Top 10 Most Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities


A tattoo Hollywood celebrities is a kind of body modification that is carried out by inserting ink into the demid layer of the skin, the ink is indelible and serves to change the pigments. Tattoos have been in practice since ancient times. They used to serve several purposes like rites of passage, marks of rank and status, religious symbols, decorations for valor, punishment, sexual allures and protection etc.

The impact of the tattoos Hollywood celebrities varied from time to time and from culture to culture. The tattoo may reveal the feeling of a person for a relative or a lover. Today, however, people get tattooed for cosmetic, artistic, religious and sentimental reasons. It is also being carried out for symbolizing a belonging or identifying oneself with a specific group. In some countries, tattoos are used as protection against bad luck and evil.

Top Ten Most Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities are:

There are several Hollywood celebrities who are considered the most beautiful in the whole world. These celebrities couldn’t care less what ordinary people think of their looks and their bodies – and tattoos.

When the tattoo is done by a professional who carries out this artwork with dexterity, putting the ink in an appropriate manner, the resultant enhances the look of the person concerned. It is common knowledge that a lot of celebrities in the West, including the ones belonging to Hollywood, have tattoos on their bodies. Below you can find those celebrities that are considered the most tattooed.

10. Christina Ricci

The 33-year Hollywood star has been tattooing her body for the past ten years. She sports the tattoo of a lion and a bat covered with praying hands. There are several other tattoos on her body.

Top 10 Most Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities

9. Dwayne Johnson

The action star sports a tattoos Hollywood celebrities of a bull on his right hand. There is another Polynesian-style tattoo on his left arm. 41 year old Dwayne Johnson hails from a Samoan background and says that the Polynesian tattoo is a Samoan art piece mean to pay tribute to his heritage.

Top 10 Most Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities

8. Kat Von D

Kat Von D is a model and vision artist whose entire body is covered in tattoos. She is considered as an expert in tattoos and anything related to it. She has a picture of her father as well as heart tattooed on the palm of her hand. She also tattooed a picture of Jesse James on her body when she was engaged with him.

Top 10 Most Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities

7. Alyssa Milano

The audiences loved the little girl in who’s the Boss. The cute star of the show, Alyssa Milano, has grown into a 40 year old beautiful woman. She also starred in the TV series charmed. The star has a huge fan following and around 40 websites that are dedicated to her. She has seven tattoos on her body. These tattoos Hollywood celebrities are made famous by paparazzi who took her pictures on topless beaches and then released them on the internet.

Top 10 Most Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities

6. David Beckham

David Beckham is the most recognized sports personality in the whole world. He was famous for his great free kicks when he used to play as England’s captain and his stint with Manchester United. He is married to Victoria Beckham who used to be a member of the most popular British all-girls band, Spice Girls.

David Beckham sports a wide range of tattoos on his body including that of his son’s name which is found on his back. On his upper back there is a tattoo of his other son’s name as well as crucifixion. There are a lot of tattoos on Beckham’s body and he is adding more.

Top 10 Most Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities

5. Megan Fox

Megan Fox is a truly beautiful star. She has a perfect body and very lovely lips. She began her acting career in 2001 appearing in minor roles on film and television. Her breakout role was in the hit movie Transformers.

Megan Fox has a lot of tattoos on her body. These mostly consist of words, pictures and phrases. All these tattoos Hollywood celebrities hold special meaning for her. The tattoos also represent her rebellious nature for which she is very famous. The natural beauty of the star, coupled with these great looking tattoos, makes her the fantasy of every man.

Top 10 Most Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities

4. Jessica Alba

The beautiful 26 year Hollywood star has a collection of tattoos Hollywood celebrities on her body. As her popularity increase, the number and magnitude of these tattoos is also increasing. There is a tattoo of a ladybug with a flower on her neck. On her lower back, there is a small bow. There are tattoos Hollywood celebrities on her wrists and several other parts of her body.

Top 10 Most Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities

3. Britney Spears

The 31 year old performer is a highly controversial celebrity. She sports a whole lot of tattoos Hollywood celebrities that are present on her back, feet, neck and various other parts of her body. These tattoos hold special meaning for the star. Each one of them is different from the other.

Top 10 Most Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities

2. Nicole Ritchie

Nicole Ritchie is more into tattoos than her co-star Paris Hilton. She has at least nine tattoos on her body. These include Ballerina slippers, a rosary, angel wings, a ribbon, her name Ritchie, and the word virgin. These tattoos are found on her ankle, foot, shoulders, and the back of her neck, her wrists and hip.

Top 10 Most Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities

1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has a lot of tattoos Hollywood celebrities on her body. Some of these tattoos are easily visible whereas some are not. There are tattoos of words, phrase and terms. These are range from Arabic to even Latin. Angelina’s tattoos are very famous among her fans most of whom think that the tiger tattoo on her back is the most beautiful. These tattoos represent her unpredictable nature that captivates audiences. The tattoos seem to enhance her natural beauty. Angelina jolie is adding several more tattoos to her body.

Top 10 Most Tattooed Hollywood Celebrities