Top 5 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings


Top 5 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Plan to be flabbergasted! You suspected that you adored your loved one? All things considered, simply investigate how much these folks spent for their nectar bundles. These are 20 of the most costly big name wedding rings. Presently, we as a whole realized that celebs get a kick out of the chance to go full scale on pretty much everything. These are the general population who will burn through a huge number of dollars just so their canine can have a sitter for two hours. So what amount more do you think they will sprinkle out as far as an engagement?

Concerning these ladies, well they are some fortunate women to be given these rings. We’re discussing jewels that are the span of rocks, and sticker prices that are essentially incredible for us basic people. All the better we can do is simply investigate this rundown, appreciate the photographs, and dream about having our own particular Prince Charming tag along and give us some of this bling. However in genuine Hollywood design, a portion of the females on this rundown show up twice. Tinsel town is brimming with relational unions, yet it is additionally filled to the overflow with separations also. Gracious well! Simply disregard the negative and get ready to be stunned at these wedding rings! Here is a list of top 5 Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings.

  1. Jennifer Lopez, $4,100,000Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

She’s only “Jenny from the piece,” yet when Jennifer Lopez got connected with to Marc Anthony, the ring was definitely not modest. As a matter of first importance, it was esteemed at more than $4 million and it shimmered more than an American on the Fourth of July. However, that ring (and the affection that accompanied it) just kept going seven years before J-Lo and Marc Anthony bailed. Considering that Jennifer has been proposed to 4 times, we are starting to feel that she simply has a liking for sparkly things. What young lady doesn’t? In 2011, Jennifer conveyed the wedding ring to sell, and the 8.5-carat bling was relied upon to money out huge.

  1. Paris Hilton, $4,700,000Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

At the point when Paris said “yes” to Paris (Latsis, that is,) she was most likely blinded by this 24-carat wedding ring highlighting a canary diamond. What a speculation for Latsis, particularly considering that the couple never at any point got hitched. Correct, he burned through $4,700,000 on a wedding ring that was worn for 4 months. Hm, we ponder whatever happened to that ring at any rate. All things considered, it was absolutely “hot.” Maybe this ring is the reason nobody is proposing to Paris Hilton. How is a person expected to contend with a wedding ring that cost close $5 million?! Gracious, an engagement is about adoration, not cash? Could’ve tricked Paris.

  1. Beyonce, $5,000,000Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

On the off chance that you will propose to Queen B, then you have to make a special effort. Furthermore, Jay-Z conveyed. He burned through $5 million on this wedding ring by Lorraine Schwartz. It highlights a 18-carat rectangular diamond, Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings. The ring is special and transforms into a double grouped outline in gold. This stone is powerful, and Bey gladly indicated it off. Genuinely however, this wedding ring looks like something made for eminence. All things considered, we figure that Bey and Jay-Z sort of consider sovereignty, correct? In any event, to the extent the music world is concerned. Anyway, here’s some uplifting news: this celeb marriage is still in place!

  1. Kim Kardashian West, $8,000,000Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Given that Kim Kardashian had as of now been through the entire getting-drew in thing, you can wager that Kanye West needed to make a major impact on her. So… he spent an expected $8 million on her wedding ring. Pardon me? A “8” with six zeroes behind it? There are different reports encompassing the cost of the ring, yet they extend from $2 million to $8 million. Knowing somewhat about Kanye, we will be deduction it’s more in the higher range. The Lorraine Schwartz bling is 15 carats in an emerald cut and is recently amazing. What might you anticipate from the Kardashian-Wests?

  1. Elizabeth Taylor, $8,800,000Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

This wedding ring is so detailed and high-class that it has its own moniker. It’s one of the Elizabeth Taylor gems. Taylor was hitched to a considerable measure of fellows, most broadly to Richard Burton. Also, he wanted to sumptuous gems upon her. Among her tiaras, studs, fascinate arm ornaments, and the Cleopatra mirror, was one of her wedding rings: esteemed at almost $9 million! Given to her by Burton, it had an incredible 33.19 carats and included a square-cut diamond, Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings. Taylor unquestionably cherished the better things in life, and Burton beyond any doubt wanted to ruin her. Hell, he even gave her a three-ring diamond ring for winning a session of ping-pong!

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