Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Furniture Brands


A house is complete when it is properly furnished. A furnished house gives you the comfort and warm feeling of a home that no other place can give you despite offering world’s most luxurious facilities in the entire world. Everyone has the desire to furnish their homes with top 10 world’s most expensive furniture brands. Dreaming a perfect house with an impeccable furniture is not a sin although some of us can actually afford it. The developments made in interior designing and architectural world has made dreams of a stylish and up-to-date house come true in this modern era. Furniture is an essential need for each and every person living in the house even a baby needs his own bed or a crib to lie in. This article is going to highlight top 10 world’s most expensive furniture brands.

  1. French Heritage

Most Expensive Furniture Brands

The tenth most expensive brand in the world with regard to the furniture shopping is French Heritage that gives life to art and traditional manufacturing of the furniture. Each and every product of the store is crafted in a way that it matches perfectly to the mood and design of your house. It gives a modern and classy look to your house even if it is not constructed in a perfect manner. Talking about its rated they price a smooth, silky and a comfortable chair to for about $4,173.

  1. Christopher Guy

Most Expensive Furniture Brands

The ninth spot is grabbed by Christopher guy in the list of top 10 most expensive furniture brands in the world. The brand set off its business in 1999 and it originally designed fancy mirrors for house decorations. This brand worked hard over the years to become one of the leading furniture brands in the world. Today this brand offers furniture of every aspect from a luxurious house to an elegant office and what not.

  1. Henkel Harris

Most Expensive Furniture Brands

Mary and Carol Henkel along with their designer friend John Harris started off a business in 1946 all from scratch and now in this modern era they were able grab the eighth spot in the list of top 10 world’s most expensive furniture brands in the world just because of sheer hard work. It is America’s leading furniture brand. They initiate to create only a masterpiece of a particular design meeting high standards of quality. Thus they are recognized as world eighth best and expensive while America’s pre-eminent furniture designers.

Top 7 World’s Most Expensive Furniture Brands

  1. Fendi Casa

Most Expensive Furniture Brands

The seventh spot is stolen by a brand named Fendi Casa in the list of top 10 world’s most expensive furniture brands in the world. Over 40 years of hard work this brand was able to make it to the list of top ten. With Delicate technique combined with state-of-the-art equipment, use of the premium constituents, enormous multiplicity of appearances and the immeasurable forecasts offered by customising the pieces, meant that a trustworthy community of customers and partners was built up. The showrooms of this brand are setup in the most premeditated cities of Paris, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, London, Milan and Milano Marittima.

  1. Kartell

Most Expensive Furniture Brands

This company was developed in 1949 and worked its way to the list of top ten. Kartell is famous for using most expensive raw material in such a superior way to produce some elegant designs for our house or workplace. Moreover the company is also famous for its innovation as it is said to be the corporation where creativity and glamour mix up to make ground-breaking designs that best suits our places that need to be furnished.

Top 5 World’s Most Expensive Furniture Brands

  1. Boca do Lobo

Most Expensive Furniture Brands

Boca do Lobo steals the show by grabbing the fifth position in the list of top 10 world’s most expensive furniture in the world. It offers furniture for bedroom to dining hall, and deluxe living room to the comprehensive bathroom cores. They offer their exclusive products in limited edition and exquisitely-made furniture for the higher-class. Their team consists of leading designers from all around the globe that helps them to produce some classy products for their customers.

  1. Poliform

Most Expensive Furniture Brands

They have a strong arcade in residential and commercial projects. They have actually transformed the old style furniture into the modern day, elegant looking furniture to offer their customers. They take ample time to convert their raw material into one of the most elegant and useful products. They offer their wide range products for Kitchen, wardrobes, bedrooms, living rooms and office furniture.

  1. Edra

Most Expensive Furniture Brands

Edra offers one of the trendiest furniture amongst all the brands discussed in the article. They combine traditional and modern day designs to present the world with the cool designs they look for. It is ranked at 3rd number in the list of top 10 world’s most expensive furniture in the world. The love for this brand is high just because they give out a different type of furniture which offer elegance along with the current style of the furniture.

  1. Restoration Hardware

Most Expensive Furniture Brands

Restoration Hardware shears through all the brand to grab the third spot in the list of top 10 world’s most expensive furniture in the world. It is the youngest brand in this list of most affluent furniture all across the globe. It is famous for providing classy, comfortable and most sophisticated furniture to its exquisite customers. The offer a wide range of products when it comes to home furniture, lighting, textiles, and high-end decors. Their designs are exclusive and loved by their customers.

  1. Henredon

Most Expensive Furniture Brands

Henredon keeps a wide range of most expensive furniture in the world. Their quality is unmatched to all the other brands that is why they are on the top of the list of top 10 world’s most expensive furniture in the world. They have been in this business for almost 65 years and for buying Henredon’s furniture the word limit is nowhere. As there quality is unmatched their design and cost are also unmatched to the furniture offered by other brands in this list. They carry on the heritage by contributing one of a compassionate design which is measured to be timeless design amongst all other designs.