Top 10 Most Expensive Things in the World


Money is very important for mankind but it is not everything. In this article i will talk about top 10 most expensive things in the world. Now the common man has not any time for leisure but he is just working like a machine to get more money and to have a high status and luxurious life. If someone has more money he not even thinks about the poor people of Congo or Moldova. But he prefers to buy a luxurious and most expensive car, a branded and stylish cell phone or even sometimes a feather of a bird. In this world there are many expensive things like jewelry, mobiles, TV, cars etc. Below is a list of top 10 most expensive things in the world.

10: Picture Rhein II

world's Most Expensive Things

World’s most expensive picture is “Rhein II”. The Picture was by a German Artist “Andreas Gursky” who is popular for his landscapes. The picture was printed on an acrylic glass. Picture’s dimension is 190m by 360 m. It was made in 1999 and in 2011 it became most expensive photograph when it print was auctioned and its price was 4.3$. In this picture there the Rhine River is flowing horizontally and there are green fields and beautiful blue grey sky which attracts the people.

9. Sculpture: L’Homme qui Marche (Walking Man)

world's Most Expensive Things

Art and crafts are always appreciated. There are many splendid paintings and sculptures which are wonderful like Mona Lisa painting, The Thinker a statue, The last super painting and L,Homme Qui Marche a walking man’s statue. Alberto Giacometti designed this statue in 1960 and it was presented in an exhibition in 1961. In 2010 its second edition became most expensive artwork ever sold. The sculpture represents a tall and thin man walking. His are hanged at his side. Theme of the painting presents a ordinary and humble man. Its price was 104.3$.

8: Ring: Chopard Blue Diamond

world's Most Expensive Things

Status conscious and rich women love to wear diamond jewelry. Especially diamonds ring are a necessary element of special events either engagement or wedding. There are many types of diamonds used in the rings. Some of these are very fine having good cut. Blue diamond is one of these finest diamonds. The famous brand Chopard is popular for its accessories, watches and jewelry. Chopard has presented a Blue Diamond ring which is most expensive ring of the world and its price can put a dent even in a milliner’s wallet. As to buy this beautiful one has to pay 16.26 million dollors. The ring contains a oval blue diamond with a band paved which is made of 18k white gold studded with smallest diamonds.

Top 7 Most Expensive Things in the World

7. Yacht: History Supreme

world's Most Expensive Things

World’s most expensive Yacht is “History Supreme”. It is surprising and wonderful. More than 100,000 Kilogram gold, diamonds and Platinum are used in its making. It is decorated with T-Rex bones and its worth is 30m. . It is owned by Robert Kuok a successful Malaysian Businessman. Yacht’s price is almost 5 billion and it is biggest and most expensive Yacht ever. It has comfortable and luxurious sitting area along with luxurious rooms. The project was designed by Stuart Hughes a well known jeweler and completed in three years.

6. Feather: Extinct Huia Bird

world's Most Expensive Things

When you find a bird’s feather may you feel it is useless and you may throw it in a bin. But Extinct Huia bird’s feather is most expensive bird’s feather in the world. And it was sold for 1000 $. This feather is of a bird “ Huia” and its color is white and brown. The feather was acute in New Zealand. These feathers were used traditionally to adorn the Maori Chief”. This “Huia Feather” was bought by a family living in Wellington. Actually this bird has been extinct since 1907.

Top 5 Most Expensive Things in the World

5. Jeans: Spin Jean by Damien Hirst

world's Most Expensive Things

“Damien Hirst” designed only some pieces of this different and colorful jean. The jean is very artistic and stylish. It is brash and bold. It is re-appropriated piece of fashion and art. But to put on this jean one have to pay 27,000 which is a very big deal and rare affordable. Jean has a splatter pattern of multi colors.

4. Cellphone: iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose by Stuart Hughes

world's Most Expensive Things

Most expensive cell phone in the world is introduced by “Stuart Hughes” who is popular for introducing luxury devices like video game consoles and phones. These items are having Supreme treatments and they are covered by diamonds and gold. IPhone 3GS has a case made of 271 gm 22k gold. Its screen is trimmed with more than fifty 1 carat diamonds. Its home button is also covered with a 7.1 carat diamond. Price of this supreme mobile is 2.97$.

Top 3 Most Expensive Things in the World

3. Domain Name:

world's Most Expensive Things is a public traded successful company. The company shares trade on NASDAQ stock exchange sold its domain and corporate name for 1, 6,000,000 $. It is the most expensive domain name ever sold. In 2001 the company’s domain name was sold to Quin Street. It is an online marketing company that helps the businesses to target their expected customers. The company uses its media reach and proprietary technologies to get sales leads. Quin Street Company’s name was also listed in “Guinness Book of World record” for buying this domain name.

2. Drawing: Raphael’s Head of a Muse

world's Most Expensive Things

Art lovers who are also strong financially often pay more for art pieces. The most expensive drawing ever sold in the world is “House of Muse”. The drawing was one of the master pieces of “Raphael”. In this drawing he has drawn a Muse’s head when he was studying for a figure in vocations. In 2009 it was sold for 47.9 $ in London.

1. Parking Spot: Manhattan

world's Most Expensive Things

Manhattan’s gilded real estate is located in New York City and is a new luxurious development. Its every square foot is most expensive and more luxury. As to have a parking space here one has to pay up to 1 million $. The building has eight stories.