Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Affairs of 2015-2016


Most popular Hollywood affairs of 2014-2015, this is a well known fact that world of the celebrities affairs is very different from the world of the common people, as the rules of almost everything in that world is different as we can also say that weird according to the common people. For many people the world of the most popular Hollywood affairs may look glamorous as because of the fame and money they have, but if we look closer to their lives then we will surely find out that they are filled with disappointment and spaces. The relationships of the most popular Hollywood affairs are the second most talked about things about the celebrities after the style of our loved celebrities, we surely want to know too much about their personal life and the relationships. Would you like to know that which is the most popular affair of Hollywood? Here we are presenting you a list of some celebrity relationships and explaining the most popular affair of Hollywood ever, so take a look and enjoy this twisted ride from the loves of your favorite celebrities.

10. Sean and Multiple Ladies

It is very hurrying as it sounds, as you loved big all time star big Sean has been reported to date multiple ladies at one time well it may be the fame that forces him to do so or it may be the money that he has. Glee actress’s fans most popular Hollywood affairs were truly amazed when she announced that she was engaged to the rapper Sean, just after dating for 6 months. After some time big Sean confirmed that the engagement is over, surely the lady could not tale much of his extra work.

Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Affairs of 2014-2015

9. Jay Z And Rihanna

Rumors tell this all that may be the lead pop star Jay Z and queen of pop Rihanna were having affair. News was commonly seen in many celebrity corners, but no prove has been still came to the front. Well we can surely say that the world of the celebrities is so much twisted all over.

Jay is married with Bayonne and they two have a daughter also, whom the welcomed recently, well for sure she does not know about this or else she would be filing some papers against him.

Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Affairs of 2014-2015

8. Danny Moder and Julia Roberts

Vera Steinberg was the camera girl at many movies of Danny, until she fell in love with him. They both had healthy relation, until the time when Julia Roberts came into their lives. Well we cannot say at all that they were cheating, but still it made Vera Steinberg leave Danny all alone.

Now Julia and Danny are together and have a family of three children. It is very shocking to see many changes in the lives of our loved celebrities.

Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Affairs of 2014-2015

7. Robin Thicke and Lana Scolaro

This story is like a fairy tale until the harsh ending come, as two teenagers meet and in the future they get married. The same has happened to the Robin as he met his wife at a very young age, and at the time of their first child they got married, but they sour ending came to them. When the pictures of hubby Robin with his fan Lana were released Paula got shocked, and after too many denial of the hubby sweetie Paula filed a divorce and got separated from her husband taking the custody of their child. In they got separated; afterwards the kissing pictures with other young women were also released.

Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Affairs of 2014-2015

6. Ashton Kutcher and Sarah Leal

At the time of the marriage of Demi and Ashton there were many news on media that they are 15 years of difference, but nothing stopped them at all. He was also the step father to 3 teenage girls of Demi. Most popular Hollywood affairs, they couple stayed happy until the 6th year of their marriage until the news of Ashton’s affair with his administrative Sarah was revealed. This broke Demi, and she filed a divorce against Ashton, although he denied all those news, but reality is reality. In the year of 2013 they got separated as Demi received all the legal fees that she was eligible to get from Ashton.

Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Affairs of 2014-2015

5. Jesse James and Michelle McGee

Surely it is one of the most popular affairs of Hollywood ever, most popular Hollywood affairs of as it is totally ground shaking really. When the top lady star Sandra Bullock married the common man, the bike rider Jessie James in the year of 2005 it was sure that she is on heaven by still being on earth, but her happiness was sadly not for a long time as when the report of her husband’s multiple affairs broke out. Surely Sandra was totally broke at that time. She also helped him to get his daughter back from his previous marriage.

Although Jessie was denying all this, but the report of his relationship with the Michelle McGee was out, so it forced Sandra to file a divorce against him, this broke everything and they got separated in the year of 2010.

Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Affairs of 2014-2015

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mildred Baena

Who does not know this star? As he is the former star of action and also the ‘’Govenator’’ of the California. His fans and his supporters were truly shocked after knowing that he was cheating his wife from last 25 years with his former employee in the year of 2011. The affair is reportedly said to be taking its place after 14 years that Maria worked for the couple. She also has a son with Arnold whom she gave birth in 1997, just one week before when his wife gave birth to their youngest child.

It is stated by the star himself that he had no idea at all that the boy was his, as he began to look like him more and more while he was growing, surely that is weird to hear. After this news came out, the couple separated but yet no case for the divorce was filed.

Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Affairs of 2014-2015

3. Tom cruise and Katie holmes

Surely this one is very shocking, as after the birth of their child Surry the couple was most popular Hollywood affairs still on cloud 9 with their love story still raw, but on the other hand Tom is very well known for his relationship lists, as he manages to carry his life onwards no matter what. This may not be shocking for Katie herself, as she filed the divorce and managed to take much of her husband’s property in the matter of few hearings.

Now the question as that who will take the custody of their daughter Surry but, no worries as Katie managed to get that very smoothly also, hats off to that also. After some pictures were leaked, the mother daughter was looking happy and satisfied with their new lives.

Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Affairs of 2014-2015

2. Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel

This is very well known that Tiger Woods is one of the most successful, highest paid, and along with this most famous athlete since a very long time. If we take a closer look at the personal life of this star then we will come to know that his life most popular Hollywood affairs is also filled with many scandals and affairs that almost top his golden career. Tiger married the Swedish model Au Pair in 2004, and just after few years in year of 2009 his life started to stumble as the scandal came to main scene. It was none other than the Rachel Chital, this news was first leaked by the nightclub manager, who confirmed that they both came together to the bar many times. After this hot flash his wife filed a divorce against him.

Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Affairs of 2014-2015

1. Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders

We all know Kristen from the series of the Twilight, as she has a huge fan followings and most popular Hollywood affairs her movie series the Twilight, and the rest was completed as she was in relationship with her on screen love Robert Patterson, although this relationship of hers gave her fame too which made her to be the headline of any news at some time.

The time changed when her ‘’cozy’’ picture with the director of her movie Snow White and the Huntsman Rupert Sanders were released, although after sometime she also confirmed that these pictures we real, which broke the heart of many twilight fans. After this she confirmed her breakup with her 4 year long boyfriend Patterson.

Top Ten Most Popular Hollywood Affairs of 2014-2015

So, these are the starts who are listed on the most popular affairs of Hollywood ever, although only one of them can be the most popular affair of Hollywood ever, the selection is yours, as being a fan may break your heart and let you choose that one affair that is totally a no for your celebrity. On your own you can decide that which is the most popular affair of Hollywood? As the list is surely a lengthy one, now for sure you know that the celebs have really twisted lives.