Top 10 Most Expensive Movies Of All Time 2015-2016


Top 10 most expensive movies of all time eat up a huge budget because there are so many factors involved in them, the makers most expensive movies of all time have to do give many technical effects that require expertise. Then there are actors, assets, so many destruction and of course costumes. The staff also demands heavy reward and pay. There are studios and sets that are costly too. Sometime it all adds up to millions of dollars, making them the most expensive movies of all time. Here is the list of ten such movies that may surprise you. Let’s get started:

Top 10 Most Expensive Movies Of All Time

       10. Quantum of Solace

This most expensive movies of all time was released several years ago precisely in 2008. Today it is considered as on of the best sequel of all James Bond movies. This was very hit in the box office. It was made with a total budget of $230 million. The amount spent could be clearly seen in the action-sets, the exotic places where it was shot. It did great business too. The movie is full of actions and thrill with unusual locations and great sets.

The most expensive movies of all time is the twenty second James Bond film. It is produced by Eon Productions and is the direct sequel of film Casino Royale. Marc Forster is the directors of the movie. Daniel Craig has performed as James Bond. In the movie, Bond takes revenge for the death of his beloved Vesper Lynd and he is helped by Camille Montes who is keen to take revenge for the murder of her family. They eventually find a rich businessman Dominic Greene who is a member of Quantum organization.

Top 10 Most Expensive Movies Of All Time 2014-15

  1. Spider man 2

Released in 2004, Spider man 2 was the sequel that proved to be as entertaining as its part 1. Viewers equally appreciated both the parts and keenly watched them. The total cost of the movie was about $231.6 million. The exorbitant amount of money was invested especially on the special effects around which the movie revolves. In Worldwide Box office: $ 783,766,341.

Spider man 2 is a superhero film which is directed by Sami Raimi and the writer is Alvin Sargent. This is a sequel of the film Spider Man. It’s based on a fictional story. Performers are Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Harry Osborn, Mary Jane Watson and James Franco. The film is focused on Peter Parker who strives to balance his personal life and his duty as spider man. It is the winner of Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. It’s also got five awards including best fantasy film award.

Top 10 Most Expensive Movies Of All Time 2014-15

  1. King Kong

This most expensive movies of all time is the release of 2005 which was the remake of a classic movie. The courage of Peter Jackson is commendable because he took the initiative and remade a movie that was actually a big flop at the box office three decades ago. The total budget of this movie was around $ 231.9 million. This movie was not a big hit. Worldwide box office: $550,517,35.

This is an epic adventure film directed produced and written by Peter Jackson. Its other performers are Jack Black, Naomi Watts, Adrien Brody and Andy Serkis. It’s a story of the overly ambitious filmmaker who travels to Skull Island where he meets a giant gorilla. They capture the gorilla and bring it back to New York city with very tragic results. The movie has won three Academy awards for Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Mixing and Best Sound Editing.

Top 10 Most Expensive Movies Of All Time 2014-15

  1. Terminator 3: Rise of the machines

This most expensive movies of all time released in 2003, was made with a total budget of $237.8 million. From this entire amount, some part was dedicated to the story and the rights. Huge amount of money was spent on visual effects and the talent of those who performed in it. Worldwide Box Office: $433,371,112.

Terminator 3 is science fiction action film directed by Jonathan Mostow. Its performers are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Claire Danes, Nick Stahl and Kristanna Loken. It’s the third sequel of Terminator series. After Skynet fairls to kill Sarah Connor before the birth of her son, it sends back another Terminator, the T-X to kill as many Resistance officers as possible. The life of Jhon is in danger when T-X finds him accidentally. This film was a big hit and earned huge profits.

Top 10 Most Expensive Movies Of All Time 2014-15

  1. Water world

This is rather an old movie, release in 1995 and its budget was too high for that time. The estimated total amount is around $251.2 million. The main reason of hefty cost is that it was shot in the water for about 18 months. Water shooting is several times expensive than dry land shooting. Worldwide box office: $ 264,218,220.

