Top Ten Most Overrated Clothing Brands In 2015-2016


In today’s world there is more charm than it could be found ever before. In this article i will discuss top ten most overrated clothing brands. Today everybody wants to look different and dress up in an adorable and elegant manner. This is one cause why people spend time in choosing their garments and the brands they belong to. The most famous of these brands have taken the place of trend setters and have risen as status signs among the wealthy classes. But, many people feel distinctively about designer garments. While few feel Louis Vuitton is durability, Gucci is luxury, Armani is class and Valentino is beauty, there are likewise individuals who would choose for alternatives that show up designer however don’t carry a big price tag with them. Below is a list of top ten most overrated clothing brands.

  1. American Eagle Outfitters:

Most Overrated Clothing Brands

American Eagle Outfitters is a popular American clothing retailer which is much desired and favorite brand among young people. Although i personally like American Eagle to A&F and Hollister for some adorable stuffs it offers yet I do not see the deal in paying so greatly for something that is not even high end, stylish and preppy. Gratefully the designs are delicate and the Eagle logo does not emphasize all over yet that is no reason for so much publicity which the AE brand brings along. After all, AE, A&F, Aeropostale, Hollister all show up the same, particularly when each freaken child in school is wearing them.

  1. Gap

Most Overrated Clothing Brands

The Gap is also recognized as Gap Inc. and is again a multinational retailer of accessories and clothing of America. It incorporates the five famous divisions – Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy, Piperlime and Athleta. When The Gap was propelled in 1969, it important style and reasonableness. But today, the brand is far from preppy and stylish. It is ranked at 9th number in the list of top ten most overrated clothing brands in 2015. Furthermore its plainand apparel is just overpriced and overrated. The brand which used to be magnificent in the past is currently just overdone. Still the introductory buzz about Gap has kept it going.

  1. True Religion:

Most Overrated Clothing Brands

True Religion is a popular California based garments organization which claims to offer premium handmade denim. This brand pants are the most extravagant pair of pants you will ever find, costing anyplace between 300$-600$. It is ranked at 8th number in the list of top ten most overrated clothing brands in 2015. The dress owes its high cost to favor part production in America, yet there is a vast benefit included. Without any doubt the quality is much superior to any customary pants yet reality remains that nothing in the world can make a pants pair cost more than $75.

  1. Polo Raulph Lauren:

Most Overrated Clothing Brands

Polo Raulph Lauren is a worldwide multi-billion enterprise which established by popular American designer Raulph Lauren. Polo Raulph Lauren is especially known for its top of the line polo shirts, however they offer shirts, pants, dress-up shirts and khakis as well. Polo is overrated because of the premium status connected with it as the manager has constantly attempted to focus on the high-end wealthy people. Rich individuals are prepared to pay five times higher for getting that much famous polo player sewed on their shirt. Furthermore, high cost of Polo does not mean utilization of exotic and rare fabric. Keep in mind – you’re paying for the logo and not the fabric.

  1. Ed Hardy:

Most Overrated Clothing Brands

Ed Hardy is an overrated and expensive designer clothing which belonging to popular American artist Don Ed Hardy. It is ranked at 6th number in the list of top ten most overrated clothing brands. This famous brand is known for its loud colors, tattoo prints, snakes and hearts, logos of skulls, furthermore sewn sequins which show inclination to pop culture. Although the brand is not in its climax fame as it was in 2006 and 2007, it is still far from dying soon. What distress me is that the brand offers ludicrously low quality clothing, that as well, at a frightfully raised cost.

  1. Jack Wills:

Most Overrated Clothing Brands

Jack Wills, established in 1999, is a British line went for rich secondary school and college understudy. Actually, to me, Jack Wills (JW) is England’s answer to America’s Abercrombie & Fitch, just that it is more selective for the ones who can manage the cost of it. JW has a conventional English legacy connected with it as it is motivated by vintage sportswear. All the prevalent gentlemen and young women of English secondary schools wear it as it is the encapsulation of English preppy cool.

  1. Lacoste:

Most Overrated Clothing Brands

Lacoste is a French organization that offers high end designer garments. The organization has a green color crocodile logo which shows up on almost all the things they offer. It is ranked at 4th number in the list of top ten most overrated clothing brands. The quality is well, in fact better than Polo, however like all other brands of designer, Lacoste excessively is exceptionally misrepresented. Lacoste is best known for its polo shirts yet purchasing one methods paying a hefty cost.

  1. Hollister:

Most Overrated Clothing Brands

Hollister Co. is an organization owned by Abercrombie and Fitch which offers out items like t-shirts, hoodies, pants, polo shirts and other apparel focusing teens. Although Hollister is a bit less expensive contrasted with its parent A&F, the costs are still high for the boring stuff they offer. Customizing to the surfer picture, Hollister offers laid back stuffs and easygoing mostly sporting its unpalatable advertisement. The similar quality of fabric can be procured at Aeropostale for much less expensive rates.

  1. Abercrombie & Fitch:

Most Overrated Clothing Brands

Abercrombie and Fitch is an overexposed and over worn dressing brand with pretty much consistently American teenager wearing it. The costs for most A&F garments are incredibly high, like as $60-$100 for a t-shirt, which is only the same in quality as any t-shirt sold at an Old Naval store. It is ranked at 2nd number in the list of top ten most overrated clothing brands. Maybe it is the most overpriced shop for unremarkable dress in the world. Also, this brand has gotten to be common to the point that it has lost uniqueness and individuals who would prefer not to be clones simply don’t purchase it.


Most Overrated Clothing Brands

Armani is a global Italy based famous fashion house which makes different products under the sub ranges Armani Collezioni, Giorgio Armani, Armani Pants, Armani Exchange and Emporio Armani. It is ranked at 1st number in the list of top ten most overrated clothing brands. The suits of Armani have always been excessively misrepresented, given their costs and alternate brands they contend with. Although the designs are beautiful and attractive, the brand has witnessed quality intensity with such a large number of Armani labels existent now that offer diverse levels of quality. Many people around the globe see Armani as a definitive designer brand without much learning of other better brands like Zegna which give better fabrics.