Top 10 Most Rejected Sects Of Christianity


Top 10 most rejected sects of Christianity While there are various diverse sects of most rejected sects of Christianity today, from Roman Catholic to Seventh-day Adventist, there are much most rejected sects of Christianity that were put around standard most rejected sects of Christianity. A large portion of them might be named Gnostic, which is ordinarily described by the dismissal of the material world and grasp of the spirituality, regularly in immediate clash with the secured religions of the time.

Top 10 Most Rejected Sects Of Christianity

         10. The Cainites

The Cainites were the devotees of Adam and Eve’s son. The thought that the Old Testament’s God was a lesser deity, more like a jealous God who was responsible for punishing Cain. They also took Gnosticism a step ahead, saying that the world’s creation is out of an evil and negative design that is meant to keep man away from divine feeling. As the God from Old Testament was evil, a scene to overcome for true god, the Canaanites quote other bad people of Bible, like Sodom, Judas Iscariot and Gomorrah. They thought that Judas has knowledge of the God’s truth, which has been written in Gospel of Judas. It tells about the details of teachings to Judas by Jesus Christ. They go as far as claiming that the betrayal by Judas to Jesus was a good omen for Jesus. This very small sect got popularity in the second century of A.D, but it died after a short time altogether.

Top 10 Most Rejected Sects Of Christianity

  1. The Naassenes

We know most rejected sects of Christianity about this sect only through the writings of Hippopotamus, a Christian theologian. The people of this sec believe in a Gnostic sect who remained in the world in the period of second century A.D, It was declared to be heretical by early followers. The name, i.e. The Baseness was actually given to them. They didn’t actually call themselves this. As per Hippopotamus, they actually did celebrations of a serpent. The Hebrew word for snake is “nahash”. The sects that flourished during the same period had many similarities with this one like the Oenophiles who got their name from the Greek word of snake. Stealthiness to have got their knowledge from James the Just, who was the brother of Jesus Christ. In the process of spiritual understanding, a main role was played by the ancient mysteries of Romans, Greeks and Egyptians. The Baseness also believed on some non-canonical books apart from various spiritual weapons like the Gospel of Thomas. The Gospel of Thomas is a book that was not known to various scholars until it was found in 1945 at Nag Hammad. History does not has a clear picture of how widely spread and popular this sect was and when it vanished completely.

Top 10 Most Rejected Sects Of Christianity

  1. The Encrinites

The most rejected sects of Christianity Incriminates is a sect whose name is derived from Greek language, in which it means for continence. This sect is said to believe in withholding themselves from various pleasures like eating meat and marriages. They also forbid drinking alcohol in any form. This sect has replaced wine with water or milk for performing Eucharist. The sect believed that the act of having sex was sinful even within the bond of marriage. According to them, the serpent urged Eve to do what animals perform, i.e. to have an intercourse apart from eating fruit.

The Incriminates were established in second century A.D. like many other sects. It was made by Titian and most of the knowledge and learning came from Titian’s interpretation for what is written in New Testament. In the First Epistle of Paul to Timothy, there is a passage which is thought to have reference with the Incriminates, in which the condemnation from marriage and eating meat is stated. These are also the two main differences between other Christians and this sect. Theodosius the Great outlawed this sect in the Edict of 382, which lead to the vanishing of this sect.

Top 10 Most Rejected Sects Of Christianity

Top 7 Most Rejected Sects Of Christianity

  1. Donatism

This sect was most rejected sects of Christianity established in the beginning of fourth century A.D. It is a schism created by Majority of Carthage after Cecilia was elected as the bishop of Carthage. Many these and Carthaginians were with weapons for the election because Carthaginians was consecrated by a bishop who was a traitor. Traitors are basically those who were given scripture books during the time of persecution of Emperor Diocletian. According to the traditions, Majority and those who followed him couldn’t forgive traitors and so they left the Catholic Church after electing Majority as the Carthage’s bishop.

Another bishop named Donates replaced Majority. Donates was an influential and persuasive man who convinced Constantine for their recognition as a separate sect but Saint Augustine set up a huge campaign against the sect when he came to power. The movement was followed by strict Roan persecution and Donation died completely by fifth century’s end.

Top 10 Most Rejected Sects Of Christianity

  1. Docetism

The name of this sect comes from a Greek word that means “to seem”. Their main belief is that Jesus most rejected sects of Christianity in human form was nothing but an illusion. They think that he was never a normal man or a human. This schism rose to popularity after long debated over the concept of corrupt human body ad whether Jesus Christ was corrupt or not. This concept became an important factor for every next Gnostic sect that came to popularity.

