Top Ten Most Expensive Hotels In The World



Do you like spend your time most in journey and visited many places all around the world then first thing come to your mind is hotel, where you can stay easily and lavishly as your standard. The comfort and luxury of the hotel is most important than any other thing, when you are at holiday after than all your routine, hectic meetings, business dealings, visiting places and shop special things related to same area you must need very comfortable and lavish room as per your taste, room service that available 24/7, and a bathroom carried big pool Jacuzzi and also facilitate with ultra modern spa makes all your worries and stress out of reach. Just a condition required you can affordable the high expense of those luxurious and very expensive hotels which are few in the list.

We are here presenting you the list of most expensive hotels around the world that are highly luxurious. These hotels and their lavishness are jaw dropper to all even me, don’t you think so? I mean who is here do not like some beautiful scenes out the window and superb interior within the room. The view surroundings of the hotel which bring you high comfort and extreme luxury as you feel you are in a big castle and you treated like a prince or princess. The hotels are ultra modern and highly luxurious.

Here is the list of ten ultra expensive hotels in all over the world,

10. Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris, France

Cost per night- $14,797

The ultra luxurious and most expensive hotels contained many much high tech facilities like; steam shower, whirlpool bath and massage separate area. Each suite has lavish giant bed and a deluxe bathroom at around 200-square meter broad with terrace of 59-square meter and most and very much important beautiful and unforgettable view and scenes of Paris.

Top Ten Most Expensive Hotels In The World

9. Four Seasons Hotel George V in France

Cost per night- $15,277

Another luxurious and most expensive hotels in the city of light France, this hotel has antique furniture and interior with guest powder room and steam room. The hotel is situated in the heart of Paris besides the Champs-Elysees. Each suite area is around 244-square meter which is known as Royal suite.

Top Ten Most Expensive Hotels In The World

8. Le Richemond in Geneva, Switzerland

Cost per night- $16,680

Measurement of Royal suite in this most expensive hotels is 230-square meters. The hotel has swimming pool and wooden flooring. Also contains 27-square meter terrace that gives the superb view of whole city and mountains with it has bullet proof windows at the time you’re taking the view of brilliant Geneva and the Alps, no one your enemy can shoot you down so there you can enjoy all the luxuries and viewing with no tension and free mind.

Top Ten Most Expensive Hotels In The World

7. Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai

Cost per night- $17,154

Many rumor it as seven star most expensive hotels but in real it is actually five-star deluxe hotel. Each suite there is a Royal suite which makes you feel seven star luxuries measured in 799-square meter. This landmark of Dubai offer you your private movie house, a chauffeured Rolls Royce, and you never imagine before a helicopter that you can use at very reasonable cost.  Tourists and celebrities not only prefer it due to standing on an artificial island but they prefer it because outclass luxuries and facilities. Now it become the most famous place in Dubai and worldwide.

Top Ten Most Expensive Hotels In The World

6. Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow, Russia

Cost per night- $17,355

Ritz hotel is the oldest luxury hotel in the world. They are famous to maintain their name standard and offer detailed facility that no one can even think. They facilitate hotel suite area of 236-square meter with full meals are included, and more over nig piano to make you feel relax and give soothing affect. They also offer its customer a library so can you enhance your knowledge.

Top Ten Most Expensive Hotels In The World

5. Atlantis Resort Hotel in the Bahamas

Cost per night- $23,835

Another deluxe most expensive hotels in the world which is stands on manmade island and also has very popular Aqua parks. The hotel has around 440-square meter suite with more ten bedrooms and marble bathroom. This suite is much likeable by Michael Jordan and the legendry Michael Jackson. So surely you and your servants can easily access to each other and you can take luxurious life style as you are in your palace.

Top Ten Most Expensive Hotels In The World

4. President Wilson Hotel in Geneva

Cost per night- $31,462

This ultra deluxe hotel offering you the best ever facilities which you couldn’t even expect throughout your stay at other places. It is in the heart of Switzerland also offering you and your guest’s complete security of any kind. They offer suite of around 1,200-square meter with the four bedrooms and six bathrooms. You can easily put up to 40 of your guests, and further you don’t need to concern about security.

Top Ten Most Expensive Hotels In The World

3. Four Seasons Hotel in Manhattan, New York

Cost per night- $32,370

The most expensive hotels is in New York that never sleeps; you can even say you are in penthouse while visiting the place. It offers you room that features full view of the city and also nine rooms. If you have your servants with you don’t need to worry them to stay with you.

Top Ten Most Expensive Hotels In The World

2. Palms Casino Resort Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada

Cost per night- $38,070

A hotel is another big hit casino in Las Vegas; it offers the suite of 929-square meter with you can enjoy rotating bed at peak by a mirrored upper limit. Also has Jacuzzi to relaxing your mind. No one gambler can stay a single night without casino many enjoy their professional poker love the place especially for casino.

Top Ten Most Expensive Hotels In The World

1. The Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens, Greece

Cost per night- $47,527

The most expensive hotel in the world has all facility to impress you and make you feel comfortable. It has offer you the great view of sunset, with a glass sheet gives an amazing look, even you can view from the bathtub that operate to remote. It also has heated pool, a sauna, your own personal beach and a highly comfortable bed. When you need service, you can call on the butler to ask your own personal chef to make your meal. Also has soothing music of piano all are available in your 1,188 square meter suite or villa.

Top Ten Most Expensive Hotels In The World


Which one doesn’t want luxury and treated like the king in the giant and beautiful castle. These most expensive hotels are like dream to come that are superbly comfortable and highly deluxe popular worldwide.

My dream is to stay in Burj Al Arab, which one you like the most to visit?