Top Ten Most Expensive Wedding Dress In The World



Weddings are the most special day of any person’s life and that try all hard to make this day memorable to all extend. The dress of the day is definitely the most important component at least to the bride, and one will certainly go to great lengths in order to make sure you have the perfect dress of one’s desire.

Despite the fact you may sometimes catch a screaming compact whichstatic makes you expression like a million bucks; the dresses that make up our list were raised for aprofound amount of money. The worth of particular of the most costly and lavish wedding dresses from all over the world will assuredly make your head twist.

The list we are gathering up of the most exclusive and expensive wedding dresses specially designed for lead class, famous personalities or celebrities and for many princesses related to the royal families. These extraordinary dresses were being designed by very successful designers and stylists from all over the world.

Here is the list of ten most expensive wedding dresses in the world,

10. 9,999 carats of gems wedding gown

Most Expensive Wedding Dress In The World

The most expensive wedding dress has made up of almost 222 diamonds and 100 red valuable and very precious rubies. This unique wedding grown has been designed by Huy Vo, and contained total weight up to forty pounds. It also carried the shades of gorgeous and vibrant colors which old-fashioned wedding dresses have neglected. This beautiful wedding dress has comprised 9,999 carats of jewels on it.

9. Imperial Pearl Syndicate Wedding Dress

Most Expensive Wedding Dress In The World

The wedding dress carried up to 27 pounds and has stitched with almost 100,000 pearls sewed into it. These glimmering pearls gives shiny and glorious look to this special dress and also makes this is one of the most precious and beautiful wedding dresses. This dress has factor to enhanced feminine beauty through its glam and provide simply delicate looks.

8. Platinum Wedding Dress

Most Expensive Wedding Dress In The World

This wedding dresses in particularly created fully with woolen of silk and platinum thread. An Italian Mauro Adami was the creator of this dress. The dress is highly expensive and exclusive due to the using of luxurious metal platinum in it. The dress carried largest piece of fabric which is around 400 yards.

 7. Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress

Most Expensive Wedding Dress In The World

It is recorded that the wedding dress of Duchess of Cambridge was motivated and inspired by Grace Kelly’s Dress. More over the silk net and lace fine points provided a great royal appearance. This wedding dress contained stunning hand sewed cord applique. This extremely gorgeous dress is worth up to $ 400,000.

6. Catherine Zeta Jones Wedding Dress

Most Expensive Wedding Dress In The World

The most beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones had one of the most expensive weddings with this she had carried the most exclusive and very expensive wedding dress ever. She had a dress which is around 6 feet long, and together with the dress contained V-neck dress with no sleeves. Truly she had carried her wedding dress with complete elegance and makes the dress extreme glam. The most expensive dress had comprised with silk and diamonds thread.

5. Peacock Feather Wedding Dress

Top Ten Most Expensive Wedding Dress In The World-8

No one can ever imagine a dress created of peacock’s feather, it can only think by a great fashion mind. Everyone loves the beautiful colors of peacock feathers as I do. This unique dress was presented by Danasha Luxury in 2010.This dress has not only peacock’s beautiful feather it also adorned with many expensive heavy diamonds and gold (18 k gold). This is not just enough uniqueness of the dress; it also created fully by human hand and took much time to get completed. This dress has sold at worth of 1.5 Million which is no wonder most expensive and exclusive ever.

4. Melania Knauss Wedding Dress

Top Ten Most Expensive Wedding Dress In The World-9

This wedding dress is enough exclusive and expensive for the special bride which is complete strong to bear the expensive gown. This wedding dress was created of 300 feet tulle and some over 1500 diamanté or pesters. this dress was exclusively and specially made for Melania Knauss , therefore the price is not estimated or identified exactly.

3. Diamond Wedding Gown

Top Ten Most Expensive Wedding Dress In The World-10

As the name of dress is enough to tell everyone clearly that much expensive and costly. This exclusive wedding dress gown adorned with nearly 150 carats of diamonds embossed at the dress through bootlace. The most shimmery and sparkly dress is one from all wedding dresses. The designer created this unique and extravagant dress is Martin Katz and Renee Strauss. This gorgeous dress is still waiting for it buyer and might be some millionaire who can provide it the accurate place which this super stunning dress be worthy. The covering which is available with it has contained diamanté in it. This beautiful dress is worth nearly $ 12 million.

 2. Grace Kelly’s Helen Rose Gown

Most Expensive Wedding Dress In The World

The wedding dress was designed by Helen Rose, this dress is deliberated to be the most stylish and significant wedding dress to be ever worn by any bride in the world. The dress has carried sufficient specifics of silk together with many yards of silk net, silk taffeta and a traditional Brussels rose-point bootlace.The curved collar makes it look greatly more graceful and glum than any other typical wedding dresses. This dress has comprised complete flair at the lower, also contained long sleeves and full size skirt. This dress is still considered as the most costly and expensive dress yet after almost 50 years of the wedding.

1. Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress

Most Expensive Wedding Dress In The World

The leading dress at this list was made by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel as most beautiful wedding dress. The dress was worn by the prettiest lady Princess Diana, which no doubt enhanced the beauty of the dress with her grace. The dress itself is the symbol of sensuality, delicacy and royalty, which clearly represented the glamour of Diana. The dress has work of pearls and sequences besides with the bootlace frills, also the dress has highlighted with 24 feet long train. This dress will never get out dated any matter how new fashion would be presented by designers. With this though the dress is related to princess got much high price tag with it, and yet it is the most expensive wedding dress in the world.


Looking very beautiful and wearing most precious dress at the wedding is every woman’s dream. But only few can up to their desires of having extremely expensive and costly wedding dress.

Do you have a same desire?