Top 10 Most Expensive Women’s Perfumes


Purchasing diverse matters which are expensive to the degree that they may be high-priced for some people is supposed to be the right thing. These expensive stuffs are believed to be of high eminence and are occasional which kinds them sold at high prices. Whether you approve with that or not, you have to acknowledge that those expensive stuffs, whatsoever they are, are improved than others which may look the matching but are lesser in their superiority. Perfumes are amongst the furthermost expensive items that are retailed at high amounts. Particular of the expensive fragrances are high in their prices since they are shaped from a mixture of rare fixings, while there are other colognes which are expensive since of their rare fixings in addition to the valuable materials from which the flasks are made. If you want to determine more about these expensive perfumes which are particularly created for women, take a look at the subsequent top 10 most expensive women’s perfumes in the world.

  1. Joy Parfum by Jean Patou – $800

Top 10 Most Expensive Perfumes of 2015

It is classified as the 10th greatest expensive perfume on our list. This single cologne was shaped by Henri Almeras and was free in 1930. It is collected of rare flowers counting 336 roses and 10,600 flowers of jasmine. Between the records that can be found in the cologne are aldehydes, jasmine notes, , musk, musky civet tones, sandalwood, orchid and more records that give this perfume a incredible smell and make it worn by many superstars.

  1. Shalini – $900

Top 10 Most Expensive Perfumes of 2015

The cologne was fashioned by Maurice Roucel and is mostly a floral scent as it is calm of tiare flowers, tuberose, neroli, in adding to musk and sandalwood.

  1. Annick Goutal’s Eau d’Hadrien – $1,500

Top 10 Most Expensive Perfumes of 2015

It is a citrus and aromatic perfume which is fit for both men and women. It was fashioned by Annic Goutal and Francis Camail and was thrown in 1981. The perfume is a amalgamation of Sicilian lemon, grapefruit, lemon, citron, ylang-ylang ,cypress, aldehydes, and mandarin orange.

  1. 24 Faubourg by Hermes – $1,500

Top 10 Most Expensive Perfumes of 2015

It was fashioned in 1995 by Maurice Roucel and it sorts orange blossom, gardenia, orange, amber, sandalwood, iris, ylang-ylang, jasmine, peach, bergamot, vanilla and more follow-ups that give the perfume a wonderful scent and make it last for a long time.

  1. Chanel No. 5 – $1,850

Top 10 Most Expensive Perfumes of 2015

Chanel No. 5 is one of the most well-known colognes in the world and is required after by many women since of being worn by many superstars such as Nicole Kidman and Marilyn Monroe who is the present face of the perfume. The fragrance is self-possessed of aldehydes, rose, civet, iris, ylang-ylang, musk, jasmine, sandalwood, amber, vanilla and lemon.

  1. Caron’s Poivre – $2,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Perfumes of 2015

It is one of the finest spicy perfumes and it is a mixture of red pepper, tuberose, clove, carnation, pepper, spices, floral notes, jasmine, sandalwood and rose. Using pepper as one of the chief ingredients makes the cologne appropriate for being worn by both females and men. This superb fragrance was shaped by Michel Morsetti and was hurled in 1954.

  1. Clive Christian No 1 – $2,150

Top 10 Most Expensive Perfumes of 2015

The foremost reason that upsurges the price of this cologne is that it is shaped of valuable and rare ingredients. It is collected of ylang-ylang, apricot, iris, carnation, pineapple, jasmine, tonka bean, benzoin, paprika, sandalwood, vanilla, orchid, rose and more rare notes. The carafe is also another motive for cumulative the worth as it is made of Baccarat crystal, 18-carat gold-plated for the neck and is ornamented with a 5-carat white brilliant-cut diamond to offer you with one of the most comfortable fragrances.

  1. Baccarat Les Larmes Sacrees de Thebes – $6,800

Top 10 Most Expensive Perfumes of 2015

Baccarat is well-known for business attar bottles from first-class crystal which is widely acknowledged as the greatest in the world. The bottle is calculated in a exclusive way as it takes the shape of a pyramid which is stimulated by the Egyptian pyramids. The fragrance skins a grouping of frankincense and myrrh to deliver you with a Middle Eastern scent.

  1. Clive Christian’s No 1 Imperial Majesty – $435,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Perfumes of 2015

It is the 2nd most luxurious fragrance on our list. It was fashioned by Clive Christian which is acknowledged for presenting the most comfortable fragrances in the world. The fragrance and bottle are made from expensive and rare constituents. For the perfume, you can find a amalgamation sandalwood, mandarin orange, cardamom, Indian jasmine, white peach, benzoin, bergamot, lemon in addition to other infrequent notes. The bottle is ended from Baccarat crystal and is ornamented around the neck with a minor gold piece that is covered with a 5-carat white diamond.

  1. DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Perfume – $1 Million

Top 10 Most Expensive Perfumes of 2015

Here is the most luxurious cologne in the world that you can always find. It costs $1,000,000 yes, you recite it right. This perfume has the aptitude to captivate any woman with its flask and the cologne itself inside the bottle. The bottle is a sole piece of art that can be careful as a ornamental piece. It is made of 14-carat beige and white gold and is covered with 2,909 valuable stones which are poised from different countries about the world.

These are some of the most expensive women perfumes in the world. Hopefully you like them.