Top Ten Most Expensive Floating Hotels In The World


The popularity of floating hotels is growing day by day due to the increase in the trend towards adventurous and exotic holidays by people. There is a prediction that floating hotels will dominate the hoteling industry in the upcoming future. This is also believable in the backdrop of the global warming theory which implies that the sea levels will continue to rise and the living on top of water might become a common way of living. Below is a description of the top ten most expensive floating hotels in the world. Most of these hotels are very friendly towards the environment and are safe for the eco system. Many of them have actually been made from recycled construction materials. In addition to being ecofriendly, these hotels are the dream vacations for many holiday lovers. They have a luxurious ambiance, royal services and a state of the art hoteling experience which make the guests feel comfortable and ready to pay heavy amounts for this royalty. The services in these floating hotels are comparable to any posh hotel in a big city but the exotic views and tropical climates are hard to find elsewhere. For beach and sea lovers, these are worth paying any amount of money.

10. Soneva Gili by Six Senses

Located in the beautiful city of Male in Maldives, this is an amazing hotel build over the blue and green sea waters of Asia. The SonevaGili is situated away from the city and it requires a 15 to 20 minutes ride on the boat to get this exotic destination. Included in the list of top ten most expensive floating hotels in the world, it is a great way to enjoy the beauty of the seaside. The hotel offers private villas that are built on top of the water to its honorable guests from all over the world. The hotel comprises of 40 villas that are made from recycled construction materials. Some of these most expensive villas are present away from the main Islands and alone in the deeper parts of the ocean. Thus they offer a lot of privacy and isolation.

Top Ten Most Expensive Floating Hotels In The World

9. Punta Caracol

Situated on the famous Panama waters, the Punta Caracol is a dream destination for all environement lovers and eco-enthusiasts. For all those people who have a spur for adventure vacation and want a bit of thrill during their holiday season, this is a perfect choice of hotel. You have the options of hiking in the green rain forests, swimming with the friendly dolphins or just being lazy and lying around on the beach. This fun packed adventure is backed by a luxurious stay in one of the many amazing floating lodges and huts that are marked by their traditional palm leaf roofs.

Top Ten Most Expensive Floating Hotels In The World

8. Bora Bora Lagoon Resort and Spa

This is one of the most amazing entries in the list of top ten most expensive floating hotels in the world. it considered to be the most exotic travel destinations by most tourists around the globe. Situated on the Islands of the great French Polynesia, this floating hotel is made up of 44 over the water huts and lodges with great facilities and a luxurious lifestyle to offer. The hotel also has some beach side and garden view rooms for its dignified guests to choose from.

Top Ten Most Expensive Floating Hotels In The World

7. Dragon Inn Floating Resort

Although there are no dragons at this resort, any tourist would love to live in this exotic floating hotel and enjoy the amazing seaside views and beach holidays. Located on the beautiful Islands of Malaysia, this floating hotel is one of the most wanted hotel destinations around the world. The rooms and huts are built on top of the water and have palm leaf roofs to give it a more natural and elegant look. The walls of many of the rooms are also lined with bamboo trees to give it a real natural and jungle outlook. There is a range of VIP rooms that have some extra special services to offer.

Top Ten Most Expensive Floating Hotels In The World

6. Floating and Rotating Hotel Tower

Dubai is no doubt the newest holiday destinations in the world. This Man made vacation destination was only sand and dust few years ago but now it has become one of the most visited tourist destination in the world. Latest addition to its tourist attractions and man made wonders is the Floating and Rotating Tower Hotel. Made by the Water studios this hotel has 25 stories building over the coats of Dubai.

Top Ten Most Expensive Floating Hotels In The World

5. Conrad Maldives

Another great floating hotel located on the Rangali Island in Maldives is the Conrad Maldives. The hotel is made of 50 over the water villas and is in connection with the main island through a beautiful sea plane. The hotel Deluxe villa is the most popular attraction of the resort.

Top Ten Most Expensive Floating Hotels In The World

4. Aero Hotel

This is one of the most unique and uncommon floating hotels in the world due to its portability feature. The location is no specification for this man made wonder. It can be carried to any destination with water where it can float and amuse its guests. It is an unbelievable entry in this list.

Top Ten Most Expensive Floating Hotels In The World

3. Oberoi Udaivila

In this floating hotel you not only get to see the beauty of floating waters but also experience the charisma and traditions of the cultural country of India.

Top Ten Most Expensive Floating Hotels In The World

2. The Reef World

This is the first hotel that claims to be totally eco-friendly in the world. The reef world is run by using some solar cells and plates, water turbines and a below the water trickle charge generator which is used meet all its energy needs. The hotel lies away from the mainland and requires a speed boat ride of two hours to get to the location where you can enjoy the Great Coral Reef.

1. King Pacific Lodge

This is the world’s most expensive and amazing floating hotels. Located in the Beautiful country of Canada, the King Pacific is present at the outskirts of the Great Bear Rain forest of the great British Columbia. There are 17 suites that the hotel offers and these can be easily reached using a sea plane.

 Top Ten Most Expensive Floating Hotels In The World