Top Most Expensive Bra in The History Of World


Victoria’s Secret is expensive lingerie and has changed way this world sees haute couture garment. Following trend started by American retailer with the limited edition bras studded with some precious stones, these designers and also the renowned jewelers from around this world have also debuted bejeweled bras made out of the gold, and also
embellished with the diamonds and some crystals. From push up bras to some sports bra, we have also listed hereworld’s Top most expensive bras through years.

$1 million bra by Birmingham Estate and Jewelry Buyers

Worlds Most Ecxpensive Bras

Top Most expensive bra include $1 million bra by Birmingham Estate and Jewelry Buyers. Molded out of around 18 carat gold and also the encrusted in the 500 carats of the diamonds, $1 million of the solid-gold brasserie at Birmingham Estate and the Jewelry Buyers, which took over around three months to design and also took crew of around 40 workers almost full year just to make, is more than just article of the clothing. The major design differences between million-dollar Victoria’s Secret bras is the retailer’s designer bras have some fabric in them and diamonds are also kind of embellished into fine fabric. Whereas, the particular gold bra created by jewelry store owner named Anthony Aubry, sports just no fabric at all, as it is also crafted out of the750 grams of the solid gold.

Gold bra/glasses for midas touch

Worlds Most Expensive Bras

Most expensive bra includes Gold bra/glasses for midas touch. This is gold bra glasses which are designed by Chinese designer named Zhou Nigxin, weighing around 458.66 grams and was put for the gold-jewelry design competition in the Beijing China.

Diamond studded golden bra – Price: $108,600

worlds most expensive bras diamonds

This is diamond studded golden Top expensive bra which is crafted out of the 630 grams of the solid pure gold and also the 7.5 karats of some dazzling South African diamonds, actually took around 2,000 hours to make. Costing around $108,600, this is inimitable bra and was on display in the Beijing only.

Heavenly Star Bra, by Victoria’s Secret  – $12.5 million

Heavenly Star Bra, by Victoria’s Secret

Top Most expensive bra includes Heavenly Star Bra, by Victoria’s Secret. Guinness World Records has also awarded $12.5 million Heavenly Star Bra created by the Victoria’s Secret in the year 2001 as this top world’s most expensive bra. The bra features around 1,200 Sri Lankan pink colored sapphires and also sports 90-carat emerald cut diamond which is worth $10.6 million as the centerpiece.

$1.89 million Gold Brasserie – $1.89 million

$1.89 million Gold Brasserie most expenive bras

Creation of the Korea’s Golden Zone, this  is gold brasserie launched during fashion show in the Seoul comes decorated with the dia Creation of the Korea’s Golden Zone, the gold brasserie launched during fashion show in the Seoul comes decorated with the diamonds and is also made to hug  body well.

$1.3 million diamond-studded bra – $1.3 million

worlds most expensive bra

Decorated with somewhat more than the 2,500 dazzling diamonds with the 5.4 carat sapphire as the centerpiece, this is $1.3 million bra that was on display at the shopping mall in the Jinhua City of the Zhejiang province in China.

Swarovski Studded ‘Cinderella Bra’

worlds most expenisve bras

Crafted with the glass and the Swarovski crystals and also carefully hand finished by the skilled craftsman, this  is crystal bra which is also called as the Cinderella Bra made first debut at Singapore Fashion Week.

Sports bra with a solid gold zipper – $20,011

Sports bra with a solid gold zipper

BodyRock Sport is a luxury women’s sport wear brand which was created Eternal Love Bra which is also emblazoned with the hand-crafted Swarovski crystals, the gold stud detailing, and also the black diamond Swarovski crystals. top ten bras in the world, top most expensive bras in the history of world, ladies favorites bras in the world