Top 5 Most Expensive Patek Philippe Watches


Top 5 Most Expensive Patek Philippe Watches

In this article we discuss about Top 5 Most Expensive Patek Philippe Watches. The most costly Patek Philippe watch is 1943 Reference 1527 model which has sticker price $5.5 million. Patek Philippe Watch is a trustworthy organization and earned name throughout the years by making noteworthy watches. Francois Czapek and Antoni Patek established this organization in 1839, and it is known as Patek, Czapek and Co. They make stash watches until 1845. Czapek ended his organization then Patek makes another coordinated effort with Jean Adrien Philippe in 1845.

As of late organization name speaks to the name of both accomplices Patek Philippe and Co. They began to make wristwatches in 1868 and acquire development watches. Patek Philippe and Co give an intense time to other watch producer organizations. They presented numerous new components like the unending logbook in 1925. The headquarter of the venture situated in Geneva. The organization does not make any bargain with unwavering quality and nature of the watch.

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They tried the looks for one month subsequent to making. You can see the estimation of the organization from this thing that watches which sold at sale out of 100 most costly watches, 80 % originates from Patek Philippe. We make a rundown of main 5 Most Expensive Patek Philippe Watches. In the event that you are a young lady you may likewise like Most rich looks for ladies.

  1. 1923 Officer Watch – $2.9 Million

Patek Philippe 1923 Officer watch is the most complex and a la mode observe ever observe. It has hour long counter and just watch of Patek Philippe which has this element. It has an unmistakable chronograph and 18 karats yellow gold case. The external ring has two dials at 3 O’clock position and 60 sec nonstop show at 9 O’clock position. It is one of a kind Patek watch with dark Breguet numerals on white finish. It uncovered in Patek Philippe exhibition hall where its cost settled after a genuine offering.

Expensive Patek Philippe Watches

  1. 1953 Heures Universelles 2523 Patek Philippe – $2.9 Million

Patek Philippe made this excellent costly watch in 1953. The instance of the watch made of 18 karats yellow gold. The veneer dial has the brilliant face and accompanies the entire guide of North America. The strap Heures Universelles made of polychrome. It won for open at a sale. Americans tremendously valued it because of a guide.

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Expensive Patek Philippe Watches

  1. 1895/1927 Yellow Gold Minute Repeating Patek Philippe Wristwatch – $2.994 Million

Patek Philippe 1859/1927 Yellow Gold moment rehashing wristwatch sold at Sotheby’s bartering for just $600,000. The watch sold for five circumstances at this cost. It has tonneau shape. This wristwatch was among the Henry Graves, Jr gathering. The arms cut on the watch speak to the Graves family. It got development from 1895 and case from 1927. Presently the cost of the watch has expanded up to $2.294 million.

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Expensive Patek Philippe Watches

  1. 1939 Platinum World Time Patek Philippe – $4.04 Million

This perfect work of art of Patek Philippe made in 1939, and no other bit of this model made. It was planned with careful craftsmanship and etching 42 urban areas name of the world all over. It sold in 2002 at Antiquorum.

Expensive Patek Philippe Watches

  1. 1943 Reference 1527 Patek Philippe – $5.50 million

Patek Philippe 1943 Reference 1527 is the most costly wristwatch ever constructed by Patek Philippe. It was sold in 2010 in Geneva at Christie’s bartering for $5.50 million. The watch has the great chronograph with moon stage show and ceaseless schedule. It has yellow gold presented defense whose weight is 18 karats. The dial is 37 mm and silver matte and enormous in size when contrasted with different watches of this time. Other exceptional components of the watch are 23 gemstones encrustments, connected gold Arabic numerals, date pointer, bimetallic remuneration adjust and minute markings. Swiss Museum needed to hold this watch due to its exceptional elements, and they won the offering for this watch. Likewise read about the Most costly wrist looks for more data for Watch significant others.

Expensive Patek Philippe Watches


We finish up from this article Patek Philippe is the best watches mark. Its watches have splendid elements, one of a kind components. Gold utilized as a part of the arrangement of the instance of watches which expanded the cost of the watch. These are the best quality watches yet with high costs. These are reasonable just by rich individuals.

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