Top Ten Most Valuable Vinyl Records In The World


Top 10 most valuable vinyl records in the world it is a life ling hobby and he does have few really good pieces, he has attended several international and most valuable vinyl records conferences of stamp collectors and has always inspired his peers with his collection and knowledge regarding this very peculiar hobby. Unfortunately, due to the advent of the internet, the practice of writing letters and sending them through post is becoming extinct.

I have always fantasized about a garage sale bargain bringing me a great fortune. Since collecting stamps is not really my fort, I would like my readers to understand the appeal of collecting old valuable records. At times, I would wonder which vinyl records are the most valuable in the whole world.

I recently tried to find out the answer to this question, and I am sure that the answers would surprise almost every one. In order to enjoy my fabulous finds, keep reading the below article.

Top Ten Most Valuable Vinyl Records In The World following:

        10. Good Luck Charm by Elvis Presley (1962)

The above album is considered one of the most valuable vinyl records. The value of this record is further enhanced by the fact that this was one of a few monaural recordings available in stores when the stereos began to make its presence felt. It is a compact 33 rpm and values at around $24,000. The record features “Anything that’s part of you”. There is a picture sleeve. In retrospect, “Good Luck Charm” reached the top of the Billboard charts for singles. It remained at the position for two weeks.

Top Ten Most Valuable Vinyl Records In The World

  1. Stormy Weather by the Five Sharp (1952)

It was the Five Sharp’s one and only record. It was produced by Jubilee and had a limited release. In 1961, Irv Rose had a copy in his store. The record was borrowed by him. He accidentally broke it and offered a reward to anyone who could give him a replacement. The resultant was a nationwide hunt for the records making it one of the most sought after vinyls of its time. There were only three copies that turned up over the years. One of them was cracked and the other chopped. The third one was in excellent condition. It is valued at around $25000.

Top Ten Most Valuable Vinyl Records In The World

  1. Stay Away Joe by Elvis Presley (1967)

One of a kind, this was a one sided LP. It was supposed to be played on the 5th of November 1967 at Ariz Radio station. Since it is very rare, this LP is valued at around $25000. The record includes a radio program with nine gospels by the star. It also promotes the movie of the same name. There is a note on the inner sleeve asking that it be returned back to colonel Parker after being aired. The record was discovered among his estate.

Top Ten Most Valuable Vinyl Records In The World

  1. Acetate by Velvet Underground and Nico (1966)

There is only one copy of the record in existence. It was found at a stoop sale in New York. Along with two other records, it was bought for just 75 cents. In 2006, the owner, Warren Hill sold it for $ 25,000. It is an early version of Velvet Underground’s debut album. The group’s agent, Andy Warhol assembled the acetate for shopping the labels.

Top Ten Most Valuable Vinyl Records In The World

  1. God Save the Queen by Sex Pistols (1977)

In 1977, the Sex Pistols signed with the A & M Records. They were fired just a week later owing to their strange behavior. During the one week stay, they recorded “God Save the Queen”. It was supposed to be a promotional song which would be released during the silver jubilee year of the queen. It was never released and was given to departing executives. The record is currently worth around $ 20,000. In 2006, a copy was sold for around $ 25,000.

Top Ten Most Valuable Vinyl Records In The World

  1. Do I love you by Frank Wilson (1965)

It was a 7-inch Motown Single. It was never released but was sold to a Scotsman for 15,000 Pound sterling in 1999 (now around $ 30,000 – the biggest amount of money paid for a 7-inch single). The song did make its ways to the public through CDs and re-issues.

Top Ten Most Valuable Vinyl Records In The World

  1. The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan by Bob Dylan ( 1963)

A copy of this record with its original tracks was sold for $ 35,000. There were initially four songs included in the record. But he later though that the songs were very old fashioned. These songs were replaced immediately, however, a few copies of the original were released. Anyone seeking to find these should look for a cover that features the sound logo “Stereo/360”. There is also a sticker reading “Singing His Sensational Hit, Blowin’ in the Wind”.

Top Ten Most Valuable Vinyl Records In The World

  1. Yesterday and Today by Beatles (1966)

In 1996, a copy of the same album was sold for $ 38,000. The reason for this outrageous price was its pristine condition and the butcher cover. The Beatles were posing in white butcher smocks. They were drapes in meat as well as parts of plastic dolls. The photo was used for the US cover on the insistence of John Lennon. The record sold for a single day in very limited areas. The cover was hated by almost everyone. Another more acceptable cover was glued.

Top Ten Most Valuable Vinyl Records In The World

  1. Acetate Disk by the Quarrymen (1958)

The record featured In Spite of All the Danger” on one side and “That’ll be the Day” on the other. The disk was valued at around $ 180,000 to $ 200,000. It is currently in Paul McCartney’s collection so there is very little chance that it will be up for sale. It is the result of the group’s very first recording. Paul McCartney premastered the disk digitally and made copies for friends. Each of those copies is valued at $ 20,000.

Top Ten Most Valuable Vinyl Records In The World

  1. Double Fantasy by John Lennon and Yoko Ono (1980)

In 1999, the album was sold for around $ 400,000. There is only a single copy of the album that is valuable. Mark David Chapman asked Lennon to autograph this copy. Only five hours later Chapman shot Lennon. The album was used as evidence against Chapman due to the presence of his finger prints on the cover.

There is very little chance that the list of valuable vinyl records will remain the same. With the growth in the number of record collectors, the prices are bound to rise. Other albums are also becoming valuable and some of them may find their way into this list soon.

Top Ten Most Valuable Vinyl Records In The World