Top 10 Most Expensive Wood In The World


10. African Black wood

Most expensive wood includes African Black wood. African Black wood is known as a flowering plant in family Barefaced, native to the seasonally dry regions of the Africa from the Senegal east to the Eritrea and also the south to Transvaal in the South Africa. The tree is known as an important timber species in the native area.

Top 10 Most Expensive Wood In The World

9. Sandalwood

Most expensive wood includes Sandalwood. Sandalwood is known as the name of class of the fragrant woods from the trees in genus Santalum. Belonging to the medium-sized parasympathetic trees, this woods is somewhat heavy, the yellow, and the fine-grained and also unlike many of the other aromatic woods they retain the fragrance for many decades. As well as also using harvested and the cut wood in-sit, the essential oils are extracted from woods for use.

Top 10 Most Expensive Wood In The World

8. Agar wood

Most expensive wood includes Agar wood. Agar wood or the ooh is known as dark resinous heartwood that also forms in the Aquilaria and the Synopsis trees when they just become infected with type of the parasitic covetousness mold. Prior to the infection, heartwood is also relatively light and somewhat pale colored; however, as infection progresses, these trees produces dark aromatic resin in the response to attack, which results in dense, somewhat dark and also resin embedded heartwood.

Top 10 Most Expensive Wood In The World

7. Ebony

Most expensive wood includes Ebony. Ebony is known as a dense black wood which is most commonly yielded by the several species in genus named Diospyros. Ebony is also dense enough to sink in the water. It is fine textured and somewhat smooth finished when polished to make it valuable as ornamental wood. Many of the plectrums, or the guitar picks, are made from the black wood, including the black piano and the harpsichord keys, the violin, the viola, guitar, the double bass, and the cello fingerboards, the tailpieces, the pegs, the chinrests, and the bow frogs.

Top 10 Most Expensive Wood In The World

6. Pink Ivory

Pink Ivory is also called the Red Ivory, the um Nini or the logotype, is known as a very rare African wood which is used to make the luxury products for example billiard cues and knives. This Pink Ivory tree grows the predominantly in the Zimbabwe, the Mozambique and the South Africa. This wood is also extremely hard, with density of around 990 g/dm³. Pink Ivory is royal tree of Zulus because only royal family was just allowed to possess wood.

Top 10 Most Expensive Wood In The World

5. Lignum Vitae

Hollywood Lignum-vitae and also Roughbark Lignum-vitae are known as two small and also slow growing trees which yield somewhat valuable Lignum vitae wood. These very trees have been just over-exploited for the valuable wood and the medicinal products. Due to density, the cricket bails, particularly the heavy bails used in the windy conditions are also sometimes made of the lignum vitae.

Top 10 Most Expensive Wood In The World

4. Purple Heart

Peltogyne is known as the Purple Heart and are native to the tropical regions of the Central and the South America, where they just occur in the tropical rain-forests. These trees are prized for the beautiful heartwood which is when cut, quickly turns from dark brown to the rich purple color.

Top 10 Most Expensive Wood In The World

3. Dalbergia

Albertina is known as a large genus of the small to medium-sized trees, the shrubs and the lanais in pea family, the Barefaced, subfamily named Fabricate. This genus has wide distribution which is native to tropical regions of the Central and the South America, the Africa, the Madagascar and the southern Asia.

Top 10 Most Expensive Wood In The World

2. Bubinga

Bubinga is species of flowering plant in the genus Guibourtia. They occur in the swampy or the periodically somewhat inundated forests, as well as also near the rivers or lake shores. Another luxury timber fetching the species from the genus is Bangkok.

Top 10 Most Expensive Wood In The World

1. Bocote

Bocote belongs to the Cordia, which is a genus of the flowering plants in borage family namedropping. It contains around 300 species of the shrubs and the trees, which are also found worldwide mostly in the warmer regions.

Top 10 Most Expensive Wood In The World

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  1. purple sandalwood (Zitan) is the rarest and most valuable exotic hardwood..up to $1,000 a board ft. Agarwood is very valuable also but is only used foir extracting the oils…never for furniture or crafted objects.

  2. Usually priced anywhere in the range of $75/bf-$100/bf (Board foot), this is one of the most expensive woods in the world today primarily because of its denseness, heavy weight and hard