Top 10 Most Expensive Things Sales On eBay


Most expensive things sales on EBay is a website that changed the way we buy and sell stuff thus turning into a popular platform for buying and selling on the internet. It was created in the year 1995. EBay has helped to revolutionize the shopping experience all together. As the time passed this website earned the customers confidence making it popular among the common people and the VIPs. The stuff being sold on the website ranges from the expensive to the cheap stuff. People sell stuff that they do not require any more through this website. Top 10 Most Expensive Things Sales On eBay are:

10. Samuel Allsopp Arctic Ale

Worth $503.300

This is known as a bottle of rare beer that was on most expensive things sales on eBay twice during the 2007. This bottle has a history behind it this historic bottle of the wine was brewed in year 1852 for Sir Edward Belcher as he went for the Arctic Expedition. The first seller made a spelling mistake and sold the bottle only for around $304. The buyer later sold the same bottle for half million dollars as he has the exact idea regarding what he had bought and what was the true value of the bottle.

Top 10 Most Expensive Things Sales On eBay

9. Shoeless Joe Baseball Bat

Worth $577.610

This bat was used by Shoeless Joe Jackson in the years 1908 to 1929. This bat was also known as Black Betsy. In year 1919 Shoeless Joe Jackson was also involved in game fixing scandal. His bat was sold by his nephew on the most expensive things sales on eBay for around half million dollars making it the most expensive bat on ebay.

Top 10 Most Expensive Things Sales On eBay

8. Ferrari Enzo

Worth $650.000

Ferrari Enzo named after the founder named Enzo Ferrari is known as a mid-engine 12 cylinder cars. It owns a new generation V12 engine. Its architecture is similar to that of Maserati’s Proportionate which is also known as its sister company. 399 Ferrari Enzo are present in the world today. When this car was put up for auction a crazy auction was seen on eBay. Minimum price put up to but the car was around$1 million. It was bought by a buyer from Switzerland. This was an ideal price for the car collectors. So the car was up for a steal.

Top 10 Most Expensive Things Sales On eBay

7. A baseball card

Worth $1.1 million

T206 Honus Wagner known as most expensive card in the world is known as a collector’s card and it was sold on eBay for around$1.1 million. In the year 1909 only 57 of such cards were produced and then they were sold in the American Tobacco Company cigarettes. This card is considered a rare card that is more of a legend than a card.

Top 10 Most Expensive Things Sales On eBay

6. Bridge ville California

Worth $1.77 million

A whole town was sold on the most expensive things sales on eBay. Yes you have read it right. This town is located in Humboldt CountyCalifornia that is around 420 km north of San Francisco. This town has a population of 25 only. It was sold for around $1.77 million. The buyer got ownership of around 8 houses, post office and also café. This town is situated in around 83-acres. It was again sold on eBay for around $1.25 million this time bought by a college student.

Top 10 Most Expensive Things Sales On eBay

5. Atlas F Missile Base

Worth $2.1 million

After the incident of 911 Bruce Francisco and Gregory Gibbons bought nuclear bunker belonging to the United States Air Force. They thought it would be great idea to convert it into a safe underground house that was safe from terrorism but that just did not happen. This house had all the luxuries like Jacuzzi, private air strip and had 3 foot think walls. It was sold $2.1 million on eBay.

Top 10 Most Expensive Things Sales On eBay

4. Albert Texas

Worth $2.5 million

It is one more town that was sold on eBay for around $2.5 million. This town was bought by an investor named Bobby Cave. He bought the town for around $216.000 and invested half million dollars in this town. It was sold on eBay for around$2.5 million. This town now looks better with 25 residents.

Top 10 Most Expensive Things Sales On eBay

3. Lunch with Warren Buffett

Worth $2.63 million

Warren Edward Buffett is known as a successful business man and investor. In year 2010 he held an auction for himself and earned $2.63 million from some anonymous person who just had lunch with him. He gave all the money to charity named Gilde Foundation.

Top 10 Most Expensive Things Sales On eBay

2. Gulfstream II

Worth $4.9 million

A private jet was sold in year 2001 for around $4.9 million. This jet has capacity of 12 seats. It was sold by Tyler Jet. An African charter company was the buyer of this plane. Now this plane is on sale for around $1 million.

Top 10 Most Expensive Things Sales On eBay

1. Giga Yacht

Worth $140 million

Giga Yacht was sold for around $140 million on the eBay. This Yacht has 10 suites around 8 cabins for guest, salon,cinema,gym. It also has a helicopter garage. The owner of this Yacht is unknown.

Top 10 Most Expensive Things Sales On eBay