Top Ten Most Expensive Diamonds Cut In The World



Diamonds are the most precious thing in all over the world, these precious and exclusive diamond are beyond many people’s affordability, however many up to their desire by having a small diamond in a ring. But that just not enough to go and buy a diamond ring, you must get aware of some properties of most expensive diamonds cut which includes color, cut, clarity and carat weight that is in general form known as Cs. Many people are desired for colorless diamond due to its glittering and sparkling refraction of light. White diamonds are supposed to be more absorption of light and visible brilliant light. Clarity is restrained by significant the reflectiveness, digit and bulk of enclosures or inner blemishes during the diamond’s development. Flawless diamonds lean towards to have more brilliance so they are more highly sought and more expensive.

Most expensive diamonds cut are weighted as the unit of carat, it is the measurement scale of diamond. Large diamonds are very rare and uncommon to find that is why the price of diamond based at the actual size or you can say carat. Now coming at the important part related to diamond is it cut and shape. Cut gets much importance in the diamond business and trade, it means two different things about the diamond the very first is briefing the diamond shape and the second one describes the reflective properties of diamond. most expensive Diamond cut has based on the certificate with it about shape and reflective quality. These special certificates made and done by diamond expert and also they are gemological expert. It has all the features and decipherable qualities.

But coming to cuts of the most expensive diamonds cut which is our main point is very vast and detail to know about. Different people like different cut of diamond for fitted in their ring and pendant. One must aware of all cuts of diamond before going to shop a diamond ring or anything else.

Here we are presenting to you all the ten most wanted diamond cuts in the world,

10. Radiant Cut Diamonds

This radiant cut is very popular and elegant cut by most expensive diamonds cut desired people that also contain brilliance of a round cut and the class of the princess cut. Having square shape cut and also having color refraction is maximized so obviously it is very much desirable and lovable for diamonds lover. Every diamond cut has carried very much special qualities which would definitely affect the person wear it. If you are willing to purchase any form of diamond you must have known about shape preference, quality and features. For graceful look and elegance one need to pick best cut and shape of the diamond which compliments jewelry most.

Top Ten Most Expensive Diamonds Cut In The World

 9. Heart Shaped Diamonds

The heart cut shape diamond is definitely the symbol of love and eternal love that is actually the most desired and famous choice of lockets and pendants. This most expensive diamonds cut is alike the pear shaped diamond and to making this delicate cut expert need very fine lines to create at top with complete skill. These cuts require the diamond should be big enough that can expert easily shape it well. These cuts have various shapes starting from thin to fat shape at the bottom. The shape and cut mostly depend on purchaser choice like how much width and length to be embossed in diamond to achieve perfect hear cut. If anyone needs this cut in pendant then the diamond considered to length and width around 1.05 to 1.15.

Top Ten Most Expensive Diamonds Cut In The World

8. Asscher Cut Diamonds

This exclusive cut was originated from the Asscher Diamond Company located in Holland. This was bringing together in an age at the famous trend and style of art deco considered. However the corporation had to face bad days but still the stone kept the company name. This most expensive diamonds cut and shape is considered the inspired by emerald cut but as the time passed the cut turn in to fashionable stuff for many years. This cut has carried square in shape with a smaller table, larger steps and higher crown than the extravagant and elegant emerald cut.

Top Ten Most Expensive Diamonds Cut In The World

7. Emerald Cut Diamonds

The most popular diamond cut and very fancy, it is also acknowledged such as step cut due to the level planes, which are parallel to steps. Its exceptionality and rareness are caused of its rectangular shape with cut bends. Additional restraint is required while purchasing this sort of diamond cut due to the low-grade color and enclosures are in the offing to turn out to be extra visible.

Top Ten Most Expensive Diamonds Cut In The World

6. Cushion Cut Diamonds

This cut and shape of diamond is the combination of rounded bends and curves together with square cuts additional that more look like the pillow as it shown by name. This cut was very much popular at the starting time since from the two centuries it was invented and initially it was curve in shape from the day first.

Top Ten Most Expensive Diamonds Cut In The World

5. Pear-Shaped Diamonds

This most expensive diamonds cut is very popular in diamond industry the shape carried out from cross-breed of marquise cut and oval cut diamonds. Its fact is narrowing which has made it give the impression like a teardrop. This fusion cut creates it exceptionally stunning on the other hand you basic to have least possible of five carats to entirely raise the value of the consequence and it should have seamless regularity. This cut can counterpart any hand size and shape. Though, this diamond is very much famous and most favorable and desirable for pendants and earrings.

Top Ten Most Expensive Diamonds Cut In The World

4. Marquise Diamonds

This cut is modified form of some brilliant and most expensive diamonds cut that was founded on the smile of Marquise de Pompadour. It is an extended and improved form of the excellent cut. This diamond can be an impartial on the other hand can also merger glowing with less significant diamonds. This cut is long and narrow cut generates the impression which it is massive and it is the best choice for someone who wishes to maximize the size. These diamond cuts are protected from two edges. Some points are located usually not far to the outer edge of stone.

Top Ten Most Expensive Diamonds Cut In The World

3. Oval Diamonds

This oval cut shaped diamond is very popular cut among women. This brilliant modified round cut that is comparable and parallel to round diamonds. Due to the shape is extended, it creates the diamond seem greater than its genuine size and can be a perfect look in women’s fingers. It is the prime selection of women who give preference something different and trendy famous round cut. This cut can be thin or fat on costumer’s desire other than thinner cut may look more gorgeous if the diamond is creased by adjacent stones.

Top Ten Most Expensive Diamonds Cut In The World

2. Princess Cut Diamonds

This cut of diamond is very much elegant and trendy as per new style and fashion. This cut has carried rectangular or square shape cut. This was first made in 1960 and it’s gaining rapid popularity due to its rare magnificence. This is valued lower than round diamonds due to its four-corners pyramid shape is parallel to partial of the irregular stone from which the diamond is being cut and shaped. With this resemblance, two similarly sized princess diamonds are formed from the same stone with very less of waste.

Top Ten Most Expensive Diamonds Cut In The World

1. Round Diamonds

This cut of diamond is supposed to be the very traditional cut from the very first day of diamond industry was started. This is considered the best quality diamond use for these cuts, this is very much popular because it is suitable and gives grace at every one hand and the personality. Altogether round cut diamonds are brilliant cut that means they have 58 features. These cuts are high-priced than the fancy cuts if created on per carat due to of two important causes. The first reason is demand for round diamonds are certainly extraordinary and the produce is comparatively very low. More over the irregular stone is lost when cutting the round diamond shape that is why the costs of every carat turn out to be very high, though this is recognized as very expensive diamond cut.

Top Ten Most Expensive Diamonds Cut In The World


When it comes to diamond you cannot think of less costly thing around the globe. But only few fortune people can have reasons to have it and wear it. No wonder diamond is the stone which enhances person’s grace and elegance.

Have you ever buy diamond?