Asceticism is one of the earliest sects and also among those which broke away from basic outline of Christianity. The sect was formed during the last years of first century A.D., but the sect died out slowly in the century to come. Asceticism was condemned in 325 A.D at the First Council of Nicea and also in the New Testament. In John 4:2*3, it is said “Every spirit that dissolved Jesus is not of God: and this is Antichrist.”

Top 10 Most Rejected Sects Of Christianity

Top 5 Most Rejected Sects Of Christianity

  1. Novatianism

This sect is somewhat similar to most rejected sects of Christianity Donation because they also were against the bringing back of those people who were lapsed or corrupted Christians to the church. This sect was brought about by Decius. He was a Roman emperor who issued an edict. In the edict, he commanded every other person in Roman Empire to give sacrifice in front of magistrate of Roman Empire to the Roman gods. St. Cornelius was elected as the pope after the persecution.

A Roman priest Innovation didn’t agree with the lax policies by Pope Cornelius in terms of the lapsed Christians and thus, he became anti-pope. Despite excommunication, he persisted from the Catholic Church and gathered a large number of followers who endured even after a decade time of his death. At last, his followers expanded their treaty against absolution. It also included mortal sins like adultery and second marriages. They was called as heretics like many other die sects and hence they died out as well.

Top 10 Most Rejected Sects Of Christianity

  1. Bogomilism

This sect was most rejected sects of Christianity in Bulgaria in 10th century. Botulism was named after the man Bogomil who created it. This dualist sect actually taught that God has two sons, Michael and Satanael. Satanael was the one who went against God and was sent to Earth. He created the human body and materialistic lust and bodily desires. Michael was the one who created human soul and was identified on Earth as Jesus Christ.

Bogomils gave up all material things and embraced poverty. He also went against the display of riches and power in churches. The also shunned church’s notion totally and preferred to offer his prayers in his home. He abstained from meat, wine and sex as he thought of them to be creation of Satanael. The also thought of baptism, the Eucharist, material relics like crosses and priesthood to be creation of Nathanael. This sect flourished till 15th century after which it died out altogether.

Top 10 Most Rejected Sects Of Christianity

Top 3 Most Rejected Sects Of Christianity

  1. Adoptionism

It existed in small number in second century A.D. This sect rose to popularity after six centuries when Helipads, a Spanish bishop, started to campaign in its favor as compensation to conventional kind of Christianity. Adoptions think that Jesus was born without any divine power. This belief is also the reason why adoptions are also called psilantropism, a reek word for “mere man”according to the belief of this sect, Jesus Christ go t the reward for this sinless human existence, apart from the Holy Spirit at his baptism which means that Jesus became “honorary” or “adopted” son of God.

This movement was declared soon as a heresy and this theory was made to lay dormant for centuries to come till Elipandus bought it back to popularity after joining hands with Felix, another bishop of the time. It is thought that under various pressures from the church, Felix recanted from his believes which actually lead to the demise of the sect.

Top 10 Most Rejected Sects Of Christianity

  1. Arianism

This sect is named after Arius, who was the brainchild in fourth century. This sect is almost similar to conventional Christianity apart from one difference and that is” Its proposers believe that Jesus was lesser than God in terms of being. Arius was condemned because this belief created a storm in the church. But Arius went on to say that all the churchmen were polytheists because they worshiped God and Jesus in a similar manner.

In the First Council of Nicea, Arianism was declared as a heretic sect. Still, Arianism was supported by various Roman emperors. Apart from many famous supporters, Arius was still exiled and excommunicated and was allowed to return only before some time of his death. The sect vanished altogether when the Emperor Theodosius the Great declared Catholicism as the official religion of Roman Empire.

Top 10 Most Rejected Sects Of Christianity

  1. Catharism

This sect became popular in 11th century in Western Europe. The most rejected sects of Christianity people believed somewhat similar to Bogomils that God in the Old Testament create the spiritual or divine word and Satan created the materialistic and lustful most rejected sects of Christianity world. Thus the Cathari people declined every bodily and material desire, declaring them all as sinful. They even declared their bodies to be a creation of sin, and the only way towards salvation was consolation, that is a pseudo-baptism which involved laying on of hands to reunite the soul with divine realm.

The most rejected sects of Christianity thought that human soul was genderless and more like an angel, which is condemned by devil to a sinful and endless cycle of rebirth. Once it is transformed to the perfect state by consolation, the Cathari were obliged to live a lifestyle which is free of pleasures and the intake of any reproduction items like milk, meat and eggs;they couldn’t even touch any person from opposite gender.

This most rejected sects of Christianity was surprisingly very popular in regards to equality between two genders because men and women were treated equally because soul is genderless. This may have a feminist approach for modern day women and also for those times because then, women were not allowed to actively participate in various aspects of Christianity and religious dealings. Catharsis became misogynistic gradually and died out altogether with time.

Top 10 Most Rejected Sects Of Christianity