Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes For Men 2015-2016


Most expensive shoes for men Want to buy pair of shoes to keep in your wardrobe and most expensive shoes for men use at various occasions, there are many sellers offering formal most expensive shoes for men and prices are also high. The list below gives brief description of the most expensive shoes in the world. They are high-quality and are more stylish than ordinary ones. Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes For Men

10. Swarovski Fila FX 2

These sports use are studied and are very beautiful. Fila has partnered with Khabarovsk to make a unique design of shoes for the elite class. These shoes were made in order to celebrate 100 years of FAIL . These are named FAIL FX2 and today there are only 100 pairs available. There are two colors most expensive shoes for men, black and white. The shoes have Eco-safe design which is anti-fur. It is a nice combination of elegance and sportiness. They are with fancy looks and ideal for funky men who are athletes and want some luxurious and glamorous element in their personality. The actual price is about $585.

Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes For Men 2014-2015

9. Barker Black Ostrich Cap Toe

If you want to buy these shoes, you will have to pay $975. Today these are among the rarest shoes all over the world which makes them exclusive and special. They are unique and designed differently than ordinary shoes. The rarity and high quality adds to their cost. To have sophisticated personality, why not buy them and enjoy. Its hard to find them in stores because they are so rare.

Barker Black is a British luxury and most expensive shoes for men brand that specializes in bench-made shoes for men. This company quickly became popular in fashion media. In 2007, GQ magazine rated the maker as one of best new designer in US. Its shoes are sold only at its own outlets in Leos Angele and New York City. You can also find them in luxury stores like Berger Goodman and Newman Marcus.

Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes For Men 2014-2015

8. Salvatore Ferragamo Python Loafer

Today, Salvatore Ferraro stands among the top brands and most expensive shoes for men in the world producing unique pairs of shoes. They are globally popular because of their quality. The Python loafer is a unique shoe that is very expensive yet gorgeous and for the elite class man. These are not only elegant but also exclusively designed. You will walk confidently among your social circle when you put them on. One pair can cost you $985 which is too much for a men’s accessory. You can buy it online as well.

Salvatore Ferraro was an Italian most expensive shoes for men designer who worked with many Hollywood celebrities in 1920s. Then he moved to Italy to make a shoe company that made unique footwear. His creativity was admired globally and he created wedge heel and cage heel. Today the company is owned by his family and according to rule only three members of the company can work.

Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes For Men 2014-2015

Top 7 Most Expensive Shoes For Men

7 . New & Lingwood Russian calf shoes

This most expensive shoes for men brand is a dream-come-true for millions out there. They have many designs and styles for men that are popular worldwide. They have made a unique and beautiful pair of shoes called Russian Calf Shoes priced at $1550 which are considered to be among the most expensive of all in the market today. Forbes magazine has rated it as well for its quality and durability. The square design with shiny surface is truly formal and classy, perfect to wear with formal dress at any occasion.

This season New and Linwood has a number of NE but limited handmade English products including shoes. Their handmade leather shoes and boots are popular worldwide and known for their durability as well as unique designs.

Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes For Men 2014-2015

6. Berluti Rapieces Reprises

These shoes are for those men, who want to stand prominent in the crowd by wearing expensive pairs. These are worth $1830 and they have a unique quality. They shine and suit elegant personalities. Wearing them is something not everyone is master at.

Berlitz is in shoe making industry since 1895. It makes and retails shoes and boots for men. It is known worldwide for its unique and most expensive shoes for men leather finishing and high quality. It also makes good range of leather goods like bags, belts and wallets. It’s a Paris-based company popular globally. It has limited distribution and in US it is available in their Miami and New York stores. In Europe, they have only seven Berluti boutiques. In Middle East, there are six and in Asia they have twenty-five.

Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes For Men 2014-2015

Top 5 Most Expensive Shoes For Men

5. Stefano Bemer shoes

Stefano Beyer is a well-known most expensive shoes for men in the world and they are finest shoe makers today for producing high-quality hand-made shoes for men. The shoes in this list are priced at $2000. It takes three months to manufacture a single pair. These are handmade and take much effort. That’s why their price is too high than ordinary shoes or those of other brands. These are designed for rich men who want to look sophisticated. The style is a mix of shiny and Matt surface. Camel leather is used to make the shoes.

Stefano Beyer is the founder of the company and according to him, a shoe is an object and if its good quality it helps you walk comfortably. When it’s made up of high quality materials with excellent craftsmanship, it becomes something pleasing to you and stands out unique among the crowd. The company was found in Florence, Italy and is worldwide recognized for producing high-quality footwear for men.

Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes For Men 2014-2015

4. Louis Vuitton Shoes

This is also one of the most expensive pair of shoes in the world. Its price is $10,000 and is among the most luxurious and popular brand LV. Everyone loves it. The shoes are made with waxed alligator leather and are absolutely masculine. The texture on the surface is really awesome. There is traditional craftsmanship clearly visible in them. You will love the design. These are black, so you can wear them with any formal dress. These are authentic and remind you of vintage style. There is lining made up of leather in the shoes, which makes them soft, smooth and comfortable.

LV is a French fashion house most expensive shoes for men that was founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton. Its monogram appears on most of its products including shoes. It sells its shoes through standalone boutiques, department stores and in online stores. For six years from 2006 to 2012 LV has remained the world’s most valuable luxury brand. Its shoes are known for their high quality and fine finishing.

Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes For Men 2014-2015

Top 3 Most Expensive Shoes For Men

3. Testoni Dress shoes

You can buy these most expensive shoes for men for $38,000 and these are very stylish. It’s for rich people who want decent and different style in shoes. Their color is also unique. Their comfort and appearance is famous all over the world. These are made with alligator leather which is very durable as well as beautiful. These shoes are custom made using skin of goat for lining making them very soft and comfortable. To make them more attractive, gold and diamond buckle is added. These shoes are water-resistant and are very popular among elite class.

Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes For Men 2014-2015

2. Air Force 1 by Nike

These are quite most expensive shoes for men includes sneakers that will cost you $50,000 and they are truly luxurious for sport lovers or amateurs. These are named Air Force 1 and are among the most expensive shoes list of today. They are studded with 11 carat diamonds on the sides in the form of Nike logo. This is castes by pure gold. If you want glamorous shoes, buy them today and enjoy.

Nike is an US based mulch-national Corporation that is best known for its design, manufacture, development and worldwide marketing of footwear and other items. Headquarter is located in Oregon. Today, it’s among the largest suppliers of athletic shoes and apparel with revenue in exceeds of US424.1 billion in its fiscal year 2012. It has 44,000 employees all over the world. It was founded in 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Bower man.

Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes For Men 2014-2015

1. Air Jordan Silver Shoes

These are among the most expensive shoes for men worth $60,000. These are truly luxurious and fancy. These are perfect for those who want a glamorous accessory in the wardrobe to wear all the time. These are more like sports shoes but can be worn anytime you like. Their unique silver color makes them different and out of the world. These are for lovers of Michael Jordan. There are many online stores and websites, where these silver shoes are available in auction. A few years back, these were gifted to a famous celebrity on his birthday. These shoes are ideal for those, who can easily afford them and money is not a factor for them. This is for the rich people who want to look glamorous and classy.

Air Jordan is produced for Michael most expensive shoes for men Jordan. It’s based in US and was founded in 1984. Its shoes are great and known for their high quality. These are purely athletic but anyone can wear them. Whether you are going for a morning walk, jogging, or exercise, these are best and most expensive shoes for men for you. These are comfortable and have soft sole that does not irritate your feet. There is a huge variety in Air Jordan shoes. You can buy its shoes in department stores, and also online stores anywhere in the world.

Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes For Men 2014-2015


  1. Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes For Men 2015-2016 | Most … – 8. Salvatore Ferragamo Python Loafer. Today, Salvatore Ferraro stands among the top brands and most expensive shoes for men in the world producing unique pairs of shoes