Top Ten Most Popular Social Media Sites



Not anything has altered the Web added than the increase of most popular social media sites. Earlier than social networking, the World Wide Web was jam-packed of appealing and exciting information, but there was modest prospect to supply or involve you.

These days, most popular social media sites are satisfying the potential of the Web concerning people transversely the world. With social networks, we’re capable to think about the connections among individual, according to Fred Stutzman, Ph.D. student and education associate, School of in sequence and Library Science at UNC Chapel Hill. Constant if the value or extent of the connection is the same for every person but that doesn’t reflect real life, significant the associations stuck between individuals help us improved recognize them, who they are linked to, and how they are linked to us.

If Stutzman is accurate, perceptive the way these most popular social media sites work will facilitate us identify with ourselves and our companion and mates. So read on to determine the 10 social networking websites which you should recognize about today.

10. My Space

For reasonably some time, MySpace is a most popular social media sites; hold and activate by News Corporations conquered the social market, other than progressively turned down and vanished its popularity and usage too. Afterward this was sold out to a marketing organization named definite Media and Justin Timer Lake for $35 million. This website has carried approximately 50 million users.

Top Ten Most Popular Social Media Sites

9. Orkut

Orkut is relatively an older website that actually produces the suggestion of increasing social networks online and relates with them. It is hold by Google and very much famous in India and Brazil, other than not used broadly more or less the world. Orkut has contained around 100 million users.

Top Ten Most Popular Social Media Sites

 8. LinkedIn

A further prominent and extensively used website is LinkedIn, however this is in exacting a business support social network that has been drifted in the US stock advertise as well, and its distribute cost twice over wonderfully in the first day. Consumers, who have created their profile on this website, are made contact with the employers and employees to congregate dissimilar professional need from all around the world. LinkedIn has carried up to 115 million users by now.

Top Ten Most Popular Social Media Sites

7. Bebo

This most popular social media sites has carried around 117 million of its users all over the world. Bebo has been purchased by AOL for $850. Bebo recommend many distributions and division features to its users and lets them exchange words with each other all the way through trouble-free modes.

Top Ten Most Popular Social Media Sites

6. Badoo

This social media networking site is a true representation of world globalization, from the time when it has been operated in several countries. The website is supervised from London, while it is hold by a Cypriot corporation by a Russian industrialist, and is consumers are extensively found in Latin American, Spain, Italy and France which made approx 124 million in total.

Top Ten Most Popular Social Media Sites

5. VKontakte

Vkontakte is also a public most popular social media sites, other than extensively used by Russian internet users. It put forward related features to seeing that of the Facebook. This social site has carried around 135 million users all around the world.

Top Ten Most Popular Social Media Sites

4. Renren

Renren is also known as the “Facebook of China” that is extremely admired surrounded by the students association. This social site has carried 160 million consumers, and up to 32,000 universities, 56,000 sky-scraping schools and above 85,000 corporations is scheduled on this site.

Top Ten Most Popular Social Media Sites

3. Twitter

Twitter is a rising social network site that has contained 200 million users by now. This social network site suggests a host of repair that consists of 140-character messages, wide-ranging of links to filling everywhere found online. Several of the celebrities are passionate with this website and keeps on changing their statuses and statements. It is said that Twitter has reached value of up to $10 billion.

Top Ten Most Popular Social Media Sites

2. Qzone

Qzone is any more most popular social media sites that is used by approximately 480 million users. This network facilitate and permit its users to preserve their diaries, allocate photos, more over listen to music of their selection and preference; on the other hand several of its features are totally free.

Top Ten Most Popular Social Media Sites

1. Facebook

The most broadly used social media site in present time is no one is other than Facebook. It has profitably attained and carried 750 million users all around the world. Facebook is all position to be public next year with their net worth of $100 billion. By using this media site, you can share your pictures, videos with your family and friends, and also can tag people in the pictures, uphold social pages, play games with other activities and go through into contest and much more.

Top Ten Most Popular Social Media Sites


These social networking sites are the major way of communication throughout the world no matter where from you are using, you can easily connect to each corner of world by using these media networking websites. Especially the students and official people help them to use these media websites, it can help them finding many things they are looking for even the job opportunities are being provided by some of these sites. Many people can connect and be in relationship with many people from one corner of the world to second corner. In fact there is news that many of the people get married through these sites as it is very wondering but good enough if this news is true.

Which media networking sites do you use to communication?