts from hundred dollars and they come in a wide range of colors, sizes, varieties and variations. The top most expensive series of this brand are sold for as much as $1000 US dollars. There is this very popular cliché about this brand that its unique cuts give the looker an illusion of lean thighs and thin, sexy legs.

Top 10 Most Expensive Jeans In The World 2014-15

  1. Ernest Sewn

Can you think of a pair of jeans that is made exactly up to your expectations and whatever image you had in your mind, you are able to purchase it from a well-known brand! Well, that is the standard of Earnest Sewn. It is particularly famous throughout the world among those people who are fitness conscious. They are available in one of the rarest forms of top quality dyed jeans. These jeans are made especially for you according to your legs’ shape and muscle orientation. The highest cost up till now for a pair of jeans of Earnest Sewn is $1000.

Top 10 Most Expensive Jeans In The World 2014-15

  1. Roberto Cavalli

Just imagine denim jeans from bejeweled premium series that is offered from the well-known clothing brand Roberto Cavalli. Well, this brand is truly a glamorous one, worn and followed by celebrity class and fashion models including various fashion icons like Jennifer Lopez. If you know, the cast f the movie “The Sex and the City” is famously known to have worn clothes offered by Cavalli clothing series. Only high end departmental stores offer Cavalli jeans. There are personal Roberto Cavalli boutiques like one on Madison Avenue (New York) from where you can buy these jeans. One pair of Roberto Cavalli jeans costs you around twelve thousand US dollars which is totally worth every penny.

Top 10 Most Expensive Jeans In The World 2014-15

  1. Dolce& Gabbana

Most expensive jeans in the world Dolce& Gabbana is known throughout the world for its exquisite clothing. This Italian brand comes up with a classy collection of clothes and best dressed women jeans collection every time. These jeans are available only at the high end departmental stores. This time their collection consists of a butterfly design with a D&G logo. These butterfly designs are decorated on back pockets. The Dolce & Gabbana pair of jeans is worth $1200. The supply is limited so hurry up to grab the world’s one of the most expensive jeans.

Top 10 Most Expensive Jeans In The World 2014-15

  1. APO Jeans

Are you a lover of platinum or gold hardware? If you are selecting a custom denim of APO jeans, you can pick op rives that have been made out of any of these expensive metals. You can also go for adornment of real diamonds if you want to! Other than that, the lining of pockets is done in hundred percent pure silk with polished and plated zipper. Obviously with the mention of such luxury items included, apart from the world’s class denim makes APO jeans among the top 10 expensive jeans in the world. In case of APO, the price of the jeans is determined by looking at the denim stuff and other “details” includes. The price tag of a jeans with all the details included is worth $4000.

Top 10 Most Expensive Jeans In The World 2014-15

  1. Gucci

Well, who does not knows about Gucci? Gucci is one of the top class luxury brands most expensive jeans in the world for men and women in the world? If you want to be a center of attention, wear Gucci’s stuff! And if you are looking forward to buying Gucci’s jeans, go for ripped and torn Gucci jeans which are treated in a special manner to look old. Moreover, the jeans are adorned with African feathers, buttons and beads which have historic significance. The last of the jeans were shown at Milan in 1998 where it won the record of most expensive jeans. The price of jeans by Gucci is $4000 at present.

Top 10 Most Expensive Jeans In The World 2014-15

  1. Escada

If you really want everyone to envy you or marvel at the piece of clothing you are wearing, go for Escada jeans. If you really want jeans of your own choice and from an expensive brand like Escada, go for their version of custom jeans option. In this option you can create your own jeans by adding styling and tiny details of your own choice. The embellishments done in the jeans are worth so much. A pair of Escada jeans is worth ten thousand US dollars. The particular reason of high price tag is the Swarovski crystals that are added in the details of your jeans.

Top 10 Most Expensive Jeans In The World 2014-15

  1. Levi Strauss & Co.

Most of the most expensive jeans in the world and the brands usually mentioned in this list are very modern and new, but this jean is actually very old. These jeans are the original pair of jeans by the very famous brand Levi Strauss & Co. These jeans are 200 years old, which means that they date back in the time of 1800s. The jeans have been auctioned many times with price tags of $65,000 and $36,000 in the year 2005 and 2001 respectively.

Top 10 Most Expensive Jeans In The World 2014-15

  1. Secret Circus

The world’s most expensive jeans up to this date is a pair of jeans designed by Secret Circus. This brand is relatively a new brand they are creating jeans with this idea that diamonds are usually women’s weakness whether you wear them in a form of jewelry or display them on the back pocket of your jeans. This brand has come up with a collection of top quality jeans with large size diamonds embellishments making it worth $1.3 million for a pair of jeans.

Top 10 Most Expensive Jeans In The World 2014-15

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