Top 10 Most Expensive Lighters In The world


You may be able to find out different most expensive lighters which are really cheap like a single dollar, although, nothing joins functionality and elegance good as compared to gold, platinum as well as silver lighter decorated with beautiful diamonds. They are known as items for collector, and they came out as a perfect presents. Their importance is calculated in the age, material, last owner, as well as rarity, plus smokers having big checks for pay know that nothing sounds wealthy as well as social status in comparison to this tiny pocket piece of jewelry. This is everyone’s need.

 A device, most expensive lighters is portable plus able to give flames and generates a fire. This device is utilized to light the fire as well as a style statement which is used mostly by those people who are known to be smokers. A lighter is based on metal or plastic, plus it has a container, in which there is a inflammable liquid or pressurized liquid gas is kept and used to produce ignition. The ignition might originate from any stone as well as metal roller or spark which is generated electronically. The Fuels ranges from naptha, Butane plus petrol and other fuels and fluids. Below mentions are fewWorlds’ Most Expensive Lighters in the world.

10. Ligne 2 Champagne

The most expensive lighters named as Ligne 2 Champagne known to be developed by the luxurious good of venerable Parisian firm of S.T. Dupont. This organization isn’t concerned to the chemical giants bearing the same name in the last.  The Ligne 2 Champagne by Dupont is in the range of Prestige collection by Dupont. The lighters “Ligne 2” is 4 types that are not same in their own appearance in addition with their production way. The embellished solid gold, diamond, white gold lighters as well as the Rosy Pinkish gold are exquisite, exclusive as well as especially awe-inspiring. It is constructed from white gold of18 carat, and 462 diamonds are decorated on it that constitutes almost 5.2 carats. The GVS quality diamonds are used and the lighters “Ligne 2” are priced at around 79,000 USD which makes it the expensive one lighter all over the world.

Top 10 Most Expensive Lighters In The world

9. Zippo

The Manufacturing Company Zippo has celebrated their seventy fifth anniversaries in the year 2007, which is being originated in the year 1932. They are one of the most celebrated makers of lighter and which has been an amazing fashionable icons as plus a seperate statement of fashion. The lighters by Zippo combine an ignition of “flint-wheel” with a wick which is soaked in naptha. These stylish butane lighters are resistant to wind and known to be the reliable resistant to wind and cold ones which are weather resistant. The Zippo lighter from the original 1933 creation was traded for almost 37,000 USD creating them the amazing and expensive lighters all over the world.

Top 10 Most Expensive Lighters In The world

8. Prestige and Initiated

It is manufactured and Designed by Cartier and found to be the fewest lighters. This most expensive lighters made by Celestial Dragon Decor in the Prestige as well as initiated collection of lighter. This lighter’s Dragon is constructed by the18 carat gold and characterizes polished clouds. The lighter is constructed from gold of 18 carat and is studded also with almost 816 exquisite diamonds quality. Also the restricted number of this special lighter holds the price on enquiry only.

Top 10 Most Expensive Lighters In The world

7. Turbo Shagreen

This most expensive lighters Turbo Shagreen characterizes both decent style as well as influential functionality. It is based on an initial 1920s design of Dunhill; this lighter made up of brass is painted black as well as characterizes a turbo-charged lighter function which can even work in strong atmosphere. During December 2010, the Turbo Shagreen was at price of $1,125.

Top 10 Most Expensive Lighters In The world

6. Azen Neo

To cover up all the areas where a stylish lighter wouldn’t be carried, the Azen Neo offers more than enough coverage. The lighter by Azen holds a Lexan casing that covers it from infiltration of water, a controllable flame as well as a storm resistant design that blows a fire in the worst weather even. This lighter Azen Neo is available for 7.95 dollar.

Top 10 Most Expensive Lighters In The world

5. Colibri Pergusa

The most expensive lighters named as Colibri Pergusa is pleased by Tonino Lamborghini as well as shares an easy use plus elegant appearance that offer competition to other, very costly lighters. This lighter is available in yellow, green, black or orange and retails available for 155.

Top 10 Most Expensive Lighters In The world

4. Bic

The most expensive lighters named as Bic are obtainable in very convenience as well as department stores like 7/11 plus Walmart. These lighters are present in hundreds of designs and whereas they are out of frills, they are a valuable and reliable disposable lighter.

Top 10 Most Expensive Lighters In The world

3. Ronson

Having low design of profile and elegant-polished finish, the Ronson places a sophistication air to otherwise very utilitarian and ordinary candle lighter. The lighter characterizes controllable flame plus an electronic ignition.

Top 10 Most Expensive Lighters In The world

2. Visol

Coleman and Visol united together to create an elegant Multi-Tool Torch Lighter. This lighter will not only offer lightening a cigarette by means of turbo wind resistant lighter however might cut rope also.

Top 10 Most Expensive Lighters In The world

 1. Xikar Triple Jet

The lighter i.e., Xikar Triple Jet characterizes a top table design, controllable flame as well as a squeeze ignition which possibly makes an awkward situation for lighting and make it easy.

Top 10 Most Expensive Lighters In The world


These are the few lighters having a seperate class as well as which are sold premiumly. These lighters might occur as an item of collector for a lot of reasons such as its history or the previous owner or few more landmarks. The lighter “Turbo Shagreen” is a mixture of elegance as well as style in combination with influential functionality. The lighters by Dunhill are known to be the most wanted after collectible, plus changes hands for US dollars around thousands as price. The.lighter Azen Neo is a the one which protects it from the seepage of water. The lighter Colibi Pergusa is the inspiration of Tonino Lamborghini, this is an elegant lighter plus expensive. These expensive lighters can’t light fire only; they might burn you and make a pocket hole too.