Top 10 Most Expensive Software In The World


In some simple language the Computer software is made of more around one program that is Bunch of the program which makes software. The term software was used in the year 1960 just to distinguish it from the computer hardware. Do not worry and I will not explain you about any technical terms.The Question is just how you predict cost of any of the software?? The answer is just very simple. More the Loc Line of code, greater will be the size of the software. With increase in the line of code the complexity of software also increases. Line of code refers to Number of individual statements written in the program. Top 10 Most Expensive Software In The World are:

10. Auto CAD

Price: $9,000

Most expensive software includes AutoCAD. AutoCAD is known as a software application for the 2d and the 3d Computer which is Aided Design and also drafting. It was just released in the December of the year 1982 and now it is also available as the mobile web and the cloud based application. This product is also widely used for making around 3 dimensional objects Images. Autodesk Plant Design Suite is known as premium product of the AutoCAD on of the most expensive products from AutoCAD which is also used in the modern 3 dimension plant and the structural modelling.

Auto CAD

9. Autodesk Maya

Price: $10,000

Most expensive software includes Autodesk Maya. Autodesk Maya 3d computer graphics software runs on the various platforms such as the Windows, the Mac OS and the Linux. This Software is just owned and also developed by the Autodesk Inc. It is also available in the 3 languages i.e. English language, Japanese language and the Chineselanguage. It is also widely used for just creating the 3d interactive applications and the advanced visual effects.

Top 10 Most Expensive Software In The World

8. Adobe Acrobat Capture 3

Price: $19,000

Most expensive software includes Adobe Acrobat Capture 3.Adobe Acrobat Capture was also released in the November of the year 1996, developed by the Adobe System. Since then it has also gone though many different changes. Adobe has also decided just to discontinue distribution of the volume due to some of the technical reasons. That is why the Adobe Acrobat Capture 3 is just no longer available for the purchase. Still software is holding the position 8 in the list.

Top 10 Most Expensive Software In The World

7. Core Impact PRO

Price: $50,000

Most expensive software includes Core Impact PRO. Core Impact PRO is known a ssoftware of the private network and Security Company. This software was first developed in the year 2002. It provides the security intelligence solutions, the management and the network penetration testing and also the service.

Top 10 Most Expensive Software In The World

6. Soft image Face Robot

Price: $90,000

Soft image Face Robot is the 3d computer graphic application which is owned by the Auto desk. It is also used for the highly interactive 3d computer graphics and the animation in the video games and also film. This software is mostly used by the advertising industries for just creating the virtual character and the visual effects.

Top 10 Most Expensive Software In The World

5. Vex Works

Price: $190,000

Vex Lives up to expectations is known as the most exorbitant continuous working framework which is created by the Wind Waterway Frameworks. It was likewise essential intended to be utilized as a part of the installed framework and was seemed first in the year 1987. This product is composed in the Ada, the C, the C++ and additionally Java. Mulch-tasking the piece, the quick intrude on reaction, the Ipv6, the SMP and the AMP help, the Lapse taking care of schema and the round robin booking are a percentage of the real peculiarities in the Vex works that makes it sort of costlier.

Top 10 Most Expensive Software In The World

4. Source Engine

Price: $200,000

One of most popular game named Counter Strike. This game was just developed in the Software Source Engine. It is 3D video game engine which is developed by the Valve Corporation. The software is also completely written in the C++ which is one of the most powerful and fastest computer languages.

Top 10 Most Expensive Software In The World

3. Render ware SDK

Price: $240,000

Render ware SDK is known as graph rendering engine and the 3d application used to develop the video games and the VRML browsers. The software was just developed by the Criterion Software. It is known as a cross platform that runs on the Apple’s Mac OS, the Microsoft Windows, the Xbox, the Xbox 360, the Wiki, the Play station 2 and afterwards Nintendo GameCube.

Top 10 Most Expensive Software In The World

2. CryEngine 2

Price: $490,000

Cry Engine 2 is known asthe first person shooter game engine developed by the Crytek. As name implies it is 2nd volume of the Cry Engine which first appeared in the year 2003 by the Mind Ark on the Microsoft windows.

Top 10 Most Expensive Software In The World

1. Unreal Engine

Price: $700,000

Unreal Engine is also awarded as Most Expensive software till now. This software is known as a game engine developed by the Epic Games. 3 versions are also available in market named as the Unreal Engine 1, 2, 3. It is known as cross platform software written in the C++, the c#, the unreal script, the CUDA, the HLSL and the GLSL.

Top 10 Most Expensive Software In The World