Top 10 Most Popular Xmas Gifts 2015-2016


Top 10 most popular Xmas gifts, christmas is a time for celebration and decoration all over the world, the tradition of Christmas is best described as an ancient religious ritual that is marked by a time of festivities and enjoyment. The holiday season brings with it the economic and financial activity that is not seen all year round. People spend tons of money on buying most popular Xmas gifts and presents for their loved ones on this special occasion. Every year each individual spends lots of time, effort and money to get their family members and friends something that would make them feel happy and special. So today here is a list of top 10 most popular Xmas gifts of this year:

10. Click And Grow

For those people who like have the taste of fresh herbs and their aroma in their cuisines, click and grow is a very good and most popular Xmas gifts to present. It is a great device that helps you manage a small kitchen garden without any hassle or discomfort.

Top 10 Most Popular Xmas Gifts 2014-15

9. Play Station 4

For all those gamers and video game lovers out there, the PlayStation 4 has been launched over the holiday season. It is one of the most awaited products of the season and will definitely make a great gift for anyone in the family or among the friends.

Top 10 Most Popular Xmas Gifts 2014-15

8. FuhuNabi Jr.

For kids most popular Xmas gifts is a time to get whatever they want at the cost of their parents. As soon as holiday season comes they are ready with their list of requirements. Parents also look for gifts which are not just toys but also provide some education and learning to their kids. The Nabi Jr. is one such amazing device that is tablet that helps kids learn and have fun at the same time. The device provides the kids with a variety of different options of things to do on the tablet. Because it is educational kids can play with it for hours without any problems.

Top 10 Most Popular Xmas Gifts 2014-15

7. TiVo Roamio

Television is the favorite home appliance of nearly everyone. Tivo is the best device that does not let you miss a program. This product is an improvement on many of the DVRs available in the market. It is not just a tv recording device, it has the capacity to store up to 6 programs and allows easy access to streaming of apps. You can also use it to connect to the internet through wi fi connectivity. It is a great gift for both family and friends.

Top 10 Most Popular Xmas Gifts 2014-15

6. Hiku

Hiku is a small device that acts as a great shopping list creator for its user. The gadget is easy to use and very user friendly. By pressing just one button the device scans the bar code of the product you are looking to buy and sends this information to the online database of the Hiku application that can be accessed on a smart phone. it is therefore automatically added to the shopping list present of the smart phone Hiku application. The device also has a voice recognition feature for even more simple processing. You just have to say the name of the product that you want to buy and the name of the product will be added to your shopping list.

Top 10 Most Popular Xmas Gifts 2014-15

5. ElliptiGO

It is more than just a small bike. It is an elliptical instrument that helps workout your legs and body. It is a great product that comes under the category of standup bikes that are unique, attractive and stylish. The elliptoGo is a product that fuses the techniques and functions of an elliptical machine and still appears to be attractive for running lovers and cyclists. This device takes your cardio workout in the outside environment and helps relax your body with little impact on muscles. The rider keeps pushing on the pedals but at the same time the ElliptiGO runs like a runner and requires the rider to maintain the balance.

Top 10 Most Popular Xmas Gifts 2014-15

4. Nest Protect

These days’ home safety and security has become a necessity of everyone. Nest Protect is a very innovative product in this category. It is a high tech smoke and carbon monoxide detector and keeps you alert about fire and gas breakouts. For anyone who is cautious of the home safety issues and wellbeing for their family, this is a great gift idea.

Top 10 Most Popular Xmas Gifts 2014-15

3. BonzartAmpel: The Vintage Digital Camera

Like many other retro styled products available in the market, the bonzartampel is also one such flash in the past. The TLR Digital camera is a real treat that will take you back into to old times. It is a great Christmas gift for adults over 30 years of age.

Top 10 Most Popular Xmas Gifts 2014-15

2. Adventure Gear

Most popular Xmas gifts are for everyone. But what is essential to keep in mind is the interest of the person for whom you are buying the gift. He should feel happy and delighted about what he or she gets. It should not just become another addition to the back of the closet or the basement. For those you like the adventure in life there are a few options that you can choose from. The extreme sports are loved by many people for them you can always go and buy things like snowboarding equipment, motocross and skating accessories and surfing or river rafting stuff. Another popular option is to present them with an adventure event like bungee jumping, river rafting e.t.c.

Top 10 Most Popular Xmas Gifts 2014-15

1. The soda steam soda maker

This is a great and most popular Xmas gifts for anyone looking to save money, lose weight and at the same time conserve the environment. Drinking more soda can do this. An ideal electronic appliance for anytype of kitchen, the soda maker is a very popular Christmas gift idea. Instead of using unhealthy sugary preservative added soft drinks make your parties lively with the home soda maker. You make carbonated water that gives fizzy feel to the daily intake of water. It is a perfect gift for kids, teenagers, aunts, uncles, friends and even mom and dad.

Top 10 Most Popular Xmas Gifts 2014-15