Top 10 Most Surprising Celebrity Smokers


Top 10 most surprising celebrity smokers are always sought after and every small detail of their life is discusses among people, that is why these famous most surprising celebrity smokers figures always try to hide their bad things as much as they can. They try to give an outlook of perfect lives to people. This is a very important part of their career to maintain good image among their fans and followers. Still, the truth cannot be hidden from people for a longer period of time. There are different celebrities who were once appreciated for their tip top and healthy lifestyle. Truth be told, they have been caught smoking! Here are some top 10 surprising celebrity smokers:

10. Jennifer Aniston

Most surprising celebrity smokers  Jennifer Aniston, who is acclaimed for her thorough routine of exercise and a healthy mode of lifestyle, has confessed to being quite a while smoker. Notwithstanding, the delightful on-screen character stated that she has quit smoking and admitted to Shape Magazine that kicking this habit has given her the benefit of gaining few pounds.

Top 10 Most Surprising Celebrity Smokers

9. Adele

Most surprising celebrity smokers  Adele expressed that smoking is her most favorite and loved activity to do in the world and that it was depressed when she needed to stop smoking as she was diagnosed with the disease known as Laryngitis. The vocalist got the infection a week prior to when her collection came out, which headed her to go on a two-month rest from because of her dearest cigarettes! Adele guarantees that time in her life was boring to the point that she would rather have her voice be more terrible and have the capacity to have a smile and laugh.

Top 10 Most Surprising Celebrity Smokers

8. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theronhas now stopped her long time dependence on cigarettes. Once upon a time the performer was smoking up to 3 packs a day to ward off her stress. She had endeavored to stop different times before she actually gave up, however Theron supposedly was able to let go of this habit with the assistance of hypnotherapy and embracing a general healthier dietary plan and form of life.

Top 10 Most Surprising Celebrity Smokers

Top 7 Most Surprising Celebrity Smokers

7. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has been found smoking cigarettes in the city and on film sets. Most surprising celebrity smokers  quit this her smoking habit amid her pregnancy with her first girl Honor, yet she has subsequent to been snapped by the paparazzi numerous times smoking cigarettes after her pregnancy days.

Top 10 Most Surprising Celebrity Smokers

6. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson has been reported to have started smoking at the young age of fifteen years and had a lot of troubles to let go off this addiction. The star’s previous husband, Ryan Reynolds, is reported to be against her smoking and many people and close links tell us that one of the major reasons behind the end of their marriage was Johansson’s smoking habit.

Top 10 Most Surprising Celebrity Smokers

Top 5 Most Surprising Celebrity Smokers

5. Gwyneth Paltrow

In Hollywood today, the generally healthiest considered celebrity is Gwyneth Paltrow. She is continually advertising and campaigning in favor of eating organic food and regular exercise. In spite of her clean lifestyle, this superstar used to be a chain smoker however had stopped when she got pregnant. Nonetheless, she as of late told Harper’s Bazaar Magazine that she permits herself one cigarette in a week.

Top 10 Most Surprising Celebrity Smokers

4. Leonardo DiCaprio

In 2010, Leo expressed that he simply couldn’t give up smoking. When he tried his hand on Nicotine patches, he dished that they created him blood turning sour bad dreams of murder. Leonardo hasn’t totally surrendered however. This smoker has as of late been shot with an electric cigarette, which is a healthier option.

Top 10 Most Surprising Celebrity Smokers

Top 3 Most Surprising Celebrity Smokers

3. Ashton Kutcher

Most surprising celebrity smokers  Ashton Kutcher reported that he used to smoke around 40 cigarettes a prior day meeting his Demi Moore, now his previous wife. He guarantees that he has stopped, yet now and then the photographers and random people discover him smoking.

Top 10 Most Surprising Celebrity Smokers

2. kate Hudson

Hudson is an alternate performing artist who doesn’t fundamentally attempt to shroud her propensity, additionally tries to abstain from getting discovered smoking a cigarette when she is out openly. Regardless of saying that she has stopped for good in the wake of getting to be pregnant, the performer has been seen in 2013 attempting to sneak a cigarette on a couple of distinctive events.

Top 10 Most Surprising Celebrity Smokers

1. Kate Winslet

Despite the fact that this performing artist hasn’t fundamentally attempted to conceal the way that she smokes, photographs of her really smoking keep on stunning the overall population. The Oscar-winning performing artist has admitted to Elle magazine that the first thing she does in the morning, in the wake of brushing her teeth, is to move her first cigarette of the day. Yowser, Kate!

 Top 10 Most Surprising Celebrity Smokers