Top Ten Most Attractive Women Hairstyles For 2015-2016


The women’s crown is only Hair and we all know what hair meant for women as well as their importance. Here we will discuss top ten most attractive women hairstyles for . In actual, as hairs are the integral part in the acts of grooming for women so they are very much concerned about this. A lot of hairstyles are present in the fashion world for making the looks more enhanced as these hairstyles are able to change the entire looks of a woman. Well, wearing a top brand suit and shoes, carrying branded bags as well as accessories won’t make you look stylish and classy but a hairstyle does so always give a proper attention to your hairstyle. If your hairstyle is beautiful it will make you attractive and add beauty to your personality. And a beautiful and inn-fashion hairstyle does not mean a complicated hairstyle; however that hairstyle which simply suits you would be a perfect choice. A variety of hairstyles are present such as curly, straight, simple, braid, ponytail, in a plait as well as many more. The top ten most attractive women hairstyles for list is mentioned below which can enhance the personality looks:

10. Foxy Fishtail Braid

Top Ten Most Attractive Women Hairstyles For 2014

A stylish hair style famous as Foxy fishtail braid also known as sea inspired braid provides you a flirty and funky style and is extremely simple to do. Seek to blend this braid with different braiding methods similar to a French braid or waterfall braid it might look wonderful.

9. Twisted Ponytail

Most Attractive Women Hairstyles For 2014

Currently, in different hair style Knots have been an extensive hair style, this hair style twisted ponytail is selected for long hairs. The pony is placed low in order to provide it a stylish look which is extremely attractive.You can also make this style at home with a small effort. For making an ideal twisted ponytail you must begin thru the natural-texture in the hair by putting an appropriate hairspray and after that creating a ponytail at your neck’s nape and then knotting it.

8. Undone Updo

Most Attractive Women Hairstyles For 2014

It is the trendiest hairstyle that is more modern, feminine and fashionable. Undone Updo is prepared by making soft waves and then clip the curls back by some pins and to provide a superb look and the hair is back-combed from the front side in a small volume. Those who have lengthy hairs this hair style will look good on the, but it is ideal for those who have medium-length hairs. Undone Updo is exceptional when you looking to show your gorgeous earrings at several occasion.

7. Low Side Ponytail

Most Attractive Women Hairstyles For 2014

A nice-looking hairstyle known as Low side ponytail is very famous nowadays. This hairstyle is also known as celebrity hair style as in different functions lots of celebrities wear this type of hairstyle either it is awards show or fashion week. It won’t give an uptight effect to your hairs. This hairstyle is very gorgeous as it can make you feel comfortable as well as gives you elegant look.

6. Long Wavy Hairstyle

Most Attractive Women Hairstyles For 2014

If you want to become attention seeker as well as center of attention then this is the perfect hairstyle. If you want to make the hairstyle long wavy, then from the sides a slit must be made from the roots to give them height and lift. For the complete elasticity and expansion, mermaid style waves for complete look of the hairstyle starting from the mid till end. If a person has round shape of a face then this hairstyle is a perfect choice.

5. Crown Braid

Most Attractive Women Hairstyles For 2014

The Crown braid is the ideal choice for the celebrities and this hairstyle is an elegant choice.Not only it is able to complete the personality of celebrity, it can also give natural as well as lively look to the celebrities. This hairstyle can be worn in any function and gives a very beautiful touch. The braids for this style are mostly placed on top giving an appearance of headband. Even though, this hairstyle might looks complicated at first, however it is so simple in actual and offers great impression.

4. Waterfall Braid

Most Attractive Women Hairstyles For 2014

It is a cute hairstyle designed especially for long and flowing hair. This hairstyle have cascading plait giving you a great sizzling as well as sweet look to appear as perfect choice for a summer season or before going for a picnic. This hairstyle can go with straight hair plus curly hairs also give an additional look to this hairstyle giving a more elegant look.

3. Double French Braid

Most Attractive Women Hairstyles For 2014

Another amazing hairstyle,Double French braid is on third position in the list but it is quite complicated as well as time-consuming since a great practice is required for French braids. To make this hairstyle, hairs are divided into different sections and then they are fixed in to look giving as a French braid. This hairstyle is elegant, stylish and clean making your personality prominent among others.

2. Wavy And Curl Hairstyle

Most Attractive Women Hairstyles For 2014

A hairstyle considered as care-free is known as wavy hairstyles giving you a beautiful and bold look. Different styles can make by this curly and wavy type of hairstyle. For spring seasons, curly hairs with waves will give your hair a perfect appearance. Curls can be added either in the whole hairs as well as you can also add curls to the half length of your hairs.

1. Sleek and Straight Hairstyle

Most Attractive Women Hairstyles For 2014

The hairstyle famous as Sleek and straight is considered as the best women hairstyle in the year. It deals with variety of the vibrant shades. Different ways are discovered by the women to make their hair dead straight as the sleek and straight hairstyle will never ever go out from the fashion. Blow dryers,hair straighteners as well as flat iron rod are known as some of the tools used to make this act easy for women.

If you want to have extraordinary and sensational look than the straight hairstyle would be the definite choice for women.Therefore, enjoy being a woman and try to make experiments with your hair as hair is the most attractive part.