Top 10 Most Expensive Vacation Spots of the Richest


What would you call a flawless well-appointed vacation? A getaway on a isolated island, the green of gently systematic hills, or possibly the exclusive secluded seashores with their warm blue waters? All and sundry has their wishes. Even the rich and celebrated need to take a pause from their charming lives. When the time derives, they seek out vacation acnes, and do it with style and allure

  1. Deerfield Estate

Top 10 Most Expensive Vacation Spots of the Richest

Situated in Heber City, Utah, the Estate is just a couple of minutes distant from Park City.

Visitors acquire to ski to and from the Deer Crest and Deer Valley. The Estate encompasses 7 master suites, 11 bathrooms, ski prep room, fitness room, billiards, 8 fireplaces, wine cellar, 14-seat theatre, private gondola, and 24-hour staffed gate entrance. And all this costs amongst $12,000 and $17,000, liable on the package a person gets.

  1. Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Palms Casino

Top 10 Most Expensive Vacation Spots of the Richest

Vegas! Everyone’s overheard about Palms Casino’s Hugh Hefner Sky Villa in Las Vegas, Nevada. The villa derives with a fully fortified gym, sauna, media room, dining room and spa. There are plasma screen TVs, outdoor terrace, poker tables, and a 24/7 butler facility. Let’s not forget the $700,000 jacuzzi and spinning bed. It’s patronized by Kanye West, T-Pain and Soulja Boy, and goes at a amount of $34,000 per night.

  1. Villa Bellissima VI

Top 10 Most Expensive Vacation Spots of the Richest

Set up in Siena, Italy, this is an 800-year old undeveloped village. It’s the through pass of the important medieval pilgrimage Canterbury-Rome road. The villa has 22 suites plus an outside terrace, screening rooms, study, conference facilities and, of course, a bar.

  1. Isla de sa Ferradura (Spain)

Top 10 Most Expensive Vacation Spots of the Richest

There’s entrée to a subtropical lagoon with a cascade. It has a top-secret cave that has been rehabilitated into a spa. You get your very individual hacienda, kitchen, pool, bar, and wine bodega. This is the Isla de sa Ferradura, a 14-acre remote island that’s in the Mediterranean, off the coast of Ibiza. It drives for $230,000 per week.

  1. Casa El Destino

Top 10 Most Expensive Vacation Spots of the Richest

Opening us off is the Casa El Destino, localizes in Punta Mita, Mexico. Its charges go between $10,000 and $15,000 per night, which interprets to $70,000 and $105,000 per week. What does one get for these amounts? Spanish for “The Destination”, Casa El Destino is a comfortable villa that comes with wonderful views of the oceanic, the Bay, the Marieta Islands, and Puerto Vallarta. Admission to 2 Jack Nicklaus golf courses, an ocean-front immensity pool, spa and two coast clubs.

  1. Musha Cay

Top 10 Most Expensive Vacation Spots of the Richest

Bet you were speculating when Bahamas would pop up in the lean of the top ten most expensive vacation spots of the richest. It’s here, and has derive with a crash. Want to go probing for the ‘Fountain of Youth’? It’s there, secreted amongst the out-islands of the Exumas. Fine, that’s at least bestowing to the Musha Cay owner, David Copperfield. Musha Cay transports organized 700 and 40 sand beaches to give you 11 private islets. They custom some of the most sheltered places on the planet. There’s a remote airstrip, a 10,000 sq. foot main house, and 4 guest houses. The rate goes at $37,500 per day (with a four-night least).

  1. Nygard Cay

Top 10 Most Expensive Vacation Spots of the Richest

Yes, it’s too in the Bahamas. The Robin Crusoe-inspired park is rife with pools, waterslides, hot tubs and tennis courts. It even has an 85 ship at guests’ clearance. Even Oprah agrees, “After seeing Nygard Cay, I do not exist great enough!” Everyone has strained it out-from Prince Andrew Duke of York, Michael Jackson, Sarah Ferguson, the Kennedy’s, Sean Connery, President George Bush, Lee Iacocca to Robert DeNiro. It goes at a rate of $42,000 per day.

  1. Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonissi

Top 10 Most Expensive Vacation Spots of the Richest

Enter the capital of the antique Greek society, and a current day wonder. And while on a tour of Greece, why not squelch cash at the Royal Villa? As its name proposes, it’s built for royals. It has access to everything-business middle, steam rooms, butlers, private beach, heated pools, marina, chefs, and even a personal musician. Each inspiring indoor animated pool with the fully fortified gym and a steam bath makes for a private area for working out with a private trainer. Need to move around? They’ve got car, cruiser and jet rentals, limousine carriage to ferry you to anywhere your heart desires. Most of the cafeterias on its evidence hold Five Star Diamond Awards. And every night will cost you $50,000.

  1. Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson

Top 10 Most Expensive Vacation Spots of the Richest

Of course the most expensive vacation plug had to be in Switzerland. It’s none new than the Royal Penthouse Suite in Hotel President Wilson. Situated in Geneva, Switzerland, the Top floor, four-bedroom suite supervises Lake Geneva and the Alps. It originates with 2 restaurants on evidence, an open air saltwater pool, plus meeting rooms and personal assistance. It comes with all expected excellent leisure amenities and spa. And with it excellent opinions of the lake, Mont Blanc, the hotel’s outside pool or Geneva city, the quarters give an overall impress of luxury and modification. From the L’Arabesque, all the way to relishing the subtle flavours of Lebanese cuisine, one gets to practice the magic of the Orient in an typical and fashionable setting. How much does one fork out for all this? Hold on to your hats- a enormous $52,000 per night!

  1. Necker Island (British Virgin Islands)

Top 10 Most Expensive Vacation Spots of the Richest

An island. There continually has to be an isle on the top 10 holiday spot lists. And this is an island like no other. Situated in the Caribbean, you can memory it as where Larry Page, Google’s cofounder, had his marriage. Built by Sir Richard Branson, it’s totally enclosed by coral reef, and is host to 200 flamingos. 60 staff occupies the island. How copious does it cost? Remaining on the island costs a flat rate of $51,000 per day, $357,000 per week, or an astonishing $1,428,000 per month.

Now that’s vacationing in style.