Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity Perfumes 2015-2016


The latest fashion trends of dictate that it’s not simply about what you wear, in fact, the term refers to your whole personality, the mood and everything about you that is unique from others. This also includes your cents and fragrances when you mix up with people. Girls and young women are called the symbols of beauty. The question is how to measure the beauty of a woman? Beauty does not include only the physical attractiveness of the face and the figure. It includes everything from what you are wearing, what accessories you are using, you handbags, eye wear, foot wear and perfumes. Fragrances and perfumes are getting more and more popular in the current fashion scene. Top rated and designer perfumes are used by celebrities in order to enhance their appeal. As men and women take more interest in their clothes and shoes, they are getting more and more conscious about the scents they exude. They have realized that beauty and attraction are not confined to the looks of a person. Rather, it’s the whole persona that does the trick. Lets us refresh our memories regarding the perfumes available in the market. There are several brands that are represented by top celebrities. These fragrances are available all over the world, and boast a loyal fan following. Let us see which of these most popular celebrity perfumes have been able to make their mark, and will continue to entice the common person in.

10. David Beckham – Signature story for women

It was launched by David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham in 2009. The fragrance is basically oriented towards vintage most popular celebrity perfumes. The theme is classical love stories produced by Hollywood. The Perfume seeks to catch the essence of the mood in its bottle. The signature story features peach and orange that have been blended with rose petals. The fruit accord is only the opening of the bottle. The center of the bottle contains orange blossom and peony. The base has moss, musk and patchouli. The star power and global appeal of David Beckham is uncontested. His wife, Victoria Beckham, is making a name for herself in the fashion industry with her own range of clothing. David and Victoria Beckham have created their own scents in order to launch their line of fragrance. The lien offers 18 perfumes.

Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity Perfumes 2014-15

9. Jennifer Lopez – Glow

Glow is a most popular celebrity perfumes that has been endorsed by the performer, Jennifer Lopez. It is released through Coty Incorporated. The idea was conceived in 1998 when Lopez was creating a lifestyle regime that also contained a perfume. Initially people thought that the fragrance would not be able to attract enough fan following, however, it did really well and became one of America’s biggest selling most popular celebrity perfumes. As of today, Glow is one of the most sought after perfumes by women.

Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity Perfumes 2014-15

8. Justin Bieber – Girlfriend

Justin Bieber’s most popular celebrity perfumes is dedicated to his female fans. It is named girlfriend and has been available in the market since 2012. Girlfriend is a flirty, inviting and very very personal. The fragrance offers a great blend of blackberry, strawberry, pear and mandarin. The heart of the perfume is marked ‘Dream’ and contains jasmine, orange, apricot and pink Freesia. The base – a kiss – includes the sensuality of vanilla, luminous musk as well as white amber. The advertisement campaign of the fragrance contains video clips of Jutins’ fans. Justin Bieber’s most popular celebrity perfumes are doing extremely well with the female consumer. It is available in 30, 50 and 100 ml bottles.

Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity Perfumes 2014-15

7. Beyonce Knowles – Heat

Heat is a famous fragrance that is endorsed by American performer Beyonce Knowles. It was released in 2010 with the tagline: catch the fever. The commercial of Heat became a topic of debate due to its sexual theme. It was only allowed to be aired during nighttime in the UK. Despite all this, Heat has shown a steady sale since the day of its release. It is currently one of the most widely sold fragrances in America. It has been praised as well as criticized by fragrances pundits. It has also been nominated for several fragrance awards. There were four additional releases following Heat that were designed to capture the more personal side of Beyonce. Heat is more of a daytime most popular celebrity perfumes. The Midnight Heat is a night fragrance.

Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity Perfumes 2014-15

6. Rihanna – Rebelle

Rebelle is a fragrance by Barbadian artist Rihanna. The perfume was made available in 2012 with the famous perfume line Parlux Fragrances. The perfume could be purchased on It was also available at Macy’s in a special pack. The deal, however, lasted only for a limited time. The pack also includes an album of the artist.

Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity Perfumes 2014-15

5. Taylor Swift – Wonderstruck

Wonderstruck is a perfume for women, which is endorsed by young most popular celebrity perfumes Taylor Swift. The name of the perfume is taken from the song Enchanted, and reflects on the impression that one person makes on another: I am wonder-struck, blushing all the way home. The fragrance is sold with the tagline: The beginning of something magical. The perfume was released in 2011 and helped revitalize the perfume business with the help of Justin Bieber’s fragrance. Both served to put a new life into celebrity fragrance business. Taylor Swift also released another fragrance in Wonderstruck Enchanted.

Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity Perfumes 2014-15

4. Mariah Carey – Forever

Forever is a female fragrance endorsed by American performer Mariah Carey. The title of the perfume came from a song in the album daydream. The design of the bottle contained Carey’s signature art Deco. The perfume was inspired by Mariah Carey’s mood of optimism and joy. The perfume contains tuberose, gardenia, neroli, green apple, white musk and lotus.

Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity Perfumes 2014-15

3. P Diddy – Unforgivable for women

It is the feminine counterpart to P Diddy’s famous fragrance Unforgivable for men. The fragrance was created by famous perfumer Davis Appeal. It is a sensual fragrance that contains Neroli, orange, cassis, cucumber, jasmine and several other ingredients. The advertisement for the perfume is very explicit and runs on sexual themes. It depicts women as passionate, strong and sensual.

Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity Perfumes 2014-15

2. Paris Hilton – Paris Hilton Paris

Hilton is a fragrance form Parlux Fragrances. It is the first perfume endorsed by celebrity Paris Hilton. The perfume contains a blend of peach nectar, frozen apple, mimosa, jasmine, oakmoss, and several other exquisite items. The top notes of the fragrance green mango and fig leaf while the base notes are amber and cucumber.

Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity Perfumes 2014-15

1. Britney Spears – Curious

Curious is a women’s fragrance by American performer Britney Spears. It was the first perfume endorsed by Spears. It was released in 2004 and became and instant success. It is a white floral perfume containing magnolia, paer, lotus, jasmine, vanilla, musk and sandalwood. The perfume was also highlighted in the music video for the song ‘Circus’.

Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity Perfumes 2014-15