Top 10 Most Expensive Popular Cosmetic Brands


We all know that the use of the cosmetic brands is one of those things that are never out from the fashion and from the style for any women, surely this is the basic tool for many women neo, and by keeping this thing in the mind day by day many new brands are getting on the rampage, but surely this is also a fact that nothing can actually replace the ones that are the most old and the ones that are best. As about the cosmetics only the females can tell that either they are well working for them or not, well so here is our list that will tell you the Top 10 Most Expensive Popular Cosmetic Brands of all time, commonly all of these brands are very easily available in the market for the use as about the ladies they try almost everything that is introduced by these ladies so in this matter this is also a must that one should have enough knowledge about them too.

10. Maybelline

You can see this brand in many different adds on the tv and also on the magazines, surely many models and many different celebs are the face of this brand as no doubt it is one of the best that is actually providing them with the best coverage and with the best results that they are willing to have from any make up brand.

As it is famous it has many products that are getting from day to day just to make sure that the people and especially the girls are keeping their interest in the brand, for this you can surely see their collection also. The main things and the products that are famous are the eyeliner products, as the waterproof makeup in this brand is truly to good to use even in the summer time.


9. Revlon

You may have heard this name many times, as this does not only has the hair care products but also has too many cosmetic and makeup products introduced in the line too. The wide range of colorful makeup attracts too many girls each year. This is their plus point that they keep changing their pickings so their product remains very attractive all the time. On the other hand this is one of the most old items and brands in the America that has actually got a wide range of the skin care products, body care products, hair care products and also makeup stuff too. It is also the sig of the femininity in many nations, as many girls just like to have and use only the fragrances that are made by Revlon.


8. Urban Decay

The name may sound odd, but it is best known for the base and the foundation that I is producing, as it is best known for its pallets of the naked collection. Te foundation and the skin care products are really too light to use and they are very good of quality too, as they provide complete coverage and safety from any skin complication also. So you may not pay much attention to the price tag that it holds. It has won many different awards in the reference of giving the best performance that it has to offer to its consumers, and plus it has many models and pretty faces that are its brand ambassadors all across the globe.

Urban Decay Ad - lounging

7. Oriflame

This does not do too much advertisement as this brand believes in giving the best instead of just giving that it ca by the proper use of the adds, and all fame. There ae many pretty faces working for it too, the best line that this brand offers ifs the fragrances and the skin care products. Surely the skin anti aging line is one of the best that it has to offer to its consumers all over.

This is commonly doing its business in 60 different countries with being on the chart of the top sellers also, this actually also offers a wide range of different accessories too that are a major factor of its that much big sale.

Cosmetic Oriflame hd wallpaper

6. Olay

We see this brand usually in many countries with the local faces on the, as the brand ambassadors, but in reality he perfect one is made in Holland while other few counters are also making it, although the formulae is the same but still people think that there is a vast difference in the quality that it is giving to its consumers all over.

The best product that it has on its line is the anti aging and the 7 effects, surely by the large campaign that it introduced it was meant to have such big results and consumers too. The whitening range is also very popular that is why it keeps getting updated day by day to have lots consumers just stick with this.

Olay theia2

5. MAC

Well surely this is one of the most well praised brands that we can commonly see now a days, and no doubt that the products that it offers are also of great quality too, so keeping this thing in the mind you should know that there is a lot of stuff that you can get from this brand all over. It also offers the makeup products and the other smaller stuff that is also used in the sense of the makeup, you can also try having the mush of the god factor by the help that you are able to have too great look by its use.

The fashion weeks of almost every single pave are most commonly using its products and surely this is one of the ways that it prompts itself also.


4. Clinique

This is one of the largest company that is producing its products all over, as it has got the factor that the products that are made by it are actually very safe for the use of the skin also, on the other hand the price tags may seem a little bit higher but the other thing is that you are totally in verge of getting this tried by yourself

The main products that are made by this company are the toiletries, the makeup products, the skin care products, and the body care products, all of these products are totally approved by the dermatologists, and surely the snit aging kit is very effective by these brands. They are day by day giving more scope to their products as this can help them in the matter of keeping the look that is best suited to them all over also.


3. Lancome

This is a well known international brand with too many of the different products that are made under this huts, surely this is a good factor that they are making very big sales but on the other hand this is also a factor that they are using the right quality of the stuff that is used in their cosmetics all over. Surely this is also good idea that you can do such thing by your own help too.

Well using this brand is very common, as this is said to be giving a very light sheer in the skin, the makeup products are really famous by this brand also, and they are providing the products that 100 percent guaranteed to give you the all over desired results also.


2. Avon

This is an American international brad that is one of the oldest nards in the making of the cosmetics and skin care products all over. The products that are made by this brand are sold over 250 different countries, as this has also got the largest number of the satisfied users by its products also. It offers a wide range of different makeup and skin care products also, as the common one are the mineral makeup and the naked skin care kits. You can surely have much benefit by that all over too.

They also produce nail care range too, in which they have over 200 different colors of the nail polishes. Along with the manicure and pedicure sets too.


1. L’Oreal

Here comes to the top one of the list, as this brand is right now producing many different products that are considered to be  part of its range. Like as it is producing the hair color products the skin care products, the face care products, the hair care products along with other body care products also.

Basically this brand is from France, and is very well known in the matter of producing the high quality products that it has to offer to its users all over.

Its slogan says it all, as ‘ we are worth it’ and other than that the kids range says that ‘we are worth it too’.


So here was our Top 10 Most Expensive Popular Cosmetic Brands that are now in the flames, you can try any of the depending on which products you are actually looking for, as they are very well and safe to use  so try the one that suits you the best actually.