Top Ten Most Expensive Luxurious Airlines In The World


In this article world most luxurious airlines are listed. This article will tell you about the lavish traveling style of rich and wealthy people. These airlines are providing very much comfortable traveling opportunities. Travelling in airplanes is also risky. When an airplanes crashes, no one can survive. So, safety is major issue in air journeys. To meet with this these luxurious and expensive airlines are providing the best safety for the customers. You will not get bored while traveling in these airlines. If you are going to a long distance place even then you will enjoy the journey in these most expensive airlines. These airlines provide all comforts like luxurious bedrooms, quality food and other services demanded by the customers. These airlines are providing the services to most upper class of the world. Especially celebrities, business personalities and sports person who often have to travel select these luxurious airlines. These airlines have best services like timely flights and low cancel schedules. These airlines have comfortable seats and customized services for their loyal customers. Travelling in these airlines is the wish of every person. These airlines are giving the unique experiences to their customers. This article has the list of top 10 luxurious airlines of the world.

10. Lufthansa Airlines

This is from Germany. This German airline is providing luxurious facilities to its travelers. Its travelers can enjoy the best food here. They can order the best wines of the world while traveling. The airline has special focus on the food. For this purpose world best chefs are working in this airline. It has comfortable seats. Its seats will become 6 feet long beds when your want to sleep. It also has wide range of movies, songs and also some radio stations. You can enjoy your travel while watching a good movie or hearing your favorite songs. If you are traveling in Lufthansa from Lufthansa to London then you have to pay $12000.

Top Ten Most Expensive Luxurious Airlines In The World

9. Virgin Atlantic

It is United Kingdom famous airline. It is providing best luxurious services. It has comfortable beds for the passengers. It also provides individual spots for the travelers so that they will not be disturbed by the other passengers. You can enjoy good food as well as wine. It has a bar in its planner. Passengers can get a good massage from the attendants. So, comfort is on peak in this airline. It was started in 1984. It is the first airline of the world that introduced the concept of personal entertainment in hydroplanes. It is on number 9 in this list of most expensive airlines of the world.

Top Ten Most Expensive Luxurious Airlines In The World

8. British Airlines

British Airlines is one of the oldest airlines of the world. It was the best airline during the period of First World War. It was also used in James Bond series. So, this airline has historical importance in the world. This airline is famous for giving luxurious facilities to its passengers. Its passengers can enjoy 15 inches LCD’s in their own apartments. They will enjoy the whole journey on 6 feet and 6 inches long bed. The airline uses the engines made by Rolls Royce. It is on number 8th in this list of luxurious airlines. From New York to London you have to pay 6600 dollars.

Top Ten Most Expensive Luxurious Airlines In The World

7. Japan Airlines

Japanese airline was established in 1951. It is the 7th expensive airline in the world. It has superb environment for the travelers. Travelers are entertained with the MAGIC. MAGIC is the particular name that Japan Airlines is using for the entertainment of its people. It is the jargon of this airline. This luxurious airline has the world best arrangement of food in the plane. People can eat food according to their religious obligations. Soft beds and pillows along with 23 inches LCDs are given to add comfort in traveling. Passenger can enjoy duty free shopping. Cameras are also working to show the outer world during the journey.

Top Ten Most Expensive Luxurious Airlines In The World

6. Turkish Airlines

It is one of the best airlines of the Europe. It has seats in Ottomans styles that can be easily shaped in beds when desired. You will enjoy a quality food in this airline because food is prepared under the controlled and strict observations. Turkish food and all other European food is available in the plane. You will enjoy the food in royal manners. This airline will feel you as you are prince or king. It is giving entertainment to the people through its latest Planet Digital System. You can also maintain your privacy during traveling. If you are going to London from Turkey from this airline then you have to pay 886 dollars. Lionel Nessi famous footballer has also a commercial video add for this airline.

Top Ten Most Expensive Luxurious Airlines In The World

5. Singapore Airlines

Singapore is a recent developed country. This country has worked hard to give its people with the best standard of living. The same standard they have established in their Singapore Airlines. For first class passengers it is the most luxurious experience. It is now promised to give the world with biggest plane ever. It has also introduced the air bus A380. Its seats are very comfortable made by leather. It seats are designed by the famous Poltrona Faru. You can have all types of enjoyment movies, games, magazines etc. A trip from Los Angele to Singapore will cost $5100.

Top Ten Most Expensive Luxurious Airlines In The World

4. Air France

Air France is on number 4th in this list. Air France started working in 1933. Its food menu is prepared by the world best chef Guy Mart. So, along with the traveling you will get luxurious food. You can watch movies of your own choice in different languages like Hindi, French, and English etc. It provides the travelers with its own magazine named French Magazine.

Top Ten Most Expensive Luxurious Airlines In The World

3. Emirates Airline

It started the working in 1985. It is the 3rd luxurious airline of the world. It is from Dubai. As the rich Arabic people of Dubai are very status conscious. They are luxury oriented. So, you can also enjoy the luxurious way of traveling established by the wealthy Arabic people. This airline is famous for the wide food menu. You can order any food of your own choice. There is also a small bar for the entertainment of first class travelers. Passengers can avail full privacy because along with every seat there is a door. You can watch 500 different channels. From New York to Dubai its ticket is available in $21000. It is official sponsor of football club Real Madrid. Its name and logo is drawn on the shirts worn by the players. You will enjoy the Spa products while having bath in this planner.

Top Ten Most Expensive Luxurious Airlines In The World

2. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is also official sponsor of famous football club FCB. FCB has the printed logo and name of Qatar airlines on the shirts of its players. Qatar airways is the 2nd luxurious airline of the world. It has the world best air services in it. You will enjoy good food, entertainment and quality seating in this. Its attendants are known as the best in the world. They have also got many awards in the world. It provides the best food by the signature of different celebrity chefs. Christian Dior amenity products are also available to a more luxury and comfort.

Top Ten Most Expensive Luxurious Airlines In The World

1. Cathy Pacific Airways

This Chinese airline is the best luxurious airline of the world. It will remain best for coming many years. It has got four times award for the best airline in the world. The success of this airline is largely due to the warm and friendly attitude of its attendants. Its crew and attendant will make your journey more memorable. The most special thing of this airline is the food that is Chinese and also adds other countries famous menus. You will enjoy the best in everything e.g. seating, music, videos etc. Its first class ticket from London to New York is sold for $31000.

Top Ten Most Expensive Luxurious Airlines In The World


This article has a list of best airlines. Through this article you will be able to find the best option for your air journey. These airlines will make your journey very memorable. These airlines are very costly. But after traveling in these airlines you will come to know that the money is nothing in front of their services. One thing can be concluded from this article that the success of a airline largely depend upon its attendants attitude.