Top Ten Most Expensive Christmas Gifts for 2015-2016


With the blessings of this lovely and most expensive Christmas gift, holiday comes a tradition of gifting your family members and friends. People tend to wonder as to what might be the best kind of gift depending on the person or relation they’re dealing with. Those willing to spend extra cash just for the sake of other people’s happiness and those who can easily afford one should definitely go through this list. Here’s a list of top ten most expensive Christmas gifts:

10. The Leica S2 SLR

This year’s most expensive gift for Christmas is undoubtedly the Leica S2 SLR. This is a computerized camera which offers an amazing picture quality of 37.5 megapixels. It assures top notch pictures. The camera is reliable and durable with its steady body and advanced features. It features dustproof and waterproof collections which are bound to prove helpful in the most bizarre environments for shooting.

Top Ten Most Expensive Christmas Gifts for 2014-2015

9. 3D TV

Gift your loved ones a theatric experience at home. Indulge them in amazing motion pictures on a wonderful 3D TV. This is perfect for families and big households. The picture quality is life like and 3D execution is just amazing with television sets from Samsung in particular. A very advanced 3D LCD HD TV is what proves to be expensive but fruitful gift and investment in general. It comes with a thin and sleek screen and stands out in any setting. The Samsung version comes with 240Hz engineering that results in improved clarity and edge. The television provides access to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Top Ten Most Expensive Christmas Gifts for 2014-2015

 8. Sky-Bar

Sky bar is an amazing wine cooler. It is perfect for all those wine lovers out there. It provides a steady framework and structure that keeps wine chilled and protects its high quality. It can be used for pouring wine in to the glass. It is perfect for storing and serving wine. It consists of independent chambers that keep each kind at the perfect temperature required through nine different presets available.

Top Ten Most Expensive Christmas Gifts for 2014-2015

7. The Fortune Teller Zoltar

Zoltar is an expensive and interesting way of going about your Christmas gift shopping. The machine requires a quarter to function which can be evacuated by the owner. The ball lights up while Zoltar shows hand movements around it. It provides variations of sixteen kinds in fortune telling and consists of a paper card as well. It has twenty three different printed fortunes and includes a grand total of two thousand fortune cards. This is a fun and exciting gift perfect for those who love to entertain their guests with such amusements. It can speak in six different dialects for user’s delight.

Top Ten Most Expensive Christmas Gifts for 2014-2015

6. Enzo Ferrari

It is an expensive that one can actually purchase for someone else. Ferrari is undoubtedly a dream come true for anyone. Currently the car is available for purchase. The car symbolizes pure class and luxury at its best. If offers most rider weight of sixty five pounds. The machine comes with a pace limiter in the gear box that can be controlled by any grown up. It is manufactured in Italy and is officially authorized from the Ferrari brand itself. It comes with all the actual stickers and provides sensible combination in terms of wheels and wing mirrors. The wheels are movable directing and tires are of elastic material. It is loaded with electronic speeding agent as well along with an electronic brake.

Top Ten Most Expensive Christmas Gifts for 2014-2015

5. Pac-Man 25th Anniversary Edition

The Pac-Man arcade machine is an entertainment blast for anyone. This particular machine offers all the classic features along with yellow housing. It features orange accents and three different games in one. It allows Pac-man, Galaga and Ms. Pac-man. This proves to be the ultimate relief from all kinds of boredom and will definitely be loved by anyone receiving it.

Top Ten Most Expensive Christmas Gifts for 2014-2015

4. The Canoe with a View

This is a more grown up and mature most expensive Christmas gift that is expensive and will definitely be well received by adults fond of such activities. It is more of a kayak blend. It consists of a frame of transparent polymer and comes with featured paddlers. It has the ability to accommodate two individuals and is durable in material. The movements are simple and easy. It comforts the users by providing better adjustment and wonderful sea view. The seats can be customized according to the individual and their sitting styles. Transportation of the canoe is not a difficult task because of its lightweight outline of aluminum. It offers a maximum limit of 425 pounds on weight. This delightful gift is manufactured in United States.

Top Ten Most Expensive Christmas Gifts for 2014-2015

3. Men’s Rolex Watch

Watches are very famous and preferred gifts for men. Rolex is a luxury brand that offers top class watches bound to please any man. The most expensive Christmas gift like watch symbolizes class and sophistication. Its high quality and durability reflects perfection and enhances the overall look of a person wearing it. Rolex offers a variety of styles and craftsmanship that is treasured at all times. The Rolex watch with a platinum bracelet and case of the same material along with a silver dial is a much most expensive Christmas gift. It consists of sapphire crystal that is synthetic in nature along with a 31 jewel chronometer. It provides automatic movement and water resistance to at least thirty meters deep.

Top Ten Most Expensive Christmas Gifts for 2014-2015

2. Bulgari Gifts

Bulgari is a world renowned brand that personifies fine Italian quality and luxury. It offers the most expensive and exclusive Christmas gifts. It is a market leader in luxury jewelry and other accessories such as fragrances, watches and skincare. They provide luxurious hotels and resorts as well that offer first class service and exquisite style.

Top Ten Most Expensive Christmas Gifts for 2014-2015

1. Joy Perfume 1.0 oz Baccarat Limited Edition

This particular perfume is made exclusively and account for one of the most expensive Christmas gifts. A lot of detailing and efforts go in to its processing. It comprises of rose and Grasse jasmine along with many other flower ingredients that are blossomed in France. It offers a refine flowery scent and comes in a luxurious container made of stone.

 Top Ten Most Expensive Christmas Gifts for 2014-2015