Waterworld is an American post-apocalyptic science fiction action film. The director is Kevin Reynolds. It is based on Rader’s screenplay. The actors are Kevin Costner who is also the producer. Distributor was Universal Pictures. The film is set in the distant future and there is no exact date given in the film. The polar ice caps are melted and level of the sea has come up to several hundred feet covering almost the entire land. There is unusual variation on the Universal logo.

Top 10 MoTop 10 Most Expensive Movies Of All Time 2014-15st Expensive Movies Of All Time 2014-15

  1. Spider man 3

It was most expensive movies of all time released in 2007 but it did not get as much appreciation from the audience as its first two parts. There were many special effects that were necessary to give in the third sequel. The total cost is as high as $ 272.6 million. There were more super villains, so it was with more visual effects. Worldwide box office: $890, 871, 626.

This movie is produced by Marvel Entertainment and Kaura Ziskin Productions. Columbia Pictures is the distributor. The movie is based on the fictional Marvel Comics character Spider man. Sam Raimi is the director. The performers are Kirsten Dunst, Tobey Maguire, Thomas Haden Church, Bryce Dalls, Topher Grace, J.K Simons, Rosemary Harris, Hames Cromwell and Cliff Robertson.

Top 10 Most Expensive Movies Of All Time 2014-15

  1. Titanic

It was most expensive movies of all time released in 1997 and got great appreciation from its viewers. The total budget went as high as $272.6 million. Its ranking was high in the box office and it broke many records at its time. The main section of money was spent to re-create the titanic ship with an extraordinary appearance to make it similar to the original ill-fated ship. Worldwide box office: $ 1,842,879,955.

Titanic is an American epic film that is directed, produced and written by James Cameron. It’s a fictional story of the sinking of RMS Titanic. The actors are Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet who fall in deep love aboard the ship during maiden voyage. Cameron was inspired by ship wrecks so he created a film on the basis of that. Titanic has been nominated for fourteen Academy Awards and it won eleven of them including Best Director, Best Picture and several others.

Top 10 Most Expensive Movies Of All Time 2014-15

  1. Superman returns

This film was released in 2006 and was a sequel to its older movies. Its total cost was $294.6 million. It was not as hit as the previous parts. Worldwide box office: $391,081,192.

This is an American superhero drama film. Its director is producer is Bryan Singer. It’s the fifth and final film of the superman film series that is based on the DC Comics character. The actors of the movie are Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, Frank Langella, Parker Posey and James Marsden. The story is about a Superman who returns to Earth after every five years. He falls in love with Lois Kane. The major photography has taken place at Fox Studios, Australia, Sydney. The movie has received many awards.

Top 10 Most Expensive Movies Of All Time 2014-15

  1. Cleopatra

This is really old movie that was released in 1963. Its total budget was around $314.6 million. In this list, it’s the second most expensive movie of all times, it was flopped and proved that things can be worse even if makers spend exorbitant amount on it. . Worldwide box office: $185,900,0008.

This is an epic drama film which is directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz. The actors are Elizabeth Taylor, Rex Harrison, Martin Kandau, Richard Burton and Roddy McDowall. The music was given by Alex North. Cleopatra movie got huge criticism for its production with massive cost overruns. The film bankrupted 20th Centruy Fox although the studio was rescued. The movie won four Academy Awards and was a nominee in five more awards.

Top 10 Most Expensive Movies Of All Time 2014-15

      1. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

This is the release of 2007 and it got high appreciation from the viewers. There was strong story behind and very colorful sets with amazing costumes. Its total cost is estimated to be $316.6 million. Worldwide box office: $960,996,429.

The most expensive movies of all time is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and is based on Theme park ride of Walt Disney. The film is set in a fictional historical time where the world is ruled by British Empire and the East India Company. The pirates represent freedom from the ruling forces. Lord Bcekett gets power over Davy Jones and he is implementing his plans to curb piracy for good. Jack is needed to summon ancient goddess that has the power to defeat forces of Beckett.

Top 10 Most Expensive Movies Of All Time 2014-15