Top 5 Expensive Video Game Consoles/Accessories


Top 5 Expensive Video Game Consoles/Accessories

We know it’s difficult to envision, yet there’s a select segment of the populace who can simply blow arbitrary measures of money on truly pointless and luxurious things absolutely to engage themselves. We’re not looking at overdoing it on another iPhone or a costly supper with companions. No, the rich life implies one of extravagance, yachts, various homes, outside travel, and, obviously, gold-plated computer game consoles. Perhaps we’re making a presumption, however we don’t see the normal store administrator or cop spending the money for these things. Women and men of their word, let us acquaint you with probably the top 5 Expensive Video Game Consoles/Accessories on the planet.

5) VRX Mach 4 Racing Simulator – $25,000Expensive Video Game Consoles/Accessories

Need a definitive driving knowledge without really going out into the huge awful startling world? On the other hand maybe you jump at the chance to live hazardously and voyage the city lanes in your dragster – however the neighborhood police are continually taking action against your good times? On the off chance that that is the situation then maybe you ought to put resources into a VRX Mach 4 Racing Simulator. It will cost you $25,000, as such about the cost of a genuine auto. For that you get four Xbox 360s, three 37-inch TVs, a LCD screen, a Microsoft guiding wheel, a Bose encompass sound framework, a vibration framework and intensifier, LED lighting, an individual bar ice chest and four duplicates of the amusement Forza 3. Sounds really great.

4) Xbox 360 Gold Faceplate – $36,000Expensive Video Game Consoles/Accessories

In 2005 this exceptional thing appeared on eBay. Formed from 999.9 ounces of 24-karat gold and intended to supplant the front plate of a current Xbox with all the proper ports and openings, it sold for $36,000 and changed an impeccably ordinary Xbox 360 into a comfort framework that was worth more than the vast majority of our autos.

3) The Emperor Workstation 200 – $40,000Expensive Video Game Consoles/Accessories

This mass elements three LCD screens, a Play station 3, a LCD touchscreen interface, a cowhide chair, an autonomous lighting framework, a coordinated webcam, a Blu-beam player, and clamor dropping earphones to thoroughly submerge you into your gaming background. At the end of the day, on the off chance that you generally needed a definitive gaming background while likewise distancing your flat mates then this is the framework for you! Alternately course such lavishness accompanies a cost. This thing will run you $40,000, Expensive Video Game Consoles/Accessories – yet we believe it’s a somewhat little cost to pay for getting the opportunity to overlook your flat mates while gaming.

2) Playstation 3 Supreme – $323,000Expensive Video Game Consoles/Accessories

It took twelve weeks through and through to fabricate this framework. Worked by the man who planned the precious stone encrusted iPhones, this framework is encased in a 22-karat outside. There’s more than 1,600 grams of gold wrapped around the outside and there’s 58 half-karat precious stones which are utilized as enrichment. Like the Nintedno Wii Supreme, there were just three of these frameworks at any point built.

1) Nintendo Wii Supreme – $481,250Expensive Video Game Consoles/Accessories

This is the absolute most costly computer game framework at any point made. Why anybody would need to spend almost a large portion of a million dollars on an amusement framework, particularly a Nintendo Wii, is past us. That being stated, on the off chance that you have a craving for an overrated diversion framework with 2.5 kilograms of 22-karat gold then this is the framework for you. Outlined by Stuart Hughes of Goldstriker International, the Wii Supreme elements front catches enlivened with 19.5 karat jewels, Expensive Video Game Consoles/Accessories. By and large just three of these frameworks have ever been assembled.

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