Top 10 Ways To Making Money For Students


The economic downturn has affected the lives of everyone in the worst possible ways, however, the worst hit are the teenagers, young adults and students. Since their monthly incomes remain unchanged, they have to make do with the slashed pocket money. Whether they want to take a girl on a date or check the new food joint in the neighborhood, or want to see the latest movie in 3D, they are short of money and they have to remain inside the confines of their homes. The money is dwindling and even borrowing from a friend is as remote as the Caribbean. The friends are going through the same situation.

Is there a solution to this problem? Of course, there is a solution. In fact, there are ten solutions that would allow you to earn some extra bucks and add some refreshing new dollars into your monthly income. Top 10 Ways To Making Money For Students are:

10. Call Centers

This is one of the most favored part-time jobs of students these days. If you are able to spare 10 to 12 hours on a daily basis, you get a reasonable amount at the end of the month to augment your pocket money. Call centers provide transport facilities to their staff. Isn’t it? However, there are some drawbacks of working in a call center. First of all, working for 10 hours in a day is not easy. Moreover, answering the phone and talking your head off on the phone with some guys who are really stupid can take its toll on your nerves sometimes. Call centers all tend to deprive you of your social lives. Call centers are good for making some extra buck; however, it should be the very last option when there is no other way of making money on the side.

Top 10 Ways To Making Money For Students

9. Tutors

This is the most common way of making money for students who are low on cash. It is also one of the easiest. There has been a significant increase in children in the United States over the past decade. Most of these kids have working parents who cannot take care of their children’s education. The children need objective guidance where their studies are concerned.

The tutoring can start anywhere. You first and easiest targets are right here in your own neighborhood. Offer you services to the aunties and they will grab this opportunity. You only tutor two or three days per week for around one and a half hours. The due respect that you receive from the kids and their parents is only a byproduct of the entire expedition.

Top 10 Ways To Making Money For Students

8. Internships

It is widely believed that only post graduate and undergraduate making money for students can get internships. This is wrong. Any student can get an internship. Several companies offer paid internship opportunities to student. You can apply for these internships keeping mind your own study plan. When the internship is over, which is usually after a few months, you have a reasonable amount of money in your pocket. There is another advantage. You ca n add this experience in your CV and reap the long-term benefits of this internship.

Top 10 Ways To Making Money For Students

7. Projects and assignments

This method will earn you making money for students as well as your friends’ appreciation. The method is very simple. You can do their assignments that their teachers have unjustly burdened them with. However, you must complete your own assignments first. The other assignments can be done with your homework. Do the assignments to the best of your abilities and charge them fairly for services rendered. Once you start it, you will find out that you don’t even need to work so hard at it.

Top 10 Ways To Making Money For Students

6. Restaurants and food chains

There are several food chains and restaurants that offer a great opportunity to make money on the side. These entities are always looking for young people who are hard working, dynamic and are able to work for lesser amount of money. The thing is that the “lesser amount of money” can still make a significant addition to your meager monthly income. These jobs are not even looked down upon by people anymore. These jobs are really cool and more and more students are taking them.

Top 10 Ways To Making Money For Students

5. Working at shopping malls

Think about it. Where do you spend the better part of your pocket money? The shopping malls are always in need of extra staff to fill every kind of openings. It can be a security guard or a cleaner or a manager at the ticket counter of the cinema. The best thing is that you don’t even need a special qualification to land in any of these jobs. You get to work in shifts.

Top 10 Ways To Making Money For Students

4. Sitting pets

Making money for students can make some really good money without compromising their own studies. Owners of pets would willingly pay some extra cash in order to make sure that their beloveds are taken care of when they are not around. You can offer to take care of the pets and ask to be paid on a daily basis. You might get a little dirty on occasions. However, if you love animals, it wouldn’t be a huge problem.

Top 10 Ways To Making Money For Students

3. Make money with your hobby

Okay. Do you have a hobby that very unique? Has it ever profited you monetarily? You may try and make some extra bucks with your hobby. Do you like to write short stories, poems and articles? Well, you can become a content writer in a firm. You can also sell the written material to a magazine.

Do you love doing make-up? You can join a beauty parlor. Or become a junior make-up artist for a show. These jobs pay well enough. They also serve to boost your confidence. Rather than wasting your talent, you can make it a source of steady side income.

Top 10 Ways To Making Money For Students

2. Selling unwanted stuff

The age-old method of making extra money.

There are things inside your house that are simply useless. Your old books, the Chinese vase and all those stuff that is crammed into the house for no apparent reason. You can sell all that stuff on e-bay. In fact you can sell it to someone in the neighborhood.

Top 10 Ways To Making Money For Students

1. Taxi Driver

This method only caters to those who are above 18 years of age. You can use your car or your father’s car when it is sitting idle in the garage in order to pick and drop people. You ask for a few dollars less than the regular taxi. You passengers will be happy enough to pay you less than what they have to pay a taxi.

Top 10 Ways To Making Money For Students