Top Ten Most Expensive Nail Polish In The World



Hand plays very important role to your personality it gives others good or bad impression about yourself, clean and beautiful hands are the desire especially to each and every lady in the world. In addition, nails make a very important part of beauty care management of a woman, every lady wish to make them beautiful through manicure, nail polishes and the most recent technique known as nail art. While it is very significant to search for a good quality of nail polish to keep your nails in a healthy condition not like bad quality nail polish can damage nails of natural shine and shape. That is why everyone should go for only good quality nail paints so that it enhance your hands beauty and more over nail art require best quality nail paints. There are many types of nail polishes available in the markets some are matt, some are glossy, some are very rare shades and many others with offering high price due to its shades and varieties. You hardly find a lady wardrobe and cosmetics without nail paints of several types, for this we are about to present you the most expensive brands of nail polishes which are very much popular in ladies all around the world. Here is the list of ten most expensive nail polishes in the world,

10. Revlon

Revlon is considered the leading brand of cosmetic industry and also very much popular brand for perfumes, personal care products and cosmetics. It offers several appealing shades and many patterns in their all products. It provides wide range of nail paints in vibrant colors that is simply stunning and pretty. These nail paints will completely make your hands as pretty as the celebs hands.

Top Ten Most Expensive Nail Polish In The World

9. Loreal Paris

This brand is very much popular for cosmetics products and varieties of nail polishes. The brand offer vibrant shine, lavish and outstanding colors are reliable and gives superb look to nails. They make available all colors which can easily matches to your outfit and your style, mood as well as personality. You have a chance to give your nails glamorize colors that being offered by Loreal Paris.

Top Ten Most Expensive Nail Polish In The World

8. Essie

The most exclusive and innovative colors of nail polish are available by the brand. It offers broad range of nail paints and patterns which are extremely stylish and beautiful. The most stylish and trendy brand is very famous among women. Essie is most popular for light colors, transparent and even creamy shades, which looks super exclusive and can enhance your hand beauty.   Its base sheet called as Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat is beautiful which surely prevent nails from stain and marks and make nails smooth, shiny and enamel for long time to go.

Top Ten Most Expensive Nail Polish In The World

7. Super Glow

The brand is very known for the nail polishes that gives your nail sizzling glow and exotic look which can appear at your nail as smoothness and very shiny as well as do not harm your nails of any type. The special feature in the nail polishes is when you applied it on your nails it gives you glowing color and shine as the many brands of nail paint are available but it gives your nails bright glow for many hours in the dark.

Top Ten Most Expensive Nail Polish In The World

6. RGB Nail Color

It is the brand that offers you stylish nail products and has ability to secure nails from harmful bacteria. The great shine and chip resistance nail paint contains no toluene. Dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin or camphor making it five free formula so that the nail color lasts for many days with the extreme glow and shine. This brand is more focused to the natural approach colors for nail polish. As well as it classical shades with a contemporary corner simply make it fine product to select.

Top Ten Most Expensive Nail Polish In The World

5. Red Carpet Manicure

The one of the most popular brand for styling product and nail paints. If you are looking for a nail polish brand which offer high shiny nail paints with long lasting manicure and pedicure by your own, then your search has over this is the brand allows you all with all ease at home. It is very easy to apply and dry in few seconds. Offering several colors with long lasting shine and glow, it allows to those women who are very busy and don’t have time to change color on daily basis, this brand make all ease for those women by offering the nail paints which are reliable up to 14 days, and after that the nail polish vanish in the form of chips over to your nails without damaging nails at all.

Top Ten Most Expensive Nail Polish In The World

4. China Glaze

A high class brand which offers fine quality of nail enamel of professional level with balance of resins and polymers which being combined to make a nail paint that is chip resistant, long lasting and secure colors and glow from vanishing. Its non thickening formula does not let the nail paint to get thicken in the jar. It gets dry within few seconds, also very easy to apply and durable.

Top Ten Most Expensive Nail Polish In The World

3. GPI

An Australian brand which is specially making nails products salon professionals all around United States. The nail polish of this unbeaten brand are non poisonous, which are free of toluene, Dibutyl phthalate, and formaldehyde. This brand constantly launches new range of nail paints, and that are extremely gorgeous, also they are featuring many varieties related to many types of nail paint and art. It offer polishes are long lasting and very easy apply by using big brushes.

Top Ten Most Expensive Nail Polish In The World


It is a chief fashion make up brand which provides brilliant excellence products. It offers several shades of nail paints like matt nail polish, pure nail polish, night series nail polish, glitter nail polish, top coat, and base coat. It obtainable nails paints that transmit unbelievable gleam and fashionable forward impact. Their nails polishes are enduring, long lasting and are made with chip resistant terminate with ultraviolet shelter to restrict polish staining and marked. The nail polishes make available by this brand are toluene formaldehyde, and DBP free.

Top Ten Most Expensive Nail Polish In The World

1. Yves Saint Laurent La Laque

The popular brand in world, which offer a huge series of nail colors from the natural to vibrant colors. Its nail paints are a home of style, fashion inspired shades, from usual and sophisticated to spectacular and vibrant. The nail paints of Yves Saint Laurent La Laque proffer a high shimmer finish for a up to date and current trend of glamor.

Top Ten Most Expensive Nail Polish In The World


Nail polishes are very important in cosmetics each and every women love to have varieties of colors and exclusive collections of nail paints in their wardrobe of cosmetics. If these nail polishes are very fine in quality and has glitter effect so then it makes your hands very beautiful and lovable.

How do you like the details and which nail polish type you mostly used?