Top Ten Most Expensive Shoe Brands In The World


Rich and status conscious people are also very brand conscious. In this article i will talk about top ten most expensive shoe brands in the world. People love to wear and use the branded dresses, watches, perfumes, wallets, jewelry, makeup and even shoes. Firstly only women were conscious about their accessories like matching shoes, bags etc but now men are also. Rich people and celebrities mostly love to wear branded and expensive shoes and most of them have a large collection of branded shoes. It is true that the branded shoes are most reliable and comfortable. But it is also true that some branded shoes are very expensive as there price is equal to a common man’s monthly income. But rich people pay more for their favorite brands because it is status symbol for them. Especially status conscious and rich women or female stars love to wear most expensive shoes to show off their royalty, style and richness. Shoes made by these brands are modern, luxurious and mostly comfortable. Below is a list of top ten most expensive shoe brands in the world.

  1. Gucci

Most Expensive Shoe Brands

Gucci is not popular only for its luxurious and stylish shoes but also for its dresses, watches, glasses, jewelry, bags and perfumes etc. Guccio Gucci introduced this famous brand in 1921. Its shoes are very stylish modern and also very expensive and they stand tenth in the most expensive shoes in the world. It is basically an Italian brand but it is popular worldwide. Minimum price of a pair of the shoes of Gucci is almost $ 600. Gucci has many outlets of its products in different countries. Its shoes are comfortable and attractive. Gucci is also sailing its products online. Its jeans also very liked.

9. Miu Miu

Most Expensive Shoe Brands

Miu Miu shoes are ninth most expensive shoes in the world. The people who want to buy trendy, comfortable but luxurious footwear than Miu Miu is right brand for them. Its heels and sandals are very famous in the stars and rich women. It is ranked at 9th number in the list of top ten most expensive shoe brands in the world. Common men can’t afford its products. Hailee Steinfeld a famous actress also made contract with Miu Miu to promote their products. Many other famous stars perform in their ads. The ankle boot styles of Miu Miu in gold metallic and pink colors are very popular. Young girls and young female celebrities like their foot ware. Famous star Kristine Dunst also wears mostly their shoes. Minimum price of a pair of shoes is 550$.

8. Stuart Weitzman

 Most Expensive Shoe Brands

Stuart Weitzman stands eighth in this list. This shoe company is very popular. Firstly the company was headquartered in Massachusetts but now it is working in Spain. In these shoes unique materials are used including vinyl, cork, 24 carat gold etc. Minimum price of the shoes is 600$. The company has introduced man stylish, unique, modern and expensive designs. It is ranked at 8th number in the list of top 10 most expensive shoe brands in the world.A famous design of their shoes pair was listed in Oscar. Many stars put on their shoes in parties and especially in award shows and it is the main reason of the popularity of this brand. Company also designed shoes for many famous stars. A very expensive pair of shoes for Marlin Monroe (a famous celebrity) was designed and its price was one million dollar. Another footwear which has diamonds and platinum was designed by Stuart and its cast was 1.09 million $. Another pair is very expensive and its cost is 3 million $. The material used in these shoes is very rare.

Top 7 Most Expensive Shoe Brands In The World

7. Brian Atwood

Most Expensive Shoe Brands

Brian Atwood is an Italian shoe brand and is seventh most expensive shoe brand in World. Their shoes are exported in many countries. Their minimum price is almost 600$. These shoes are famous for their comfort and material. Especially their leather made shoes are very popular. It is ranked at 7th number in the list of top 10 most expensive shoe brands in the world. They are good quality wise having unique and stylish designs. Their long boots are also in demand. These shoes are available in new designs and in a wide range. They are also selling their products online.

6. Alexander McQueen

Most Expensive Shoe Brands

Alexander shoes are ranked as sixth in most expensive shoes in the world. The company has introduced many traditional designs of 16th and 19th centuries along with the new stylish designs. The minimum price of a pair of these shoes is 600$. Their heels, cuts, and styles are very unique. These shoes are designed on demand are according to latest trends. The company is also designing other products like jewelry, bags, clutches etc. In 2003 McQueen was awarded as Designer of the year.

Top5 Most Expensive Shoe Brands In The World

5. Walter Steiger

Most Expensive Shoe Brands

Walter Steiger is fifth most expensive shoe brand in the world. Its designs are innovative, unique and colorful. The shoes made of this brand have curvy heels and different cuts. These shoes are expensive and not easily affordable. Their products are known as classics.

4.  Louis Vuitton

 Most Expensive Shoe Brands

Louis Vuitton is 4th most expensive shoe brand in the world. It is most luxurious and valuable brand. The company is most popular for its Large Men’s shoes range. These shoes are comfortable, good in quality and trendy. Minimum price of a shoe pair is 900 $. In 2010 Louis introduced the most expensive pair of the shoes which was the most expensive shoe in all over the world. Louis designed luggage and hand bags are also famous. Products designed by the company are trendy, classy, stylish and reliable. It has its outlets in different countries. The company has also designed beautiful shoes for women and its high heel shoes especially in red color are too much liked.

3. Manolo Blahnik

 Most Expensive Shoe Brands

It is the third most expensive shoe brand in the world. In the beginning the company only designed the simple boots and platform shoes but now they have introduced many new styles and designs. These shoes are unique and made of expensive materials. Blixa Alligator shoes are very expensive product of this brand and are made of skin of the alligator. Moreover company has introduced a wide range of heels, men’s shoes and shoes for kids and young girls. Their price range is almost 4500$.

2. Christian Louboutin

Most Expensive Shoe Brands

Christian Louboutin is second most expensive shoe brand in the world. Its shoes are popular for their high heels and red colors. Most expensive shoes designed by the company were introduced in its collection” Sexy Strass”. And these shoes are still in market and their price is almost 3095. The minimum range of a pair of shoes is 900$. Company has a wide range of shoes for ladies, gents and kids. It has won the title of “Most value able luxury brand” many times.

1. Jimmy Choo

 Most Expensive Shoe Brands

Jimmy Choo is the most popular and expensive shoe brand in all over the world. Hollywood stars love to put on the Jimmy choo shoes especially on ramp and red carpet. Its “Iconic” collection which was presented in 2011 became very popular and its price range is almost 3,785$. Jimmy choo shoes are designed according to latest trends and are very comfortable and reliable. Their price range is minimum $1400. The brand is also popular for its handmade shoes for ladies. The company has many outlets in different countries.


In this modern age everyone wants to have a different and unique look. Especially upper class people, celebrities and status conscious people are crazy after branded products either it is a diamond ring or a pair of shoes.